French Montana Says Uncle Luke Can't Sue Him

French Montana says he was surprised his relationship with Uncle Luke turned sour.

French Montana caught heat from 50 Cent for featuring a string of artists on his songs, but the Bad Boy artist says that he doesn't always plan his collaborations. They often happen organically, as he says was the case with his breakthrough hit "Pop That," which featured Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. 

"I just played it for Drake and Ross and them 'cause they was around," French Montana says in an interview with The Breakfast Club. "We was going on tour and all of that. They jumped on it. If somebody's with me in the studio, we all getting high and drunk, I'm not not going to tell you to get in the booth and record. That's how we make music. Once that happens, I'm not going to take you off. So that's how it happens. I'm just cool with everybody." 

Montana has, however, had a string of notable beefs with a string of artists, including Uncle Luke, who was sampled on "Pop That." The relationship started off well before it disintegrated, according to French Montana. "I don't know what it is with him," says French Montana, who brought Uncle Luke out at the 2012 BET Awards and says he invited Uncle Luke to the "Pop That" video shoot, but that the Miami pioneer didn't show. Luke also later claimed that French Montana owed him money for using his voice on "Pop That." "I don't know," says French Montana, who adds that Luke would have sued him by now if he could have. "I guess he's trying to get a buzz or something." 

Montana's own buzz remains high, as he released Excuse My French, his debut studio album, yesterday (May 21).

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    hes gonna have to work with ja rule if he wants to be a top playa.

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  • Richie Virginia

    he gonna be pushing 250-330k the first week this niggas buzz is through the roof

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  • Anonymous

    he didn't catch flack from 50 for featuring artists, he caught flack cause he talked about how 50's beef affected his career. fuckin do better, you guys just continue to suck

    • Anonymous

      The truth hurts dont it?

    • Anonymous

      coming from this ass clown it is an insult

    • Anonymous

      thats what i find hilarious about that. People got mad a French because he spoke TRUTH. Youre right, he hadnt sold a single record at the time but notice no one said he was wrong, did they? French said was bloggers have been saying for YEARS but 50s over emotional fans, and even 50 himself took it as an insult

    • Anonymous

      yeah how is a nigga who hasnt sold 1 record gonna talk on another mans sales, then come out and do 45-50k with 36 features signed to diddy and ross

  • Anonymous

    not all of you just -fuck, daily mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    Album is predicted to sell 45-50K looks like there isnt gonna be much to sue for. Waste of Lukes time this guy is gonna sell less than Tyler the Creator did independently

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    Luke has his place in American History, which is what it is, but more than this guy will ever have.

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    he said 2 weeks ago he aint suing him out of respect for his friendship with Diddy

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