Fabolous Says "Loso's Way 2" Will Be An Opportunity For Newer Producers

Fabolous praises the hunger and work ethic of the newer producers he's encountering for "Loso's Way 2" sessions, and says it's the opposite of some veteran beat-makers he's dealt with.

Recently, Brooklyn, New York platinum emcee Fabolous delayed plans to release Loso's Way 2 in early Summer. The Def Jam Records artist updated fans that he's planning to release his sequel to the 2009 album of the same name in "late July or early August at the latest," after dealing with the label's timeline. "I'm really waiting on [Def Jam Records'] time," he said as to the specific date the album will hit retailers.

Currently on tour with label-mate Pusha T, Fab was tight-lipped in a new interview with Montreality about who was specifically supplying the music to his sixth studio LP. However, the Street Fam leader did point out that LW2 is going to be a launch-pad for a lot of rising producers.

"I brought a lot of new producers on this joint, man. I think it's always dope to give them they shot—a shot at being part of a dope project. They're hungry. They come to work. They come at crazy hours; they work as long as they can, 'cause they still have that hunger." Throughout his career, Fab has released singles produced by the likes of Just Blaze, Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri. He added,"[That is] not to say that some of the established producers are not as hungry anymore, but some of them aren't. Those new guys are putting in the extra legwork that those old guys won't anymore."

The full Montreality and Fabolous interview is below:

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  • Anonymous

    mixtape rappers go the fuck away and stick to guest spots Fab is 40-year-old trying to pretend anyone ever gave a shit well they did NOT

  • Ola D. Evans

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  • Anonymous

    his last mixtape was dope...

  • the dude

    Loso's Way was actually a pretty dope album. Looking forward to this new one.

  • Anonymous

    we all know loso pushed his album back cuz he shit himself june 18th was taken up with j.cole and kanye

  • DoYouNeedCashToday????


  • Anonymous

    FLOPolous has no real fan base nor does he deserve one, last album was hyped to shit and exactly zero people listen to it or any of his other albums today, fuck this BUM and his BUM ASS excuses

  • okok

    good to see loso back in circuit. wonder how many comments i have to go thru before i find the first 'yeah its cuz hes broke' comment lol theres usually one in every rappers section on dx

  • Anonymous

    Like LOSO didn't suck too. Fab can handle a hot guest spot (like on Ghostface "Guest House"), he's motherfucking awful at making albums and always will be. "Newer producers" = ain't spending money on a ure flop!!

  • Anonymous

    who listens to this BUM? dude has SUCKED forever. cant make a decent album to save his life. one dimensional clown rap. ass kissing dick rider that does whatever he has to to get a headline. he has been mdeiocre his entire career. hes like a watered down mase that always sucked. witty punchlines that date in a month. current events bullshit. and one of the gayest rap names ever. FABOLOUS what a queer. nice haircut. you're almost 40 you bum.

  • Anonymous

    More like the label dont wanna waste loads of money on big name producers and not make any money back

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