Hodgy Beats "Untitled 2" Download & EP Stream

Trash Talk's vocalist and Left Brain pop up on Hodgy Beats' second "Untitled" free EP in as many years.

Odd Future and MellowHype member Hodgy Beats released Untitled last Febraury. The free EP from the emcee paired him with production from the likes of Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J, Flying Lotus and Alchemist. Over the past weekend, Hodgy released a sequel to the project, also free.

Untitled 2 is a seven-song EP available for download at DatPiff.com, which features fellow OFWGKTA band-mate Left Brain, as well as Trash Talk vocalist Lee Speilman.

The tracklist and EP stream is available below:

1.    "Sale"       
2.    "Alone"          
3.    "Karateman" featuring Left Brain
4.    "Bullshittin'"         
5.    "Years"          
6.    "Wicked"         
7.    "Goodbye" featuring Lee Spielman

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