Lauryn Hill Moving Out Of House In Advance Of Eviction

Ms. Hill has agreed to move out of the New Jersey mansion she was renting prior to reporting to prison for tax evasion.

Lauryn Hill is moving out of the New Jersey mansion she was renting. The move comes after her landlords sued her for eviction and before she reports to prison for tax evasion, according to The rapper-singer has been ordered to report to prison no later than July 8. 

Hill's landlords accused her of not paying her March rent and then filed for eviction. The singer has reportedly reached a settlement with her landlords, agreeing to pay the outstanding $7,000 in rent and move out of the residence no later than May 31, according to The report did not say if Hill had moved out of the home yet.

Hill was sentenced to three months in prison in May for tax evasion. She was facing up to three years in prison but received a reduced sentence after paying her $900,000 bill. 

Hill accumulated her tax bill by failing to file tax returns in 2005, 2006 and 2007. On April 15, Hill cited threats on her family as a reason she missed her tax payments. The court documents she filed with those claims did not specify who Hill said was threatening her. On April 25, Hill wrote on her Tumblr page that she would be launching a new label, releasing new music and entering into a new recording contract. She did not discuss her tax situation in detail in the post. 

In May, Hill's fellow The Fugees member Pras said that he had reached out to Hill in order to lend his support to her. Pras also said he didn't think Hill would be required to serve her full sentence. 

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  • Gerald A. Barnes

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  • Anon

    All that money and she's still RENTING?? Tell me she owns some property somewhere.. SMH.

    • Lauryn's Realtor

      To answer your question Ms. Hill owns several houses all currently in foreclosure. I told her to marry Ja Rule for financial freedom but she refused. At least I got my %.

  • DJ85

    With all the money issues. I bet we'll start to see her finally put out some music. But, to be honest... don't get me wrong, love her old music... but I dunno if I really want to listen to music from someone who doesn't make music unless she's in a financial problem.

  • Rap Fan

    Why do people and media always report on every financial transaction of stars. I know for a fact that Lauryn Hill must have more than 1 million in her name but this news makes it seems like she is dead broke and can't pay rent when that can't be the case. Usually people rent places such as studios, but we don't know the whole story here.

  • FOH Pras

    LMAO how the hell is PRAS has-been irrelevant ass gonna help her out? He probably even more broke than she is!

  • Moazinho

    The fucking dummy was a millionaire and has been renting a house?

  • Fuck Outta Here

    I hope this 'new music' isn't shitty and being put out there for the sake of paying the tax man. Hopefully her heart is in it.

  • Anonymous

    Face it Lauryn. You need Wyclef more than ever.

  • Anonymous

    lauryn hill is mentally ill. someone lock the bitch up and examine her brain waves. stupid bitch. had to come back out for another payday after trying to make a point. you're no hero girl. heroes don't play the race card. MLK would have to hold himself back from slapping this chick.

    • facts please

      She did not play the race card. Lauryn offered no excuse for not filing in court. The quote was taken out of context to get people like you to react just like this artcle. She said that related to her treatment by the music industry. She is not the first or last black or white to make that claim.

  • facts please

    "Lauryn moving out is not related to finances, but an ongoing dispute between Lauryn the landlords and the city of South Orange related to how she used the house for her music. Lauryn did not reside in this house. She owns 2 houses in South Orange as noted in her tax trial. Lauryn Hill settles landlord dispute; South Orange drops lawsuit Lauryn Hill is settling up her debts large with the Internal Revenue Service and (relatively) small: She has reportedly resolved a dispute with the landlords who rented her a home in South Orange that she allegedly used for recording sessions and visiting musicians, against town regulations. is reporting that Hill agreed to pay $7,000 in back rent and to leave the premises by May 31. Court records confirm the case is settled. The couple who own the home had been sued, along with Hill, by the town of South Orange for allegedly running a business out of a home, which is a zoning violation, but a lawyer for South Orange tells The Star-Ledger the town is dropping the suit now that Hill has moved out."

  • cunt

    good enough for the racist whore

  • Anonymous

    I'm about to help a former millionaire down the road from me move in an hour. He can't read, was black-balled by the elephants because he wouldn't be a donor and lost major clients, and he went bankrupt because he got the flesh eating disease last year and medical expenses took all his money, the house is foreclosed. So while you pussies sit here and think you got the American dream all figured out and degrade Lauryn, I'll be out dealing with the American reality, and won't be around to respond. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    they're kicking her in the cunt!!

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