Kanye West Wanted To Be On Tyler, The Creator's "IFHY"

Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator says he and Kanye West are friends who speak regularly. Tyler also shares that West wanted to be on "IFHY" and that he will not be on "Yeezus."

According to Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West wanted to be on a track off of his latest album, Wolf. When a fan recently asked him why he didn't give West the "48" beat, Tyler explained that West also asked to be on "IFHY." The conversation took place on Tyler's official Formspring page. Below is Tyler's response: 

cause it was mine. he wanted to be on IFHY too! but i was like, nah hahaha. ye is soo awesome, i talk to him almost everyday it seems like. its cool to have someone you can level with about art and everything else.

The video for "IFHY" can be seen below.

In a separate response to a fan, Tyler also explained that he is not currently on Kanye's album, Yeezus

Tyler released Wolf this year to critical praise. HipHopDX's Jesse Fairfax rated the album a 4/5. 5 was also the most popular rating given to the album by readers. 

Back in March 2011, Tyler shared that he viewed West as his competition because he was such a big fan of his.

"I'm coming for Kanye West's head because he's my competition," Tyler said. "I'm a big Kanye West fan, and I also compose music and I rap and I direct videos, and I don't want him to think he's the only person that could do that... My competition isn't other upcoming rappers and shit. It's him."

In 2011, West also shared that he was a Tyler, The Creator fan. He tweeted that "Yonkers" was his choice for video of the year. That video can be viewed below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Tyler so stupid to turn down Kanye...see what you did..you think you a creator??? Kanye gon show you know...just like Lil B did

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    This be on some real shit, great freedom in creativity. Dudes hating on this admit it, you want a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton

  • HipHopDX

    supremeempire.webs.com APOLLO - THE SON

  • HipHopDX


  • Anonymous

    ifhy video full of illuminati symbolism

  • Anonymous

    why tyler is a faggot

  • flower power

    Kanye West can't rap. Hell, he can't even make beats. That's why he got Chief Keef and Young Chop to fly down to Paris to work with him. He knows that they have what it takes to not only make a hit record but a classic record, a record that will be a hit for a long time to come, just like 50 Cent's "In Da Club". "I Don't Like" was such a record for Keef and Chop. That's why Ye remixed it. He wanted in on some of the fame the fame and fortune of GBE, and now he's got the creators in the lab with him because he can't produce a hit record himself. 50 Cent can't even make a hit record. That's why he showed up on Keef's instant classic "Hate Bein' Sober". Keef and Chop are runnin' this rap shit right now. Even old hat Jay-Z recognized and co-signed.

    • HK

      the only reason Kanye is fuckin with Chief Keef is cause they're both from Chi-town... that's it nigga. In the I Don't Like remix Kanye was reppin Chicago like never before... now all Kanye did was reach out to keef for one record. you actin like he gotta rely on that teenager jail-time nigga. bet you even if they make a joint it won't show up on Yeezus.

    • Anonymous

      keef still aint sold 200k yet dont ever compare that scrub the the gawd 50 cent

    • foreal

      "Keef and Chop are runnin' this rap shit right now."... i was gonna type a long reply on how you are an idiot but after reading that line in quotes, all i have to say is hahaha. you have never heard "laughing to the bank" by keef.... have you?

  • Ja Rule tha mothafuckinn SHIT

    Kanye West tried to dick suck me just to a feature on Pain is Love

  • Anonymous

    neither of these fools have any bars

  • Anonymous

    Its called being creative

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is this hipster garbage??? Man, I miss songs with actual melodies...This souless, hipster, wannabe "artistic", techno, bullshit era needs to end. I hate this shit man...Bring back sample beats and drums..Fuck all this new shit and the young faggots who keep buying it.

    • Anonymous

      Ik u fags r poser as shit bc ur calling this beat "techno" which I hope for ur sake was a joke...and the other muthafucka talkin bout "these cats nowadays have no creativity"... You must b stoned bruh. This era has way more creativity than old school.

    • A

      I agree with everything said. I'll only add that, we're talking about beats and production. These cats now'a'days have no creativity. Tyler, yeah But Keef is that retarded shit I don't like. It's easy to do. Lyrics-Period Where's the content? I mean, the beat is straight but there's no content. It's not helping anybody. Music does evolve but it also evokes. Keef type shit won't last. They don't understand the business. There's too many of these broke ass cats running around right now. It's just time for Hip Hop/Rap to do a little bit more for its people. And it's time for people to start paying attention to what they buy into.

    • Anonymous

      "Bring back sample beats and drums" Why? I'm not trying to down producers that sample, in fact my favorite producer is DJ Premier, but making your own beats from scratch takes more talent. I like the fact that Tyler is creative enough to pull this off and make his own melodies. Listen to "48" and you'll see why Kanye wanted that beat, it's so nice you'll think he did use a sample (other than Nas' voice). As the other two above me mentioned, shit changes. 80's rap sounds different than the 90's, 90's sounds different from 00's, ect. If you really miss the old sound that bad, listen to Joey Bada$$.

    • shitfunny

      Daniel is correct, music is evolution and expansion of sounds, if you were into the art for like you say, you wouldnt think with such limitations. But your anger has gotten you 2 replies. Happy Happy memorial day lol

    • Daniel

      You do know that music, like everything else, evolves over time. If you don't like it go listen to old shit, simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye wouldn't have been a good fit on IFHY anyway. I felt Pharrell's part was just a filler too.

  • there is no god

    all you fake churchies are still gonna bump "Yeezus". Your all going to hell!

  • Anonymous

    who else would turn kanye down like dat? tyler da gawd!!!!

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