Lil Wayne's Emmett Till Line Wasn't Supposed To Be Released

"Karate Chop" producer Metro Boomin says the controversial lyric was on an early version of the song ripped from Vimeo.

Lil Wayne's controversial line from Future's "Karate Chop" remix was never supposed to be released. Producer Metro Boomin says the line about Emmett Till that cost Lil Wayne his Mountain Dew sponsorship was removed in what was supposed to be the final version of the song.

"We didn’t even intend for it to come out like that," Metro Boomin says during an interview with Vibe. "It was serious. I was like, 'Honestly, it will be no good' so we took the line out. But there was a music video…The whole reason the song came out prematurely is [because] it got leaked. I’m not even going to say his name. He had ripped the song off the video director’s…Uh, I guess the video director fell asleep uploading the video, to his Vimeo. He [the ripper] always checks the Vimeo for content and one day he lucked up on the fucking ‘Karate Chop’ video and he ripped the one with the Wayne verse and he put it out. On the mastered version, the final, that line wasn’t in there. He [the ripper] put it out and made everybody look like douchebags, but it wasn’t the plan."

Ultimately, Lil Wayne's line remained on the remix. The YMCMB rapper rhymed on the song that, "I beat the pussy up, like Emmet Till." Till was a Black Mississippi teenager was beaten and killed in 1955 after allegedly flirting with a White woman. The two White men accused of killing Till, who was visiting from Chicago, were later acquitted.

Mountain Dew ended its relationship with Lil Wayne May 3 and Weezy was removed from a subsequent version of "Karate Chop" that featured Birdman, Rick Ross and French Montana.

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  • John Blaze

    What Took Everybody So Long To Report This? Metro Been Said The Mastered Version Of The Remix Had That Line Edited Out Cause Him Nor Future(At The Time) Approved Of It In The First Place....Now If Only They Had Just Sent The Verse Back And Told Wayne To Do It Over(What Should've Been Done In The Beginning) Nobody Would Be Having This Problem.....

  • dentaldamboy

    The Till family are a bunch of peasents.

    • dentaldamboy

      Wayne was talking about beating my pussy up...that's why I'm so mad that they're making a big deal out of it. It was his love note to me.

  • Anonymous

    most cats probably never even heard of emmit till if it wasnt for the notariety media is giving this.



    • Dylan Dudicle

      Free speech? He exercised his right to free speech. The thing is, Mountain Dew was paying Lil Wayne to represent their brand. If they feel as though he is saying things that are detrimental to how people view their brand, they can end that relationship. This has nothing to do with free speech. Go get educated, you hashtagging cunt.

  • 21standDauphin

    It's a sad world we live in. Ignorance is at a all time high. Stop making excuses for the lyric. It should not have been said. Lil Wayne definitely knows the history of Emmett Till. So Lil Wayne should have been responsible enough not to say it. We need to hold these rappers accountable for their actions. And seriously Lil Wayne how many times in your lyrics are you going to beat the pussy up. We are living in the era of lazy rap. Nobody wants to be creative.

  • Anonymous

    Emmitt Smith doesn't even care about the line. Sensitive ass motherfuckers.

  • Nope.

    They really want us to believe that trash ass line wasn't supposed to be in the song? Really when a guy says pussy like 6 times within a minute on "Rich as Fuck", it shows how fucking dumb he is, and that the line was never going to be changed. He perceived it as a "great" line just like he does with every other garbage line he spits.

    • Anon

      Yeah you're not butthurt whatsoever, you're totally not a dickrider.

    • ???

      "His flow and delivery has always been intact" Too bad he is not creative enough to develop his own flow or delivery. He is what is known as a bitter he pays ppl to give him his delivery then dumbs it down with dumb bullshit lines like the emmit till line. But you keep dick riden and defeneding waynes weak ass music

    • Anonymous

      How eloquent. A hating ass bitch, very clever, did you think that up all by yourself? Anyway, you need to spit Lil Wayne's cum out of your mouth

    • Anonymous

      I hate to break it to you but you don't have to be a hating ass bitch. Damn you don't like Wayne then don't listen. Only people that don't like his music or just don't listen to him period quick to say how garbage his lines is. His flow and delivery has always been intact for the most part and his beat selection is above 80% overall. He says some nonsensical and retarded shit at times but to me thats just for attention. There's a whole bunch of other punchlines he spit that was dope over the years.

    • Anon

      I hate to break this to you, but you don't have to dickride.

    • Anonymous

      I hate to break this to you, but you don't have to listen.

  • Anonymous

    lil waynes a disgrace to his own race disrespectful arrogant cunt

  • IMhO

    no im sure it only made wayne look like a dooshbag..and whoever defends him (not this guy im talkin in general)

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