J. Cole Recalls His First Encounter With Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole says he gave Kendrick Lamar his personal stamp of approval long before either of the two rappers released their studio albums.

Before Carolina rapper J. Cole made his mark on the music world with his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story and before any talk of a collaborative album between himself and fellow emcee Kendrick Lamar was ever mentioned, J. Cole says he had long given the Compton rapper his stamp of approval.

During the second edition of CRWN, a newly-introduced live interview series, the Dreamville artist spoke briefly on his relationship with Kendrick Lamar and expressed his pride in the rapper and his current success.

“That's my man first and foremost and I just feel proud because I seen it,” said Cole. “You know what I mean? Like I tried to tell people early and I never really even stamped nobody before. And before my album was even out, before he even had a deal, I was making sure to stamp him. It’s a long story, but just to even get into how we met, it was so organic.”

J. Cole revealed that while both rappers may have varying accounts of their first encounter with one another, his version of their first interaction tells the story of the pair’s first true encounter. According to the Cole World rapper, he first met Kendrick when he gave the TDE emcee props after he performed during an album release party for former Hip Hop duo U-N-I.

“His version of how he met me is gonna be different…But my first recollection was there was a group who’s now disbanded called U-N-I from L.A. who I was real cool with. Still am cool with. So, they had an album release party in L.A. at this little lounge…They rockin’ the mic and they call up this kid…I didn’t even hear the name,” Cole revealed. “I just was looking and somebody started rapping. As soon as he started rapping I’m like ‘What the fuck? This nigga’s hungry. Hungry.’ You know what I mean…So, as soon as it’s over, I’m the type of person if I’m feeling something. If I feel a certain way. I’m gonna let you know immediately.”

Video of J. Cole speaking on his relationship with Kendrick Lamar can be found below (via D Dot Omen).

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  • Anonymous

    wouldint it be better if kendrick and cole beefed there isnt any good beef any more

  • Anonymous

    thats why tech n9ne is the best

  • Anonymous

    and then dre got kendrick hip hop is about bringing in new acts the label pay the artist to bring in new acts warner brothers pays rick ross for all the work he did with mmg without jay-z and baby there is no rap game jay brought in rick ross and with def jam independent labels are better

  • Anonymous

    t.i got b.o.b ( cuz of atl ) eminem got yelawolf ( cuz of interscope ) j.cole got jay z ( cuz its his dream or sumshit) wale went to mmg and he was upset about it .. he wanted to make music with integrity like his mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    i remember when cole was dope ...before he got signed there were 4 freshmen wale j.cole yelawolf big krit now there 4 fake emcees

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  • Highbrow Hip Hop

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  • YesISaidIt

    This duo is great for Hip Hop and I hope their Album drops, but they aren't able to do it for the love anymore - there are too many external influences in their world. YelaWolf + Big KRIT on the other hand is purely for the Love of music and will be one of the dopest Hip Hop collaborations ever..

  • trueshady2f

    Cole and kednrick are like pac and big, Drake is more like french montana

    • Black Panther

      Don't be like that man. Don't be such a hip-hop purist. Drake is cool with both them niggas. French Montana does suck, but if you've heard Take Care (Drake's last album), 5AM in Toronto and Girls Love Beyonce, you'd change your mind. Drake's only flaws are that he's outgrown YMCMB as an artist, and that he keeps talking thug shit when he's not.

  • David4545

    thx god we have real rappers like kednrick who dropped a classic and cole who can drop a classic hi phop was bad with drake from 2009 to 2011

  • thegame55

    Drake wishes he was on cole and kendrick level

  • dentaldamboy

    Kendrick really shot himself in the foot last week when he made the comments about excessive use of Molly in hiphop. Rappers talk about it becuase that's what the fans want to hear. This product is very common in social settings, so both fans and rappers can relate. Kendrick alienated a large portion of his audience with that comment, and the sudden decline in album sales and radio play is proof. Also, by insinuation that other rappers should stop talking about it, Kendrick has made people who co-signed him in the past very angry. Expect a lot few kenrdick features and much lower album sales for this clown going forward. Cole suck and will flop no matter what. Nothing Was The Same will sell more first week than Cole's whole album. That's why Drake can throw 50 g's and Cole can only throw 4 g's.

    • Anonymous

      Boys say the darnest things. Don't send a boy to do a man's job.

    • dentaldamman

      nobody is alienating Kendrick Lamar because he spoke out on the excessive use of Molly. Get back to reality and get off those Mollys loser

  • Drake the best rapper alive

    Cole and kendrick both wish they were on drakes level but they never will be 25 sittin n 25mill numbers dont lie while cole sittin on 2 mill lmao.

    • ilexx

      I have no idea how much money Cole has but I am pretty sure if he is sitting on 2 mill.... its 2 mill more than you got dumbass. This fool laughing at somebody who has more worth and adds more value to the world than you do.

  • Coleworld

    It's obvious half you people are kendrick fans, so wtf are you doing on a jcole video? Cole will murder kendrick with one punch line. Kendrick only gets off because he raps fast lol that shit isn't impressive, go join busta rhymes or some shit. Cole is pure lyricism and straight punch lines.

  • COCA


  • COCA


  • So Icy Boi!

    J Cole's fans are white suburban kids. Roc Nation stinks! swag

  • Bobyahed2dis

    That snapback cole is wearing indicates he's about to sellout and go the swag route. Cole knows his sad attempts at being lyrical are terrible and he wants to rap more about molly!

  • Lupegoodhg

    cole and kendrick remind me of Tupac and biggie, And I'm 37. jayz was so bad, damn.

  • The MH

    that video did this article 0% justice

  • Anonymous

    j cole will never be as sucessful as kendrick

  • Anonymous

    You gotta thank this guys for keeping it hip hop and not that other crap. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good reads and videos on there

  • Fransoul

    Real recgonise real

  • vincent

    Jay-Z & Nas who ? recycle bin rappers, we now have Cole and kendrick >>>>>>>

    • Drake the best rapper alive

      nas and jay are wack and irrelevent and drake>>>all them old ass grandpa niggas. Drake allready killed kendrick cole jay and nas on all the songs he was on with them drake runs this shit.

    • youngsta

      j cole and kendrick >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> old ass jay-z and nas. don't hate.

    • Anonymous

      You 17 year old faggot. They're not even close to Nas/Jay status.

  • alphons1212

    A legend always recognizes a legend

    • toppa shot

      Thanks to the modern day fan the word "classic" is now ruined. Please don't water down the definition of a legend. These cats are just getting started.

  • theMA123

    hip hop looks good again, before than 2005-2010 we have kendrick and cole, and kednrick already dropped a master piece

  • painkilla148

    Kendrick and cole are the future of hip hop

  • Jaffar

    Kendrick already dropped an already approved classic album ( the only classic of these last 3 years since mbdtf) hopefully cole can drop a classic too

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  • Anonymous

    2 wack rappers who are only liked because all the other rappers suck dick. The best of the worst.

  • Anonymous

    2 dope rappers the future of hip hop

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