Tree "Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out" Stream, Tracklist & Cover Art

The Chicago rapper-producer drops the second installment of his acclaimed mixtape series, which features Danny Brown and Roc Marciano, among others.

Chicago rapper-producer Tree released Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out, the second installment in his acclaimed Sunday School mixtape seriesThe soul sample-chopping artist enlisted such producers as Bink!, Frank Dukes, Bobby Johnson, S.C., Tye Hill, Illinois Jones and Khari Lemuel to contribute to Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out.

The Chi-Town representative has also collaborated with fellow Windy City act Chance The Rapper and is slated to perform July 21 at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

The tracklisting for Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out is as follows:

1.     Safe To Say (Prod. By Tye Hill)

2.     Fame

3.     The King

4.     So Bad

5.     Devotion (Prod. By Tree & Bink!)

6.     No Faces Ft Danny Brown

7.     Busters (Prod. By Frank Dukes)

8.     Say How You Feel Ft. LILI K. (Prod. By Illinois Jones)

9.     Most Successful

10.   Hurt Ft. Teddie Caine

11.   Trynawin Ft. Roc Marciano

12.   Love You For That

13.   Thankful Ft. Ari Lourdes (Prod. By Tree & Khari Lemuel)

14.   Count On Me (Prod. By Tye Hill)

15.   Project Parties (Prod. By S.C.)

16.   Tree Shit (Prod. By Tye Hill)

17.   The Let Out (Bonus Tracks) **Prod. By Bobby Johnson

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  • Illinois Jones

    I appreciate all the those who listen to this project thanks. PAUL MARTINEZ could I submit some of my music to this blog

  • bevis n butt head


  • Descendant of Kings

    What ya'll listening too? This mixtape rides ..

  • JRich

    Sounds kinda like King Chip. Good shit though

  • Jesse Chane

    so his lyrics tell me he thinks he's tough and smokes weed and likes the word nigga. lame. too bad, decent production, decent voice, just nothin worth listenin to content wise.

    • asdf

      actually I gave it a minute of my day, he said nigga 5 times already. Now imagine if he replaced it with another word, no matter the word, it shouldn't be repeated throughout. Lazy rhymes. but voice,flow,beats, decent. rappers should learn to appeal to more than one demographic.

    • asdf

      I wont even give it the time of day. Thanks for the warning, I love weed, but dislike almost all weed songs, and when "nigga" is said, over and over, it segregates itself from other races. If it doesn't do that, white kids are saying "nigga" more than ever.

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