J. Cole Fought "Negative Thoughts" While Making "Born Sinner"

According to J. Cole, he was in a "dark place" while making his new album.

According to J. Cole, it was difficult to make his latest album, Born Sinner. The emcee recently spoke about his frustrations while making the album as well as his battles against pressure and "negative thoughts." 

“When you listen to the album you’ll notice how it flows from darkness to light, from hell to heaven, depression to happiness,” Cole recently shared in an interview with Soul Culture. “It literally was a way out… I’m writing my way out of a negative place, a darker place.”

“When I say darker place, there’s no suicidal thoughts,” he clarified. Still, Cole says he had a difficult time fighting against negative thoughts because he never had to face them before. 

“There’s a mentality that I had that was never shaken and it was quiet, it wasn’t outspoken, it was all in [my head]. The minute that changes and now I’m dealing with a mind state I’ve never had to deal with before, which is fighting all these negative thoughts, that’s the dark place I’m talking about."

Cole added that he faced a lot of pressure and self-doubt during the making of Born Sinner but that he kept it to himself.  

"My self-confidence kind of shattered. You know what I mean? Trying to fight against that, writing my way out of it. This whole album is writing my way out of that place. Because I had never had to deal with that before. I was a happy kid. I wasn’t a down kid. I observed life and I saw it for positives and negatives but I wasn’t a depressed child. So when I had to deal with that type of mind state I wasn’t speaking on it. So then, when I tell people, 'You know, I was fucked up for this whole album. I was doubting myself this whole time.' Niggas is like, 'What? You serious?' But it was real to me. Pressure is real. That's why people jump off of buildings, man, and just end it." 

More from this interview, part of the #OkNotToBeOk campaign, can be viewed below. 

J. Cole's Born Sinner will be out June 18. He recently revealed one of the latest releases off the project, "Niggaz Know." 

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  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    Cole under pressure what that makes? Diamonds ... Born Sinner about to be a classic

    • tell the truth

      didn't yall say that about his first album let him release if first then determine whether its a classic or not don't set yourself up for disappointment by already labeling it a classic

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  • tell the truth

    admit it the only reason u feel pressure is cuz your mixtapes hyped u up to be a greater rapper than you expect gave us a false expectation and when your album came out sure it did the numbers it was suppose to do but the music on it didn't reflect the rapper that he heard since the come up you sold out and made some pop hits to please the labels and now u want to repay your fans and give them a album full of the pressure u now have knowin that if u don't put up something in comparison to kendrick you'll just be in his shadow come on nigga u shoulda done made a classic wit your debut u had the potential now your just in that dark place because you put yourself there

    • khordkutta

      for every classic you name theres about 5000 albums that were straight garbage, what point are you trying to prove. Those emcees that you mention, we NOW know, they are pretty much ALL TIME GREATS. I expected "Who Dat?" Cole , but when I heard workout, I was done. CLASSICS are NOT easy to make/come by

    • tell the truth

      wu-tang's first album classic de la soul first album classic a tribe called quest first album classic Dr. Dre's first album classic Snoop's first album classic ice cube's first album after NWA was a classic eric b and rakim's debut paid in full classic nigga do u still want me to shit on your comment I can go on for days

    • tell the truth

      if your goin to want to make a first and a lasting impression you have to drop a classic if not then a 4/5 oh and another thing Little Brother's first album The Listening classic now try and judge the music I listen to u little shit

    • tell the truth

      yea raekwon's first album classic big pun's first album classic nas first album classic jay-z's first album classic shit kanye's first album classic 50's first album classic lupe's first album classic kendrick's first album classic nigga stfu thinking u kno what artist I listen to thinking I'm a J. Cole stan if your goin to want to make a first impression and a lasting impression in the game yea I must be under the false impression that classics can be made by anyone at anytime the nigga had the potential dipshit but ruined it due to commercial songs I even said he decided to go pop u named work out which only furthers my point nigga smh I must be young and narrow minded na nigga I just had faith in him and now I don't since he released a weed plate album

    • Anonymous

      "u shoulda done made a classic" Obviously, you are under the false impression that classics can be made by just about anyone at anytime.. You must be very young and narrow minded for such an assumption. Sure, Cole is pretty good, but to assume his first album was going to be a classic? You should have known that wasn't going to happen after "work out" came out. Although his mixtapes are good, they're only "classics" to his stans. Step your listening up young man.

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  • Anonymous

    Negative thoughts? Cole having some real Bitch struggles.

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  • gamestwin

    Hey kid..u wont sell more than ye..but im SURE your album will be hotter ..cant wait for these albums.

  • c'mon_son

    So, basically, if we don't buy J. Coles next album, he might kill himself. Please buy this man's album so he doesn't jump off a building. GTFOH Cole, you think that's gonna work? You gonna guilt trip us into buying it this time?

    • Born Sinner

      Nigga stfu. Nothin in this video implied him putting a guilt trp on nobody. You must feel guilty cuz u posted this shit.

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  • Anonymous

    like french say... you need haters

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    So many childish comments.

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  • Come on, Cole

    He just experienced negative thoughts while recording the album? Thats funny because normal people battle negative thoughts on a daily basis.

  • SWAG!!!

    I would feel negative if all i could create is songs like crank that, all gold everything and the motto.

  • Anonymous

    "He's already above Drake" Drake has gone platinum twice, and been on scores of other people's albums. Cole has talent, but its taken his second album awhile to come out, and on top of that he's having negative thoughts lol Guess he's bummed that mohawk guy on Miami got suspended for one game.

    • Anonymous

      Drake is a shitty pop artist. Sales doesn't make you the best; if that was the case, Hammer is the best rapper ever since he went diamond. Cole is a better artist than Drake.

  • Anonymous

    Depressed and feeling pressure Then decides to compete with Kanye.... Genius

  • Anonymous

    J. Cole looks like a teddy bear with down syndrome... and gay

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell is every picture of J. Cole in some weird pose. In that black&white photo he's staring like he wants me... wtf creepy!!

  • Anonymous

    Is this nigga the new Joe Budden? always depressed and shit?

  • So Icy Boi!

    J Cole is a light skinned suburban kid. real gangstas like me never listen to commercial rap. Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross saved gangsta rap. dem niggaz are real dark skinned niggaz. shout out to 2 Chainz too. swag

    • So Icy Boi'S Daddy

      Yea, and he has a college degree from St John's too you stupid Moron. If Lil Wayne, Gucci and Rick Ross are your ideas of role models, moreover the lame idea of gangsters, then you obviously must be the son a dumb, ignorant ass bitch. Yo! Slap your mom the next time you see her & then kill ya self you worthless coon. You're a disgrace to black folk the world over!

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  • Greatest Rapper Never


  • Anonymous

    your mama either hater.

  • Drake the best rapper alive

    J cole will never be on drakes level

  • Anonymous

    j.cole release the tl

  • Anonymous

    can you release the tracklisting please????? i mean ill have the music in 13 days

    • J. Cole - Born Sinner

      1. Intro 2. Born Sinner (Produced by J. Cole) 3. Horns & a Halo (Produced by Boi-1da, co. Matthew Burnett) 4. Power Trip feat. Miguel (Produced by J. Cole) 5. Crooked Smile feat. TLC (Produced by No I.D.) 6. Broke Nigga with Money (Produced by J. Cole) 7. Close Your Eyes feat. Lauryn Hill (Produced by J. Cole) 8. Played by the Game (Produced by (Produced by Bink!) 9. Deja Vu (Produced by No I.D.) 10. Chaining Day feat. Amber Coffman (Produced by J. Cole, co. Canei Finch) 11. NC feat. Anthony Hamilton (Produced by J. Cole, co. Canei Finch) 12. Found Souls (Produced by No I.D.) 13. Ransom (Produced by S1, co. Caleb) 14. The Message / The Money (Produced by J. Cole) 15. Obsessions feat. Frank Ocean (Produced by No I.D.) 16. Born Saint (Produced by J. Cole) Deluxe Edition 17. Miss America (Produced by J. Cole) 18. Welcome to Sinville feat. B.J. the Chicago Kid (Produced by J. Cole, co. Canei Finch) 19. I Try (Produced by Bink!) 20. Jesus for a Day feat. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by J. Cole) 21. Niggaz Know (Produced by J. Cole, co. Canei Finch)

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    this nigga rich and happy as a motha...fuck yall niggas...WE THE BEST

  • dilli

    yes.. i bet this dude was on the verge of becoming a murderer smh

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