Ludacris Thinks Justin Bieber "Makes Great Music"

The Atlanta rapper jokes about his potential role in a seventh "Fast & Furious" film, too.

Ludacris knew his 11-year-old daughter thought highly of him. But the Atlanta rapper-actor-businessman misjudged why she thought he was cool.

"I thought I was the coolest dad because I am Ludacris, but it turns out I'm the coolest dad because I've done songs with Justin Bieber," Ludacris said during an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "That's why I'm the coolest dad. Yeah. It's crazy. She loves it."

Ludacris appeared with Bieber on his breakthrough single, 2010's "Baby" and 2012's "All Around The World." When Kimmel asked Ludacris if he worked with Bieber because of his daughter, the man born Christopher Bridges provided a different reason for working with the pop star. "I did it because I love the music," Ludacris said. "I'm a fan of the little man. He's the lil' homie. I think he makes great music. Absolutely."

Ludacris appeared on the late-night show as part of the promotional push for Fast & Furious 6, which arrives in theaters tomorrow (May 24). This is the third installment of the film franchise in which Ludacris has appeared and he joked that he hopes to appear in the seventh installment of the movie since he hasn't been killed off yet.

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  • Anonymous

    "Logic" Twisted.

  • eaaa4

  • Anonymous

    smdfh next up: ludacris calls Bieber the new King of Pop. get the fuck out of here!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohulabo

    Wow, thanks for sharing this very informative article. I've always wondered what Ludacris thinks of Justin Bieber. Such a great and well written example of journalistic skills. Applaud yourselves, HipHopDX Staff.

  • xxj9aa00

  • xcccj94

  • bevis n butt head


  • AJS

    Go home Ludacris you are drunk.

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this great article! I can shit in my pants now!

  • Illuminati spokesman

    Our plan is coming along quite nicely. The assimilation of Hip-Hop into the pop culture has been very smooth. From here, our team will begin working on a Justin Bieber rap album and a Ludacris pop album. When those two albums are released to the public, the Hip-Hop culture will lose its identity further until it completely becomes Hip-Pop. After which we can use the newly molded Hip-Pop brand to further push our message onto the masses. It's been a long process, but our goals are close to being realized. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    anyone remember new kids on the block? n'sync? o-town? backstreet boys? jonas brothers? SAME SHIT. one they grow up you gonna be struggling for 20 years until they want to relive their past

  • Giveaways

    Justin Bieber will always be hated as long as he is loved by teenage white girls just like the Twilight movies.

  • Continetal

    they had that mega hit song baby a while back that shit was pretty dope for a minute though not even gonna lie jb cant hit those notes like he could when he was younger i expect him to fall off in the next few years

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow what a great piece of news!. I won't be able to sleep tonight because of it.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber is a lot better than most, just the fanbases do frustrate and divert from the music. Since the explosion of One Direction obsessives over here, to a degree Bieber has less pressure, and therefore more room to move into new lanes.

  • Lexx Thangg

    Look at that bumfresh muthafucka lookin all airbrushed and shit

  • Anonymous

    "His next album won't be alble to do the same numbers as his last two" And what are you basing that prediction on, pure hate?

  • Ja Rule

    Ja Rule is the real reason that white boy even has a career.

  • the nigga who fucks yo momma

    always knew this nigga was a bitch.

  • Triumph

    Justin Bieber makes great music. FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

  • Anonymous

    If he's that cool with him be a real friend and tell him about the hammer pants, nobody should want those to come back.

  • Ludacris Thinks Justin Bieber "Makes Great Music"

  • dentaldamboy

    Luda is wrong about 2 things. First of all, Bieber does not make great music. Bieber's music is terrible. Also, Luda is wrong for going at Drake. Drake is an unstoppable forece in the rap game. Drake's album will sell more than Kanye or Kendrick, maybe even more than Em. Drake is a bonafide superstar.

    • Anonymous

      He will most likely sell more then Kendrick but how can you be so sure about him outselling kanye? kanye's albums always do well. It would be close. Lets not even mention Eminem. Drake will never outsell him.

    • Anonymous

      Take Care is still a shit album and will be Drake's peak. He ain't gonna do those numbers again.

    • dentaldamboy

      You clearly don't like the content of Drake's music. But on what basis do you assume that he will sell less than Kanye and Kendrick? Take Care sold more than Watch the Throne and GKMAC. Why do you think Nothing Was The Same will perform poorly?

    • Anonymous

      You're right about Bieber, but you're wrong about everything. Drake is not as big as you think he is and he's not unstoppable; death can end him. He ain't gonna outsell these niggas. His next album won't be alble to do the same numbers as his last two. Also, Luda has every right to go at Drake's wack ass.

  • kinglio21093

    Aaaaaand that's why you haven't heard from Luda in years. Cuz the dude has shitty taste in talent. Dude fell off harder than an erect penis.

  • Out your Damn Mind

    ludacris just went full retard

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  • sincereproducer

    Yes, he THINKS he makes good music. But the sad truth he makes the shittiest music since Soulja Boy released Crank That

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