Freekey Zekey Explains What Killed The Diplomats' Interscope Records Deal

Freekey Zekey says that Juelz Santana's reluctance to record material in 2011 made Interscope back out of The Diplomats, but that Santana had good reason.

In late 2010, The Diplomats announced that they had reunion plans, courtesy of a new record contract with Interscope Records. The former Roc-A-Fella Records group led by Cam'ron began recording in 2011, with details emerging of a third album, their first since 2004's Diplomatic Immunity 2. In a new interview with, Dipset member Freekey Zekey revealed that the group lost their deal with Interscope. Asked as to why, the 730 Dips head candidly explained, "I don't know. [Juelz Santana] had...I guess...had personal problems that was negating him from hittin' the studio hard. I don't know what they are or what they was, but his mind was with it. 'Cause every time we talked to him or spoke to him, he [was excited]. But whatever was lurkin' in his personal life or whatever the case may be, would basically stop him from getting into that studio."

Zekey pointed to a difficult beginning to 2011 for his Dipset brother. Following a January studio arrest (and subsequent release) of Skull Gang member Hynief, Juelz' studio was raided on a drug search and the rapper was arrested. Freekey claims authorites "gutted" the New Jersey space, limiting Santana's resources and motivation. "They took everything." He pointed that the two incidents, just weeks apart, affected Juelz. "It was back to back things." Although Interscope may be uninterested, Freekey says that over a year later, Juelz Santana's motivation has returned. "The boy is back, that's how you know that he [is like Muhammad] Ali. He ain't been home since God Will'n came out," said Free, referring to Juelz' January mixtape.

Asked about plans to press on with a Diplomats album reunion, the co-founder said, "It's just up to us to sit down and say we're gonna do it."

In March of this year, the four founding members of The Diplomats (Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey and Juelz Santana) reunited at New York City's B.B. King's for a 10th anniversary show of Diplomatic Immunity.

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  • bevis n butt head

    look bevis uhhuhuuhuhuhuhuh

  • IROC

    Its been over for them when Cam first left and the two weakest links in dipset is Julez and freaky ,Jim is cool Cam is dope but the time is up !

  • bevis n butt head


  • dora the explora

    one plus 7 is 10 . one plus 7 is 10. one plus 7 is 10. 1 plus 7 is 10.

  • Red

    Have you ever heard the phrase "run its course", Zeke... Dipset is like Solid Snake: it was doomed from the start.

  • hiphop is dead

    who cares for DipSHIT. They were always weak. Nothing special. We dont need those wack motherfuckers.


    If Chief Keef got a brain injury and went retarded, his rhymes would still be better than Zekey's.

  • Anonymous

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    • Capital G

      Don't post under "Anonymous". Be proud of your shit and put your name up. Most artists that promote themselves in comment sections are straight trash, thankfully your shit is pretty nice. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    A major record label doesn't stop just because Juelz has problems. It's a business. Either persevere or go work at Costco.

  • doc

    Personal Problems? Didn't stop Interscope from giving Chief 6 mill? Talk about personal problems. Interscope lame for that.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Wrong, his total deal was wrong 6 million, however since he flopped and went to jail I think he got way less. I would say he got a total of 1 million but usually artists have to pay that back. Its like a loan when rappers get a deal.

  • Erica

    Them boys need to go ahead and drop an album. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too

  • OUCH!

    sounds legit, meaning santana being lazy.

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