Jerry Heller Disagrees With Using Eazy-E Hologram, Calls It "Exploitation"

Jerry Heller balks at the notion of Eazy-E holograms being used, comparing it to cloning.

Ruthless Records co-founder Jerry Heller isn't on board with the idea of using an Eazy-E hologram at this year's Rock The Bells concert series.

"I personally don't like the hologram kind of approach," said Heller in an interview with

Heller compared the idea to cloning, and feels holograms take advantage of the subject's art. "It sorta feels to me like some people feel about cloning, ok, and I think that it's exploitation at its most extreme form and while I admire the technical aspects of it, I think it personally would be very upsetting to me to see a hologram of Eazy-E performing in concert. It sorta smacks of exploitation to my delicate sensitivities."

"So that's my opinion on the hologram, and I know that the issue will be split and that most of the people are real excited about it," he added. "I personally am not."

Heller's suggestion to appropriately pay homage via hologram to the former N.W.A. rapper was an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Grammys as a "one time kinda thing."

"I admire the technology behind the hologram," qualified Heller. "That doesn't mean that I actually like holograms, but I do admire the technology of it."

As for the possibility of N.W.A. or Eazy-E entering the Hall of Fame, Heller said he believed N.W.A. would be inducted next year.

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  • Wow

    All you Ice Cube dickriders wow

  • mrmario100

    Speaking of exploitation, I am researching material for a book and I stumbled on a word mark/trade mark named "NWA". It was filed on June 8, 1995 by DeathRow Records. It was abandoned 2 years later. You do the aftermath. Dre once said the music industry is worst than the dope game!

  • Fish

    The only person exploiting Eazy E is Jerry Heller, because he hasn't stopped using Eazy's name to get in the spotloght for the last 2 weeks.

  • mrmario100

    Jerry Heller is washed up, and stuck in the past. Don't nobody in the music industry respect him or want to hear what he got to say. It's funny to me, he tries so hard to be down, nobody in N.W.A got anything good to say about him. Heller does all this talk about Cube and Dre, neither one of them pays attention to him or gives a F**k about him. I read a interview where B.G. Knock Out said before Eazy died, they were in the studio and when he (BG) went into the hall way to get Eazy, Eric Wright was laying on the ground with a inhaler in one hand and a business envelope in the other hand with faxed threats from Jerry Heller because he fired Jerry for stealing millions of dollars. That Jew been a crab in a bucket ever since he met Eazy-E. Relying on him to get paid. And you no better than a servant. Why they still interviewing Jerry I don't know, he is the worst thing that ever happened to N.W.A

    • Anonymous

      so damn true. i actually heard heller was a cause of e's death to a certain point. eventually led to bone thugs getting screwed out of millions in royalties. fuck this dude.

  • damn

    I agree man. I don't like this hologram shit, everyone's planning to use one now. I wouldn't want a hologram of me being used to make money unless all the proceeds to my fam, but we all know that's not the case with these cats.

  • damn

  • Anonymous

    Exploitation?, a great case of the pot calling the kettle black huh?

  • Anonymous

    let the aids faggot r.i.p

  • Anonymous

    Coming from the King of Exploiters.

  • foreal

    look up "exploitation" in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Jerry Heller and Eazy E..... oh snap, HHDX used the same picture!

  • black mamba

    A white industry executive with the audacity to talk about exploitation...Jerry Heller, at that. LOL



  • Anonymous

    Why do you keep posting the opinions of this fucking leech? He's the reason NWA broke up and Eazy died broke. Fuck Jerry Heller

  • Andy

    Fuck Jerry Heller ... What has he done for Eazy's legacy since he died other than write a book about himself full of lies.. Its good for eazy's legacy!! Owner of

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what Jerey thinks even Eazy firs him before his death

  • Anonymous

    Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Rozay and Weezy are the only artists that truly belong in the hall of fame. Fuck tupac and biggie.

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