Chief Keef & Katy Perry Feud Then Apologize Over "Hate Being Sober"

UPDATE: Katy Perry says Chief Keef's "Hate Being Sober" caused her to have "serious doubt for the world." Keef then threatens her with violence and a diss track. Both parties apologize and make up.

Chief Keef and Katy Perry have traded tweets over "Hate Being Sober." This began after Perry spoke about the track, saying it caused her to have "serious doubt for the world." Keef then threatened to slap the singer and promised a new song titled "Katy Perry."

Soon after, Keef expressed his feelings about her opinion.

Perry followed up by clarifying her stance, noting that she didn't know it was his track "in particular" and that she mainly wanted to make a comment about drug abuse. 

This isn't the first time Keef has threatened critics of his work via Twitter. In 2012, Keef did the same to Lupe Fiasco. Fiasco spoke about him by saying, "Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents, specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.” Following this, Keef tweeted that he would "smack" Fiasco.

UPDATE: Chief Keef has now apologized for his threatening remarks to Katy Perry, following her own explanation.

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  • F the world

    What the hell is wrong with the pointless fighting over a song you guys either need a new hobbies or a hug to be fucked up over what someone's opinion is Katy perry is the nicest girl so don't pick on her just because she had an opinion I think your opinion matters but that wasn't nice just respect there opinion and keep an open mind that no one is always going to like what you do but that doesn't mean that they think of you any less

  • Anonymous

    She slaps him with her tits.

  • Anonymous

    A fan lol the industry is crazy

  • J.P.

    this shit kills me, I bet he thinks he's gonna smash now LMAO. You know what I bet he can! Get her Chief lol

  • Starmani

    Chief Keef is horrible man. WTF is he smoking?

  • Hip Hop Fan

    First things first, why would Keef go and bad mouth Katy Perry and then tell the world he would abuse her as well. Perry is one of the biggest stars in the music industry and this probably opened the eyes of many big names in the industry. Like Lupe stated before kids like Keef are "scary". It's not that Keef is scary but comes from nothing and does not have skills to be involved in the civilized and corporate world. I will bet that Keef's star will eventually fade if he keeps continuing on this path. Oh, and the only reason this kid is even famous is because Kanye gave him shine with the I don't like song, otherwise he would still be unknown. It's just too bad that Keef lacks a certain intelligence and is hurting his chances within the industry

    • Anonymous

      Chief Keef is not selling any records. He'll be dropped by Interscope and be forgotten.

    • Anonymous

      Man, please! Interscope gonna make this nigga the biggest star complete with controversy because that shit sells records and more young black kids who dont know better will emulate yet another idiotic nigga that will influence them on self destructive paths like all the other self destructive niggas they throw their money behind and before anyone thinks im just putting the blame on the industry or the "agenda", niggas need to wake up and realize supporting most of the dumb shit that comes out nowadays contributes to why we get pulled over, always expected to be doing some criminal shit, etc. you supporting these ideals in music and shit but then get upset when people who dont fucking know us think this is what we are or point to bullshit ass music like this to justify our treatment. cant have it both ways, my niggs. #RealestTalk

  • Anonymous

    lmao keef does not deserve to have attention

  • Anonymous

    lol chief keef is a bitch iol tell that to his face come smack me pussy

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  • davida

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  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • Josh

    This dude is softer than rice cakes

  • o000xz9

  • 00jmxzzzz

  • dac

    id be tryna fuck her after this lol

  • Pedro

    tupac is the biggest phony in the rap game fuck tupac he aint bout that thug life he a bitch ill piss in his grave while his bitch ass mom gives me brain #MEXICO4LIFE

  • BOY

    Lil Wayne is GREATER than Tupac. 2Pac NEVER went Platinum the first week TWICE like Wayne. LONG LIVE KIGN WEEZY!

  • zzzzjm4

  • bevis n butt head


  • BOY

    Every new rapper copies off Lil Wayne! For Example: -KenDICK LAME-ar -A$$WIPE Rocky -Joey BitchA$$$ etc. Wayne is the father to these niggas. He is a legend! IANAHB 2 exceeds Illmatic, All Eyez on Me, etc. Weezy IS and will ALWAYS be the KIGN of HIP HOP! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • LMMFAO

      Are you high? Or u just saying dumb shit to draw attention to your posts. First of all its "KING" not KIGN (Read a book) And what's more homo that Wayne kissing Baby in the mouth?? Wearing tights and shit. Talk about a homo thug. Fake blood. Straight up FRAUD!! Get off that nigga sack son

    • ^

      This coming from someone named BOY. Go suck a dick, fag.

    • BOY

      Your name alone indicates your gay.

    • ^

      More blasphemous bullshit lies.

    • BOY

      The Last Nail to Tupac's coffin. He has a sextape out. Which is SHOCKING. In it he is seen receiving ORAL SEX from a girl but thats NOT the shocking part. In the room other men are seen to be watching him get oral and they seem to be ENJOYING the show. Not only that but another man is seen to be caressing Pac's back while he receives ORAL SEX. SUSPECT BEHAVIOR!!! Tupac was a HOMO-THUG! And with that said I hope Pac is burning in hell along with all the other gayboy faggots burning there too. Long Live Weezy!

    • Wow

      Whoa,Whoa,Whoa. How did wayne father them niggas when wayne never invited a style he always made music copying ppl. I been a lil wayne fan for 15 years. He is wack now lay off the drugs wayne.

  • Women ruin hip-hop!!

    If ban women from buying shit, his album will lose 80% of sales. Women consistently fuck up all forms of music, not just hip hop. Look at the people who get shine now? Drake? Lil Wayne? Justin Bieber? I mean, you could virtually name any really big artist who's doing big numbers and they have a significant female fanbase. Because women are idiots and only just by what they find attractive, not actual talent. Even soulja boy is still around because of his female fanbase.You'll never see a dude buy a chicks album just because he finds her attractive, but women do this type of shit all the time. Ban woman from music, and you've fixed a good chunk of the issue!

  • insanemacbeth

    KATY PERRY = the hottest white chick, in the game.

  • M3ssiah27

    i dont know why people dont like chief keef i can understand if you dont like his music but as a person u cant dislike him cuz ya dont know him....he is the way he is because he straight ratchet he from the hood the slums...if u cant understand that then u must be from the burbs or had a nice pretty typical life

    • pucks and bucs

      shout out to adam for reppin the burgh! im gonna say one thing about keef. his behavior is completely unacceptable everywhere!

    • Yea right...

      ^^ If you see Rick Ross you gonna be asking for an autograph, fuck nigga. Shut up!

    • adam

      naw im from east hills and ill beat the fuck out of this lil kid aswell as hate him. he hits girls. he dry snitches. he only threatens those that arnt a threat. he only jumps and shots he aint bout fair ones. hes a fucking coward who better stay far away from pittsburgh. real hood niggas arnt hot like this there either in jail or no better then to behave like this. real ogs would make him stop this behavior because it attracts unwanted attetion. or theyy no better and dont commit crime anymore. hes 17 he aint shit i think your from the burbs or your just as big a fucking idoit as him. there is a such thing as morales in the jects cheif keefs a faggot if i catch him not deep enough ima stomp him just like lil reese stomped that girl. theres only 2 ppl i really will put hands on in the rap industry ive never met and its him and rick ross. ill stomp anybody from there camp too. this is a lil kid where im from you act like a tough guy and you get your ass beat or killed over it. cheif keef needs a g check. not real nigga puts his buisness out there like this. only idoits who wind up in jail literally fuckboys


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  • YEBO

    My brother and i was just having a conversation. Both of us have no children and it is hard to find a black woman that have no kids. So many black women have ruined themselves by having out of wedlock kids. Black women don't realize when you start having out of wedlock kids, your value decrease. What make it even worse these women be having out of wedlock kids by low life niggas and thugs. It defeats the purpose for any good man with no kids, to take you seriously and want to marry you.

  • mikehunt

    if i was a fag like him i'd hate being sober too, prolly o'd on molly like that windy city tranny.

  • Anonymous


  • dentaldickboys

    chief keef would hit a girl...he's a bitch, he's a fag, he's not a he can't even control his that's funny. chief keef is the ultimate bitch and his music is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pop rap at best.

  • dentaldamboy aka ymcmb accountant

    Why do so many Black women seem to lead their descriptions about themselves with: "strong, independent educated"? instead of mild, quiet, serving, caring, dependable, loyal, honest? ladies it's stuff like this that turns "all men away" no matter our race. That's why more American men are going elsewhere to find "suitable wives who will make good mothers for their children. we really don't care how much money you all make or degrees you have on the wall. bring virtue to the table not degrees!


    GUCCI is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. BIG GUWOP KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!!!

  • Jack Johnson

    Chief's comments only prove Katy was right, he hates being sober so he's a drunken idiot

  • shadyari

    two pussy talk shit :)

  • Anonymous

    keef already hit that

  • Asap Apollo

    Oh wow, yeah the illuminati is going to off his ass in the next year or two. He is barking up the wrong tree. Katy Perry is major league money. Too many industry people depend on her being a super star for their income while this idiot gives all of his music away for free online. Hmm one million hits compared to 5 million album sales. Next on CNN the tragic tale of the death of Chief Keef lol. This guy needs to slow wayyy down.

    • rer

      crazy how you created this heirarachy in your head based on popularity and added a satanic twist to it based on internet video. some people are completely fucked in the head

    • Anonymous

      the only person worshiping celebrities is sad people asap apollo. god damn that was stupid

    • Ricky Rozay

      most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Keef was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      LOL u fucking retard!


      You do not want to post comments about Illuminati on Hip Hop websites. You want to get off the computer and rethink your life.

    • Anonymous

      if you think katy perry is in the "illuminati" you need to rethink your life...

  • Onlyhiphop

    Keef is so dumb. It's obvious he knows nothing about manners. Guess its what happens when u grow up being an ignorant youth raised by other ignorant youth (kids raising kids). Keef needs to learn how to speak to women if any girl goes out with this idiot then she must be dumb too or has low standards (u don't lower standards ladies). Get u a gentlemen not a lil thug. Plus keef is dreaming cause Katy perry wouldn't go out or give him the time of day. Delusional remedial child. Can't wait to read how he gets locked up again & his other glory hole gals too. Not even hip hop, nothing more than an image he pushes with terrible lyrics & retard flow. Offers nothing only dumbs down his people & teaches them it's cool to act like a thug.

    • Last Emperor

      You're forgetting that Keef isn't straight. He likes to dance with his homeboys shirtless.

  • geminiman7

    Keef: The poster BOY for ignorant f***s

  • o000zz4

  • zsss4

  • black man

    I was right about Amy Whine house being dead before 30 and ill bet the my house this ninja won't make it to 23, if he does he will be locked up for a long time. Ignorant ass n!gga this guy here is and he sounds retarded, mumble mouth mf. This dude is a millennium coon.

  • NastyBASTARD

    Katy Perry can sit on my face anytime. I will drink her juices by the gallons.



  • Anonymous

    weakest twitter beef of ALL TIME

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    yo lol wtf is this shit..

  • Kramer

    I just wanna see Katy Perry's brown eye.

  • flower power

    Chief Keef stays winning. Even pop-stars like Katy Perry are co-signing him, which means that he has appeal beyond wanna-be thugs and studio gangsters. If "Katy Perry" is gonna be the new "Hit 'Em Up" then "I Don't Like" is the new "Nuthin But A G Thang". It's no wonder that Interscope and Beats wanted Keef; he's well on his way to having money, power, and respect like Dr. Dre. Or rather, Chief Keef gonna be the new Snoop Dogg while Young Chop is gonna be the new Dr. Dre. They both even worked in the new Beats studio. That tells you that Jimmy sees big things with these guys.

    • Anonymous

      Both Young Chop & Lex Luger suck.

    • Anonymous

      Young Chop is better than Lex Luger Chief Keep will never release anything near Doggystyle ergo he'll never be better than Snoop

    • Anonymous

      flower power, you're joking, right? Chief Keef can't even sell shit and all of his music is garbage. Also, Young Chop is a shitty producer who rips off Lex Luger.

    • YouSimp

      Or he let them use the studio because he wants to produce high quality sounding music. I don't think you can say Keith has the backing of Interscope because of what studio he used, that's some weak-ass thought. However, Keef does have a chance to be the new Snoop, Chop stands no chance at being Dre though dog. Drill beats aren't in with anyone but the ratchet crowd.... Come to Chicago, Chance The Rapper has bigger buzz than Keith/Keef (We call him Keith here)

  • Triumph

    I wanna hump Katy Perry's leg.

  • Anonymous

    Katy Perry won hands down. She made Cheese Queef look like a bitch more by handling the situation which should've never been one with class.

  • Anonymous

    Some people just can't take criticism.

  • Anonymous

    Who does this nigga think he is, Eminem? It's not like the bitch was lying. Everything Chief Keef puts out is garbage. But this shit was dumb.

  • clevelandchief

    Katy dont want no ploblems

  • Big guwop tha realest

    Katy got scared cus keef affiliated with big guwop. When big guwop moves everyone duck cus big guwop will kill em all real nigga.

  • Anonymous

    damn nobody fuck with chief keef or he will threaten to smack you on twitter!

  • Anonymous

    I sense some sarcasm.

  • micheal myers

  • YEBO


  • foekist


  • $wag Out

    when he drop that song katy perry its gonna be a instant street classic

  • $wag Out

    my nigga king sosa a boss in this game that nigga pockets gonna be on jay z status in a few years just watch

    • Anonymous

      after all them lawyer fees and child support to his middle school baby momma he cant have too much cash left. not to mention all those cancelled tour dates due to poor ticket sales

    • 614grind

      what did he sell, 55K first week after all the buzz. Yeah, learn how to bag up the weed first, then get money.

    • Anonymous

      No, he ain't.

  • 004xxzz

  • Blur

    F*ck that n*gga keef. BTW, aint she made a song about kissing a girl or softcore porn videos? Y'all already screw the new generations.

  • 004xxzz

  • Anonymous

    let that fool meess with katy perry..that niggas career will be a wrap, white people love them some katy perry...and I do too with her fine ass

  • HHp

    Keef is all hype, dude ain't got no real talent as MC And f*ck his attitude, I only read stupid sh*t about this weirdo Talking to that girl like that, real heroic


    Doesnt everybody hate chief keefs music? Lol what's he gonna do, kill everyone? Fuck outta here emotional ass nigga lol

  • yugang

    smh @ this nigga tweeting threats to katy perry

  • Anonymous

    ... Both of them can jump off a cliff and die.

  • Anonymous

    John Mayer will protect her.

  • Anonymous

    So somebody doesn't like your song so you threaten them?

    • Anonymous

      just like the 'fans' of these garbage artists criticize one thing about an artist = u a hater. don't like a song = u never were a fan

  • IMhO

    fucks that bitch apologizin for.. songs wack as fuck so is keef..dont fuckin apologize

  • Fuck Andres Vasquez

    Another pointless article by gossipsite HIPHOPDX.

  • Anonymous

    dude and is ignorant fans should just die

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this bitch (keef), who the fuck beefs with sexy pop girls?

  • Anonymous

    My money is on katy perry. she is educated and actually has talent and a vocabulary. Educated fans also. Cheif cunt will be dead or in jail in a year because that's were his antics gets people.

    • wtf?

      Listen.. Katy Perry and Chief Keef are the same shit.. They both have the same type of fans (idiots) I'm not saying Katy Perry is an idiot or that Chief Keef is a moron, but they both make meaningless "music".. No nuance, no deeper meaning.. just I kissed a girl or I want 2 shot a nigga and sell drugs.. Katy Perry=Chief Keef.. In fact they are probably arguing online on purpose to get the fucking retards who listen to their music to talk about them and continue a buzz.. because you can't talk about their music/music videos/ or anything at all other then - Katy Perry has tits.. I like that... Oh look Chief Keef is an ignorant dumb ass who says bang bang.. Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    If she isn't showing her tits she should shut her mouth really. Tits 101 really.

  • Anonymous

    Great rack! Can we see them out the bag please??

  • Anonymous

    Cheef keef should make us all doubt the human race

  • stanilas12

    i don't listen to pop music or know who this brat is, but ayy keef just drive by this bitch

  • stanilas12

    Stupid ugly Bitch, Keef drop that diss rec

  • Henry

    This guy is dumbass. Crying like a little child about being criticized... how poor

  • Anonymous

    This bitch is really hot and this nigga is really dumb. That is all.

  • Boobs suffocation

    For real though, Katy Perry got a so-so face but I wanna have sexual relations with dat body.

  • gamestwin

    yeah..white girls LOVE us..lmfao..

  • Chi-Ill

    I gots to give it up to Katty tho, she said it her self! He can never leave me, no one will give him better oral then me! lmao Ok it has nothing to do with the article but though I just let ya'll know, bish is HOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck is wrong with this idiot making threats and shit over internet.. lool what a dumbass! i'm not defending katy either, couldn't give a fuck about her but keef is lowlife.. he needs to fix the fuck up he's got a kid fucks wrong with him


    I've had serious Dout for the world since I found out they enslaved half my ancestors over 400 years and hung thousands if not millions for trying to read so now who's to blame........

    • IMhO

      funny you mention that bec alot of thats still happening in africa and middle east-- go take your pity parade over there

  • Anonymous

    she should have ethered by referencing him crying in court over 60 days in juvie

  • Anonymous

    What a fuckin faggot the Keef idiot. Woman hater. Get tha fuck outa here.

  • LOL

    HHDX + SOHH + AllHipHop = TMZ + rap music

  • Hypestyle

    the ironic thing is, 10 years from now ms. perry will still be an active singer, while Mr. Keef might be in jail or just coasting on cult status, still acting like he's the biggest thing in the industry.

  • Twitter Beef is Lame like this article

    and this is news why? Katy Perry is awful and Chief Keef is wack. Two celebrities talking shit on twitter. *Yawn*

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef threatened to smack Katy. Katy should have stood her ground. Doesn't matter if she didn't know who the song belonged to. The song sucks anyway.

  • dentaldamboy

    She will wind up appologizing to him like Lupe did.

  • Cadda

    Katy Perry >>>>>> Chief Keef

  • Mike

    young gucci mane in the making

  • Anonymous

    lmao at people defending katy perry, that bitch is a fucking moron and she just needs to shut the fuck up about irrelevant shit like that.....i hope he smacks her

  • Real Talk LMaO

    Did she just call him "Mr Keef"?

  • jasonn 666

  • Anonymous

    I really pray for today's youth man, shit is sad. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too

  • J da Troof

    One can have an opinion on "Mr. Keef" but the saddest part about that whole movement is that the audience enables it. She couldn't have said it better... until she basically retracted it. Knowing the goons on this site (one notch above WSHH) may take you a second to process the above thoughts.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Katy Perry needs to realize Chief Keef is the modern day Tupac and just stay out of his lane. Chief Keef is a real nigga and the Don't like Remix closely resembles Nas breakout single Ny State of Mind!!!!!!

    • definition

      definition of a 'real nigga' in the streets i smoke weed im cool i fuck every bitch im cool i get arrested for a lil Gram of bud and im a G i get arrested for something heavy- i snitch i go into P.C i find god then become a muslim i die in prision ENJOYYYY:)

    • LOL

      Shoutout to you fuckboy faggots who are still getting trolled!!!! Yall are the fucking worse anywho Chief keef sounds like hes got him own cum in his mouth when he raps, aint no one peeping for him

    • Anonymous

      Keef has nothing in common with Nas. Don't ever say anything like that again. He's the modern day baffoon

    • three billy goats gruff

      Here we go with that "real nigga" shit! Is this a desirable trait? What are the benefits of being a "real nigga"? An induction in the coonery hall of fame? Jail time? Our culture has become so toxic!

    • Anonymous

      Modern Day Tupac? Chief Keef? Seriously?! You Know Nothing About Music...

    • Basic Thuganomics

      Chief Keef is the modern day Soulja Boy. He keeps running at the mouth like this to somebody wrong and he's gonna get killed. Niggas already want his head for the JoJo beef...

  • Anonymous

    cheif keith the worst thing that happened to hiphop and the youth

  • Sneak

    "I'm a fan of your "Don't Like" video tbh." ??? Seems hypocritical, seeing as though she originally comments that she has "serious doubt for the world" - Re: hating being sober.... ...Yet she likes a video where it's a bunch of thugs smoking weed and waving guns? WTF?

  • Anonymous

    it's funny how chief keef insults katy perry and SHE apologizes

  • Anonymous

    i would have loved to see this lil 17 year old dirt bag try and run up on lupe to smack him. i heard lupe knows karate and shit guess you dont get props for beating up lil kids even if they start it

  • Anonymous

    we got a new 50 in the game.

  • lol

    Lol. Props to "dat bitch" Katy Perry.

  • OUCH!

    the thing is how did she hear that song on the radio? i never hear it on any radio stations LOL!

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