Wiz Khalifa Says Rap & Religion Should Be Separate

Wiz Khalifa addresses fads in Hip Hop, comments on the sense of "togetherness" marijuana brings about.

Throughout the years, Hip Hop has touched on a number of controversial topics including gun violence, drug use, and even religion. Despite the array of subjects the genre touches on, one rapper in particular feels that a line should be drawn between rap and religion.

While speaking with AlLindstrom.com, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa shared his thoughts on religion in rap and spoke on the topic being just another fad in Hip Hop.

“This is just me personally, I don’t like how much people play with religion in rap,” Wiz revealed. “You know what I’m saying? I feel like that’s a fad that a lot of people came into and they don’t really understand really what they’re saying or doing. So, they’re playing into that because it’s popular, it’s cool, but it’s not really what the shit’s about. So, when you talk about religious stuff and you talk about rap culture. Religion is religion and rap culture is rap culture.”

Later in the interview, the Taylor Gang spitter spoke on the popularity of Molly and party culture in today’s Hip Hop before sharing the reason why he’s drawn to marijuana.

“As far as like drugs, Molly, and partying, of course the next drug is gonna be the next cool thing. Whatever’s popping that’s what people talk about, but I feel like there’s people who really do it and are experienced in it and they’re not even rappers…With pot for me, the appeal to it is the togetherness of it. Cause when you first get weed—the first thing you do is share it. You hit it, you pass it. That’s what weed is based on. It’s based on sharing.”

During the interview, Wiz also shared a few details on his upcoming wedding with longtime girlfriend Amber Rose.

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  • Nazeer

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  • Dynomite

    he didn't diss religion. he suggested, and i agree, that rappers should stop playing with religion; ie: "Yeezus", "Jesus Piece", "The Black Barmitzvah", and that Amen song by Meek Mill

  • D-verse

    togetherness in weed sounds like togetherness in fighting sports, you know it's not THE healthiest thing to do but it's very fun and uniteying

  • Anonymous

    People can feel free to rap about religion all they want, just like I'm free to change the channel when they do....... But this dude rappin bout weed and money all the time aint much better, shit got boring after Kush&OJ........

  • Pegasus Flow

    Religion likes to take sound logic and shit all over it. Yea that sounds like something you'd want spread through music.

  • Brewsky

    People dumb as shit basically he sayin its not cool to rap about religion and be playing about it or say off da wall stuff proclaimin to religion (Christianity in paticular)

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      You made even less sense trying to explain Wiz's comments than his stoned ass did while making them

  • Anonymous

    This cornball bothers me.

  • jenni123

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  • Yo Mama

    Wiz Khaqueefa is a moron. Rap is music and music can be with religion. This dumbfuck. Based on his logic rappers should rap about rap, which makes no sense. "Rap is spelled r-a-p, Who's a rapper, that is me,"

  • Greatest Rapper Never

    What the fuck did this stoned ass just say? Allow me to paraphrase: "Rap is rap, so to me personally when talking about religious stuff is not really what the shit's about. With pot for me, the appeal is based on weed." Yup, I'd say that pretty much sums it up. This dude is off the charts on the Unintentional Comedy Scale.

  • BeTrue

    Sharing weed with a dude is suspect....saliva is being exchanged like kissing. I never shared weed that was rolled up already. I rather buy you your own bag. Anyway, Rap music lives through everything including religion.

  • rapisexpression

    If I am to rap, the number one rule is to be real. I can't rap about weed or drugs, because I never did them. I volunteered with a youth group at my church for a bit, so I can rap about dealing with teens who had to go through high school drama and college angst. Bottom line is, the most real thing to a rapper is what a rapper would rap about. If it's religion, great. Otherwise, wack content is wack content, religion or weed.

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      If you've never done drugs than you should definitely not be a rapper. You shouldn't even be a musician. You shouldn't even listen to music. You shouldn't even be on this site. GTFOH and read a book or study medicine or some shit. Leave the commenting on hip hop websites to those of us who are too stoned to know better.

  • Upstate315

    im not to surprised by his response. Wiz never seemed like a personal rapper as in hes not really gonna go in his inner thoughts or direct situations hes had to deal with which was my only problem with him as an artist but i cant knock his message music wise cuz he want everyone to chill and get on their grind so they can reach success

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      No, he is going into his deepest of thoughts when he raps. When you're as stoned as this dude, pussy money weed is as deep as the abyss.

  • fakes hear dis

    Hov told Rose to get Wiz into Illuminati now he is one and Hov is happy now...

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      We actually just voted him in this week. His initiation is next Sunday at the secret mansion on the hidden island off the coast of North Korea... oh no, I've said too much, the Queen will have my head for this!

  • www.marlosbeats.com

    Rap and the rapper's take on life, religion, money, etc...are all intertwined. Whether a rapper is a Christian or a devil worshiper...he's probably gonna spit his take on it cuz last time I checked....that's "rap culture" Wiz...

  • avamis

    wiz khalifa and rap should be separate...not religion

    • Greatest Rapper Never

      *COSIGN* Actually, haha, not really. I just felt like saying cosign. I do enjoy most of Wiz's music, usually only in small doses though. But what you said was both clever and astute, and for that I will uphold my cosigning. Have a good night, and may god show mercy on us all come judgement day. Amen.

    • www.marlosbeats.com

      ^^5 Star Comment. marlosbeats.com

  • Anonymous

    So if people shoudnt talk about their beliefs in rap/mcing? Just another prime example of just proving people right when they say the culture is DEAD!

    • Anonymous

      Once you get a former stripper, hip hop whore pregnant. You lose your claim to be a reasonable person.

    • Stop Assuming Things

      I think he means all these people trying to be some holier than though, metaphysical entity and making religious metaphors. Sure, his music sucks. That doesn't mean he isn't a reasonable person.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, just like god should not be on a federal reserve.

  • Shone Jones

    Another example of why Wiz continues to be a dumbass!!!

  • Anonymous

    this nigger is high enough to say dumb shit like this and get away with it. rap is an art...artists incorporate w.e they want in their work...this big lipped ugly nigger needs to understand that.

  • Anonymous

    i was a wiz fan til this. HAHAHA wiz for real he is a devil worshiper and does the work of satan. And he is wack because his expansion level is a 2.5 All he can rap about is weed, weed, girls, weed, cars, weed, jewerly, weed, money, weed. Where the hell ur brain levels at homie. If someone can put religion into rap as a form of "music" thats a good way of communicating to the world. Someone will hear it and listen. Hater!!! I am a rapper for the Embers of Igneous, and i tell you what, wiz could never touch my level wven if i freestyled to his prewritten bull shit. Get on my Level homie, hahaha

  • ptv

    Lmfao done with wiz there's no rules in rap so stfu. AND ALL YOU RAP ABOUT IS WEED YOU HAVE LOST ALL YOUR TALENT. You support molly responsible people know their limits youre fucking our world. Mainstream illuminati bitch I wish you never hit the joint

  • Anonymous

    What is he talking about? Rap is art. It can be whatever you want it to be.

  • Em

    How about someone tell him to leave his drug use and fornication out of his music and then put the music on a level playing field and see what this one-trick pony has left

  • @DarionBrunstonM

    I love the idea and practice of sharing, buttt it's no where only reserved to marijuana, for all drugs can be shared responsibly, and also the bigger issue is the sharing of resources and profits in general to family, friends, fans, and strangers...this is a happy world. #FuckDisneyWorld

  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • Beez Nasty

    Wow! You smoke a lot of weed!! Big fuckin deal.... Wiz raps about fuckin nothing. He is a joke... smoking weed is not the coolest shit on this planet. He wont be around in 5 yrs. Bet that up..

  • bevis n butt head

    look its that retared kid jadakiss again uhuhuh. yeaaaa haha heyy. woaaaa uhuhuhuhhuhhuu hes still running into tables uhuhhuhuhhuhh. lets go in the other mall uhuhuhuuh

  • bevis n butt head


  • smhh

    how ironic..you talkin all this fufu about religion and rap but then again you smoking weed religiously and what you preach in ya music sound hella cult like, taylor gang riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.....safe to say im an atheist when it comes to wiz khalifa = no belief

  • Anonymous

    Guci Mane realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross

    • Anonymous

      Ross pushed a senior citizen into the street once. If that's not certified gangsta behavior then what is?

  • logan

    its dudes like this that infiltrate into our culture, and super imposes themselves as if he's apart of it.....stay in your lane, and keep RAPPING.... MC"S ARE RESPECTED as Artist. SPIRITUALITY > RELIGION...ask ya uncle snoop

  • foreal

    wiz khalifa and rap should be separate.

  • logan


  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head

    look butt head uhuhuuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhhu

  • bevis n butt head


  • bevis n butt head


  • NikoBellic

    Lil Jacob: I don't know, I been smoking hard, you know? It focks wit me brain a little

  • Anonymous

    nigga know damn well he dont go to church

  • whyusuck

    wiz khalifa illuminati ass lmao fuck outta here what kinda "rappers" main fan base is children have you seen the turn outs at his shows?

  • ontherealthough,

    has anybody read the gospel of hip hop by krs1? terrible.basically tryna take hip hop culture and turn it into a religion where he is some kind of appointed leader.Now im a die hard hip hip from and have been for the past 20 years.but that shit is wierd to me.

    • ontherealthough,

      has anybody read the gospel of hip hop by krs1? terrible.basically tryna take hip hop culture and turn it into a religion where he is some kind of appointed leader.Now im a die hard hip hip and have been for the past 20 years.but that shit is wierd to me. I WAZ BLUNTED



  • Anonymous

    you cant rap about rap tho the rappers have to be honest with there fans the rappers have tell stories about them self/life the rappers have let the fans in and get to know the them self and they have to have BARS

  • Anonymous

    slaine is the worst content

  • Anonymous

    Stop talking, Wiz, you're an imbecile

  • M-1

    This is ridiculous, you can murder, sell crack to kids, beat on your wife, rape, whatever and all you have to is wear a Jesus piece and say Amen once in a while and god will forgive. If there is a heaven and hell, which there ain't, then all these dudes are going to hell.

    • Anonymous

      klan wear and burn crosses...cardinals and archbishops tell you what to do and fondle little boys in church...italian mafia are devout catholics...new testament says pay your tithes, pray, and you will be fine...the crusades turned into a religious cleansing slash bullying in europe...why the puritans left for america...that and the plague...lmao at you adding fuel to the stereotype...

  • Anonox

    May I make the bold statement and say that talent and Wiz should be separate?

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll are taking this too seriously. All he did was share his opinion, one that I don't even agree with btw, but he's not trying to tell other artists what to do, just what he doesn't like to hear in hip hop. This is coming from an atheist who can't stand Wiz's music. Read the actual quote instead of jumping to the comments section after reading the deceitful titles that HHDX chooses for its articles

  • Anonymous

    So religion isn't ok to bring up but drugs are just fine? How about this Wiz, if you don't want to hear religion in rap... don't listen to rappers who rap about religion? Stop trying to censor things just because you disagree with them, its pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      yall are both dumb fucks.. he aint tryin to censor shit.. hes just pointing out what he doesn't like.. go eat a dick, both of you fags

    • heartthrobharrison

      I agree with this 100%. I never can understand how they censor the meaningful things because they want to live doing evil shit without being held accountable.

  • Youngindy21

    He kinda got a point. I mean people play around with religion way too much. I mean you have Game naming his album Jesus Piece and then he proceeds to rap about Church, p#ssy, and strippers. I mean that is pretty disrepectful and sacrilegious if you ask me.

  • dentaldamboy

    Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z and Kayne West along with Dr Dre or Eminem should be seperate from rap. Only YMCMB and MMG are true rap along with soulja boy, 2 chainz, and chief keef.

  • KHep

    KHep says Wiz Khalifa and Rap should be seperate.

  • Doc S.

    I think religion will always be part of rap culture. I don't think you can seperate religion from rap because your beliefs will be shown in rap. Whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Agnostic, Atheist, or Moneytheist (arguably rap's most popular religion lol), your beliefs'll show thru your raps.

  • asher1985

    This is obviously coming from someone who isn't a Christian. if you're a Christian then of course you rap about your lifestyle. In the same way Wiz raps about weed constantly. Lecrae would outrap this dude any day of the week

    • lawlagain

      not hating on him, he just is contradictory with his raps in my eyes

    • lawl

      Lecrae is a confused individual, he glamorizes and hates on drug use, money, etc at the same time while throwing in some jesus's and a scripture here and there.

  • Anonymous

    he the next kool moe dee

  • man

    wiz look like a crack head in this pic..2 much molly?

  • Pappi

    I really like Wiz and his music. A lot. But in many of his interviews, he's stays talking down on the next man. A lotta times its about ppl jocking his style, but this? Rap and religion being separate? Like dude, what are you really talking about? Name some names, do something! because right now you Wiz Khalifa, are reaching.

  • Anonymous

    It's sad he now has a child who will inevitably grow up and be a weed head like his pops.

  • Chris Etrata

    Rap and pop stars like YMCMB should be seperate. YMCMB shouldn't exsist.



  • M-1

    Thank you Wiz! I can't stand hearing about religion all the time. I'm a gangsta, no I love Jesus. Pick one and it can't be both. Somebody should tell these rappers that god probably doesn't like people who are talking about shooting people and selling crack. Real talk.

    • OM3gA

      yeah and i cant stand wizs stupid raps that are all bout weed. this nigga is retarded, he sayin that rap involving religion is just a fad and people are doin it just because its popular??? wtf he thinkning? most ppl just listen to rap bcuz its bout partying n smokin n drinkin not religion (perfect example OFWGKTA aka gayest rappers) this foo hella contradicted himself. And the only rappers ikno that rap bout religion and shooting, sex, drugs etc... are the Game and Lil wayne (who suks badly) which when they do rap about religion i can tell the hav no clue wat the hell they sayin other than that everyone else is on point. plus real rap is about having a message behind it which wiz has no talent on doin that and religous rap has a good moral in the song

  • therealwayno

    "Let's not share and promote religion but lets definitely share and promote use of drugs."

    • OM3gA

      to 2nd anonymous: ive heard ppl in the past say money and religion is the root to all evil but that is not true its greediness and ignorance. and to quote kendrick lamar "Id rather not live like there isnt a God, than to die and find out there really is one"

    • Anonymous

      wiz part of the nwo he trying to promote devilish teachings!

    • Anonymous

      only keeps people fighting *

    • Anonymous

      I don't smoke weed but you're honestly naive if you don't realize how bad religion has effected the world. I'm talking every religion and the religious thinking. Religion always turns into culture and how people percieve it. Walk down and have a convo with any muslim, christian, jew or whatever and they'll all give you different explanations of a single sentence in their religion. That might sound good but it isn't. That only keeps people from fighting. Oh, religion is also false. There's a difference between believing in a god than religion. Religions have always been cults derived from story-written fairytales in order to keep a certain morals, especially at a time were no real laws were put in stones to that degree. Think about it more than years ago, "you do ____ & ____ happens", it's only about morals. The stories in them though are false. It can be good but it can also be bad. The fact that people take those sayings in different meanings and ways only causes everybody to fight about "who's right". I don't even believe in god. I used to but i don't. Don't consider myself atheist either yet i'm one of the most respectful people you'll ever meet towards everybody (sounds cliche i know!). But those who do do. I however cannot take religious people seriously. Not just christians, not just muslims, not just jews etc. Every religion.

    • ETK

      whatever BS rappers spout when they use religion doesn't PROMOTE religion whatsoever. I don't see Game's jesus piece LP make niggas go to church

    • Anonymous

      real talk

    • Hi Man2.0

      The World is fucked up!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is so zen.....

  • Fuck Pittsburgh

    I wish this nigga would become a crack head and destroy his life/career.

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