New Details Emerge In Quay Meanz' Arrest For Assaulting Pittsburgh Steeler

UPDATE: Now deemed a Taylor Gang Records artist, Quay Meanz is no longer believed to be the person who actually stabbed Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Tackle Mike Adams.

Pittsburgh Steelers second-year Offensive Tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in the city he plays for early Saturday morning. Adams was leaving a restaurant on the city's Southside district when three men approached him in what is believed to be an attempted robbery and car-jacking. When Adams refused, he was punched and stabbed by attackers. Now recovering, the candidate for starting OT will remain sidelined for several months as he makes a "full recovery," according to team doctors earlier this week.

Today, Pittsburgh Police have announced two arrests, with a third suspect identified. Rapper Quay Meanz (born Dequay Means), local to the city, is one of the suspects who has been arrested. News station WPXI reported that 26 year-old Meanz, who is a self-proclaimed affiliate of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang, was identified when another suspect, Michael Paranay, left a phone at the crime-scene.

Preliminary hearings for both suspects are scheduled to take place June 12 and June 13.

Quay Meanz appeared on Taylor Gang's mixtape Taylor Gang Over Everything 2, which was released in January of this year. Additionally, Quay released his own mixtape, Speakers & Franklins in 2011.

(June 5)

UPDATE: The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has published a follow-up report on Quay Meanz' arrest yesterday. The newspaper claims that Meanz, a native of the Hazelwood neighborhood of the city, had recently signed to Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang Records, according to a South By Southwest billing. Previously, Quay had appeared on the video to Khalifa's 2010 hit, "Black & Yellow," which would be subsequently used an anthem to the Pittsburgh Steelers that Mike Adams plays for.

Adams was released from the hospital yesterday (June 4) just hours after Meanz was arrested. He underwent multiple surgeries after suffering lacerations to his colon and forearm.

The new information also reveals that Meanz' arrest came from Adams' identification, not fellow suspect Michael Paranay's phone, as originally reported. Both suspects are facing charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy and attempted homicide.

Information claims that the third suspect—not yet identified was the actual stabbing assailant, reports from police indicate that Meanz told Adams, "I want your car or I'll shoot you in the face and kill you in front of everyone," after the Steeler initially waved off the car-jacking attempt.

Previously, Meanz has faced charges of receiving stolen property, drug possession, fleeing police and disorderly conduct. Because he has a prior felony conviction, he is not legally allowed to own a gun.

The full report is available at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website.


  • HeadKnock

    Dont believe all this media crap! The dudes they are talking about I know personally. They had know reason to carjack anyone. If they went on dude its because he did something real disrespectful. The people they speak about was in know way desperate for money or a ride. There are a million cabs on the Southside and they only live 15 mins away. I record these young men in my studio and they are very respectful to people and their property. In order for them to act out in this manner ... that guy did something very disrespectful to them! I hope all goes well for them, and my condolences go out to the Steeler and his family!

    • Use to live in Hazelwood

      Meanz is a dust bucket... don't know what Wiz saw in him, he was probably high. He's lyrically mediocre and dumb as a door knob. Paranay is the epitome of Pittsburgh white trash.. Hazelwood has a lot of that... well, Pittsburgh in general. Jarrel Whitlock is a damn DRUNK. He walks around the neighborhood all day with a bottle of Seagrams Gin like he's soo hard. He aint ish LMAO!! And sells the dustiest weed i've ever seen and calls himself a "real ni66a" smh These fools need to be locked up because they are the furthest thing from productive life. They hate on brothers that have done and are doing better than them, especially if they are educated.

    • Anonymoud

      lmbo!! These dudes are furthest from respectful. They are hazelwood bums that sit around and sell BS weed. Typical products of the ghetto. I met both of them and they couldn't even hold a legit conversation. They shouldn't of gotten away ... def got lucky.

    • Will

      What? You're saying it's OK to pull a gun on someone or stab them just because they "disrespect" you? That's exactly what's wrong with YOU PEOPLE! You have NO regard for others. Well guess what? I say FUCK YOU NIGGA! I swear to God... Sometimes I wish the south had won the civil war. Maybe us crackas should put your sorry asses on a bunch of boats and send you back to where your great-great-grandmammy came from. Oh...I'm sorry, did I just disrespect you? Let me guess... You now think it's ok to shoot or stab my ass. Like I said.. Fuck you niggas!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    at least someone in Taylor Gang is real....

  • Angela

    Check out the latest track from Drake's hometown prodigy...

  • Whorida

    "Pittsburgh Steelers second-year Offensive Tackle Mike Adams was stabbed in the city he plays for early Saturday morning". Didn't know NFL played every Saturday morning.

  • mar500

    cant believe there is someone stupid enough to try this in southside.

    • Anonymous

      heard that. i go up there on the weekends n shit it gets popn but there is literally popo and security EVERYWHERE. ive seen fights and been in them but stabbing/pulling guns on carson street? you would think these dudes would know better. smdh...taylor gang gotta lot of young adults/kids thinking their shit is real. wiz is just a annorexic lil dude tatted up. put them guns and knifes down and see whats up. pussy ass bitches!

  • imho

    stay tuned for quay meanz second mixtape called 'rec time with all guys' with his lead single 'shower time' followed by 'i just got it in my ass unwillingly'... maybe he should be a glory hole boy

  • khordkutta

    "you tried keepin it real, when you should try keepin it right" posdnous

  • R.Pgh

    If you're going to rob an NFL player, a big ass linemen probably isn't where you want to start. Should have went after the kicker.

  • Leo D. Lahey

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  • x00009

  • Anonymous

    What's the skin color of crime? black n yellow, black n yellow.

  • IROC

    Hope they throw the book at this broke buster !

  • excuse mah grammar

    How much/many stabs per minute? imma just curious.

  • Anonymous

    Yall media are trying to brain wash people. Stop saying rapper stabbed, shot, killed, ... etc. ex. Quay meanz videos on youtube has less than 400 views. Anyone can put out a video and get 400 views. Point stop trying to brainwash people by saying "rapper" when these dudes has no deals, no radio play, no views on youtube, no mixtapes on your site, or even a song for that matter, and virtually unknown until you associate something negative with them and call them a rapper to put a bad name on rappers. GTOH hiphopdx

    • Fuck Outta Here

      I think the 'affiliate of Wiz Khalifa' is the main reason it's on here. Wiz Khalifa = popular rapper = site hits = views to the ads = money from advertisers.

  • youngsta

    yeah, taylor gang is gangster now. taylor gang or die, literally!

  • Art Brooks

    Who U robbin'? Black and yellow black and yellow

  • well

    Guess Wiz not feeding his wolves

  • Money First

    Ahh left the damn phone at the scene of the crime...Wow! See what Mollies can do 4 you Boys and Girls?!!


      I doubt molly had anything to do with this.Leaving a phone at the scene of the crime is amateurish,stupid and shows no experience.

  • ElizabethChilders

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  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Dummies. For one, why in the Hell would you have anything on you that can be traced back to you if your about to pull a juks? Second, you go after a NFL O-Lineman with a fucking knife? 6'7 and 300+ lbs. I bet these retarded ass niggas eat soup with a fork too. I wish eternal ass rapings on those dumb fucks.

    • Anonymous

      "Second, you go after a NFL O-Lineman with a fucking knife? 6'7 and 300+ lbs." Nicca still got stabbed tho lmao

  • A9amis

    they got caught cause one of the dudes left his phone at the scene; dumbass. smh

  • Billy Larson

    Another D-A-N

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Taylor gang is wack and irrelevant. Both of wiz album's are flops and this nigga is just trying to do his best imitation of Lil Wayne which is a flop as well. Real niggas do real things and YMCMB shows you how that's done.

    • R.Pgh

      Not that I think Wiz is good (anymore - early mixtapes were dope), but both of his last two albums were number 1 on the charts. For a dude that built his following on an indie label out of a city not known for rappers, I wouldn't say two #1 albums are flops.

  • BK

    he a real nigga reall niggas do real things

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