ScHoolboy Q Names "Oxymoron" The "Hottest" Album Ever

ScHoolboy Q reveals his dislike for interviews, says he receives more love from New York City than Los Angeles.

TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q didn’t have too much to share with fans about his upcoming album Oxymoron, but the Habits & Contradictions emcee did reveal that the album will be “the hottest shit ever” while speaking with This Is 50 personality Young Jack Thriller recently.

Despite being interviewed prior to his performance in Los Angeles this week, ScHoolboy Q also touched on the amount of love he’s received during shows in New York City and the inability to receive similar acceptance in his hometown.

“New York been my hot spot since I dropped Setbacks,” Q revealed. “New York been fucking with me for forever. I been embraced with New York. You know what I’m saying…I’m trying to get that L.A. love. I did two shows in L.A. Like ever. Booked anyway. You know how many shows I did last year, 2012, in New York? Eight. I did eight shows in New York.”

ScHoolboy Q also expressed his distaste for interviews when questioned about the one aspect of the music industry that he doesn’t care for.

“Interviews, I would rather do them with my fans,” said the rapper. “I hate people to ask me questions. Like, ‘How did you come up with ScHoolboy Q?’ Bitch, go to Wikipedia or any YouTube, Google, and you can find it out. You know what I’m saying? Go to any Website, you’ll figure it out cause they asked me that in 2010.”

More from ScHoolboy Q’s interview with This Is 50 can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    setbacks was dope that yay yay is whack somthing changes with mainstream success

  • ssssa4

  • #RuleTalk

    Wrong! PIL2 is the hottest album ever!!! #RuleTalk

  • Stfu

    Shut the fuck up with all that ja rule shit fuck boy. Damn, get off a nigga dick.

  • insanemacbeth

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  • ssssz4

  • dentaldamboy

    I told each and everyone one of you that when I visited my cousin in LA in the first week of May that NO one in Compton, Watts, Englewood, East LA or Longbeach was bumping SchoolGirl Q. Now you have proof that I was not lying. In LA, everyone knows how fake and corny this guy is. He's not lyrical and he has no swag. He certainly can't make a club song or a classic. Guy is completely useless, riding the coattails of his talented friend Jay Rock, the best on TDE. So many of you have negative things to say about Jim Jones and Yayo for being hypemen. Well, Schoolgirl Q is nothing but a hypeman for Jay Rock. Jay Rock is like Camron and Kendrick is like Juelz. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. You haters never get it right, yet you still feel entitled to opine. You need to EARN the right to speak. Now STFU and go back to worshiping washed up rappers like Nas and Jay-Z.

  • COCA



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    he got bars and he will fuck you up

  • IMhO

    im from NY and Q bumps out here we fuck w that lyricism out here. not no bullshit. kendricks poppin out here heavily too.

  • French Montana

    My album is still the album of the decade....49,000 first week son!!

  • Anonymous

    hot means its going to be a party album lyrics over beats his album gon flop

  • So Icy Boi!

    who???? lmao. it's all about YMCMB, MMG, Brick Squad and 2 Chainz. swag

  • freddyyy

  • q

    Habits and contradictions was one of the best albums out last year. Hands on the wheel, there he go, blessed, sacriligious. The guy makes HITS. As to this headline, he said it as a joke as he was high as a kite.

    • PhillyMu

      Q doesn't need to do any of that bullshit yall talking about. TDE got Ab-Soul and Kendrick for consciousness every now and then, Q and Jay Rock are the ones that give us the ig'nant hood shit. The yin and the yang people, thats what makes Black Hippy the best new Rap crew out right now.

    • d

      Q a real gangsta tho. That's his vibe. Q's last 3 projects got more play than anything else in my library tbh.

    • Anonymous

      ^ You're right. Q looks and sounds too much like a nigga. He needs to become more backpackish and geeky like kendrick, so white people won't be scared of him.

    • Anonymous

      I don't wanna sound like a backpack faggot...but if Q would be more conscious in his rhymes he would get more love. I'm not asking him to be Kweli, just more serious.

    • Anonymous

      those were good songs but whats your definition of "HITS" hands on the wheel the only song there that got any real play

  • ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron

    1. BlaspHemous (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 2. Man of tHa Year (Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, co. Marz) 3. Hell of a NigHt (Produced by DJ Dahi) 4. DeatHsadvocate (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 5. Druggys wit Hoes Pt, Trois feat. Ab-Soul (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 6. Eat feat. Danny Brown (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 7. Talk My sHit (Produced by The Alchemist) 8. Yay Yay (Produced by Boi-1da, co. The Maven Boys) 9. Attitude feat. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 10. Grooveline Pt. 2 feat. A$AP Rocky (Produced by Mike WiLL Made It, co. Marz) 11. Ridin' HigH (Produced by The Alchemist) 12. Killing SpreeH feat. Action Bronson (Produced by The Alchemist) 13. Fallen Soldiers feat. Jhene Aiko (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 14. Bang Bang feat. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar [Black Hippy] (Produced by Digi+Phonics) 15. Gangsta (Produced by Digi+Phonics)

  • Anonymous

    People call him the weakest member of TDE but each member brings something different Kendrick has the different flows and substance Same goes for ab-soul except soul is more socially conscious (in my opinion) Jay Rock provides that gritty super street gutter sound. And Q is the guy that you go for if you want a club banger or some shit you want to ride to. Each one has their own purpose

    • Anonymous

      @anon listen to his track record. He has a lot of club songs. Hes still on the come up so hes not dominating the clubs but listen to Yay Yay or Sexting or some of his other songs and you can definitely see the club appeal he has @The MH i can def see how youd say that. i can rock with that

    • The MH

      Q is that wild card. You don't know what the fuck he bout to do.

    • Anonymous

      q is the guy you go for if you want a club banger???? how many club bangers has q made? LOL

  • outlookui11

    the songs he released have been wack so far tbh

  • signupo_theman

    he is the weakest in tde so I doubt it

  • triPAUD

    yeah hip hop journalists generally suck. most ask questions to get floppy headlines instead of substantive insight on their shit

  • Whorida

    Give L.A. a chance man. You did two show full of people that showed you love. Ain't no reason to start comparing shit until you do bigger venues.

  • Anonymous

    schoolboy Q >>>>> kendrick Lamar

  • Anonymous

    why is this news? Q's always sayin stuff like this

  • Anonymous

    im sure hes joking around but these niggas need to stop making claims they cant back up french montana talking about his classic legendary album being the best shit outta new york in 10 years fuck outta here kid

    • d

      To them it is gonna be hot shit isn't it? They ain't lying it's just it gets reported as a fact when it's normally just the rappers opinion. Obviously if you spent ages making something you're gonna think it's pretty fucking good.

    • ...

      take ETK's nuts out of your mouth, anonymous.

    • Daniel

      Yea I was going to compare his statement to that of French. But IMO this dude has the qualities to make a classic album, "greatest of all time?" We will just have to see. I really haven't been disappointed by any single he has dropped.

    • Anonymous

      ETK, what you just said is probably the most sensible comment I ever read on this website. Everyone here is now a little bit smarter because of you. May God bless your soul.

    • ETK

      I agree French Montana ain't shit, but what do you want em to say? "oh this album of mine's gonna be pretty average and is level around 50K first-week sales" ok maybe they don't need to be so aggrandizing with their albums but rappers are always gonna hype their shit like the second coming of black jesus. That's why I hate these kinda articles HHDX and other sites put up, articles about a rapper claiming what his album will be some next level shit... it serves no purpose and doesn't tell me anything, everyone out there tryna hype their project, those claims should be lost on them by now especially if they're news editors reporting stuff all day

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