50 Cent Uses Nas' "I Gave You Power" To Address Evolution In Hip Hop

50 Cent credits Nas as being "one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop," says "The Baltimore Love Thing" was his favorite record on "The Massacre."

In the second part of SXSW’s candid interview series with 50 Cent, the Jamaica, Queens lyricist touched on evolution in Hip Hop and spoke on the genre recycling itself every few years or so.

Fifty referenced one song in particular as he spoke on the evolution of Hip Hop and how various elements of the genre can be used in different ways. The song he used to prove his point was Nas’ heavily metaphorical, It Was Written record “I Gave You Power.”

“I think music recycles itself like fashion,” 50 Cent revealed. “So, a lot of the content, the things that we’re utilizing has been done in a different fashion. I’ll try and give an example. I think it was It Was Written, Nas’ second album, he had a song where he was the gun. And it was one of those things that had a strong impression on Hip Hop culture at that point because it was a song that was like ‘wow.’ It had good metaphors, it was strong, and it gave you a visual. And he’s one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop music culture.”

The G-Unit rapper even brought up a personal favorite, The Massacre’s “The Baltimore Love Thing,” when speaking on the use of metaphors in Hip Hop and how the technique is a heavily recycled one.

“My favorite song on the record was ‘The Baltimore Love Thing.’ And it was a metaphor and an actual song where I used a relationship between an addict, a female addict and the drug heroine…Because she keeps listening to people saying ‘You should change your life’ or ‘Get yourself together,’ it drags her deeper into addiction. And it’s one of my favorite records because of the depth to the story itself,” said 50 Cent.

The full interview with 50 Cent can be found below.

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  • Rozay

    50 a bitch, everyone knows maybach 4 lyfe its bawse

  • tha1fromthapinez

    You think Curtis still has nightmares about getting stabbed by Irv and his crew? Or maybe he just has nightmares about people seeing that restraining order?

    • Anonymous

      He made a song about it, so I'd say he was scared shitless.

    • Anonymous

      that was a scratch. like 3 stitches he didnt even go to the hospital for 3 days and that was cause his baby momma thought it was gonna get infected

  • Anonymous

    what is nas net worth? after all these years in the game and 50 far richer then he is its a wrap nas go join the bitter old ass rappers club

    • Anonymous

      fuck evidence the person he snitched on never came forward if somebody snitched on me I wouldn't be quiet about it

    • Anonymous

      show me the paperwork dawg. yall been screaming snitch for years but no one got any evidence

  • Anonymous

    When niggas hate on anotha nigga that made it out and continues to be successful. Ya'll niggas need a new job! I'm that cat by the bar toasting to the good life You that fagot ass nigga trying to pull me back right? -50Cent

  • Anonymous

    If only 50 worked with the greats like Nas,Kanye,Jada,etc. and challenged his rhymin skills. How relevant he'd be in the game today .Its sad how he compliments dudes he dissed. Stick to your guns "f*** the world" man.

  • fuck 50

    flop since 2005 i've said it a thousand time

  • flower power

    50 is just mad that he can't rap like Nas. All 50 ever does on wax these days is just talk about how much money he has, how he's able to kill you, and how great he is at sex. BORING! He's still talking about GRODT like it's some classic record (it's not). This idiot just needs to move on and leave rap alone. Why do you think Jimmy won't release his new album? It's gonna be just like his last 4; same old dated topics, same old dated beats, same old dated flow and delivery. Ironically, Nas said it best. He gets rich but dies rhyming.

  • pope jp

    nas wa alwayas better than you 50 u finished in the hiphop game u lil bitch jumping on collabs with bigger n better rappers trying to get bk in the game,

  • Lil Wayne

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  • Lil Wayne

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  • badumdum

    Only in hip hop are there fans who mock the success of people who accomplished things they would give their left nut to experience a fraction of. Whether it's 50 Cent or lesser known rappers who managed to carve out a source of income for themselves in the rap game, hip hop fans ask yourself, who would pay money to see you?

  • Trevor

    50-Cent is garbage but white people seem to worship him, it must be the Emenim connection. No rapper has fell off as hard as this clown from a musical standpoint except maybe Shyne who can't even make a mixtape song. Well at least Dr Dre, Emenim, & Jimmy Iovine got rich off of their monkey.

    • DJ Adolf Duke

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    • Anonymous

      Emenim.. Eminem's cousin?

  • mar500

    trends come from current artists and producers. right now its mike will producing all the singles. next year it will be someone else

  • jus10

    I agree Fif' That was the best song on The Massacre, Position of Power was close with that classy sound.


    http://www.no-buzz.net/2013/05/13/jon-connor-feat-talib-kweli-rise-up/ Jon connor feat. Talib Kweli - Rise up STEP UR BARS UP

  • Anonymous

    its 2013 and its all about the lyrics now new era of authentic rap is coming fuck that lil wayne auto tune sound fuck waka flocka type beats real rap revolution


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  • Dentaldamboy

    Fif been beat up, stabbed, shot up, sold out Prime and snitched on Chris and Irv. He has yet to have done anything to anybody outside of make diss tracks but he his the realist nigga out... sorry but I can't buy that. I respect his hustle but the path he chose to get where he is deserves no respect. Yea he has a gazillion dollars and gained enough power to shut people out of the music industry. People should at least admit he got smashed on the streets. Again... who has he shot or stabbed??

    • Drake

      I'll stab you in the poophole with my massive Hebe-rod.Quit acting like you know us hoe!!YMCMB would never support you,you are what we call a "booty groupie" dudes that lick our asses when are on tour.Go get a real life you pre-op shemale.

    • Anonymous

      you want him to admit to crimes he has committed LOL

    • dentaldamboyshouldkillhimselfimmediately

      50 is a lot of things to a lot of people. But he damn sure doesn't have any daddy issues, self inflicted gun shot wounds, or picture evidence of him kissing other grown ass men unlike your idols Lil Wang and 65 year old world's oldest/fakest gangbanger Baby aka Turdman.

  • Kizman

    name ONE song 50 has dropped in the last 9 yrs that can beat Life's On The Line (his best song) Just goes to show how much he has fallen off "I can't go commercial, they love me in the streets" - 50

  • Na$ty

    Street Disciple>>>>>>>Illmatic

  • Anonymous

    You idiots slay me. Who goes platinum nowadays besides Eminem, or Jay? Ross isn't breaking records with his sales, but in an age where so called fans steal everything anyway, he's quietly remained consistent. That may not be flashy, but he's obviously doing something right or else he would have been dropped years ago.

  • Nostradamus

    I think we can all agree that Nas is amazing. Every rapper in the game is influenced by him and his contribution to hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    Why is it only rap fans pay attention to album sales, the only genre, I dont give a shit if an album sells 20k or 750k if its hot its hot

  • Anonymous

    Seymo- Take the pipe out your mouth. Port Of Miami, Trilla, and Deeper than Rap all debuted at #1. They didn't sell millions, but nothing wrong with going gold on all three.


      to this date none of rick ross's album hit a million he's a gold artist who insists he's platinum i cosign seymo

  • Anonymous

    Favorable release dates are the whole idea.


    ja rule aint fuckin with gya nigguz like mister cee and prodigy. ja rulee keepin it straight, 100 son!!!

  • ...?

    Wasn't I Gave You Power. a recycle of Organized Konfusion's Stray Bullet?

  • Anonymous

    he sold more from one album then all of nas albums sales combine smh nas stay losing

    • Anonymous

      Nas has sold more globally than 50 cent.

    • and

      and if 50 didnt have GRODT under his belt when he dies he wouldnt even be remember 20 years from now like nas will.. atleast 50 got that classic that rappers try so hard 2 chase

    • Disagree

      Actually Nas has sold over 20 million to date. 50 may has sold slightly more career wise, but his highest selling album did about 13 M so that's inaccurate. And when you really think about it, it's better to sell over 20M over the course of 10 albums and 20 years than to sell 10M twice. It shows longevity and relevancy. No disrespect to 50, but just saying. Nobody really cares about his music right now, whereas Nas just had a number 1 album last year, and 5 Grammy nominations this year

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck, it's fucktards like you that pay more attention to quantity than quality... Go kill yourself fuck ass bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Ross's last album debuted at #1. That's dominating the charts, hate boy.

    • Anonymous

      on the hip pop, charts yea

    • Seymo

      Da he hatin for dat whack ass album might went #1 but dat shit went GOLD and dats his first #1 album 50 first and second album went #1 and platinum so do yo research and ross wit da pigs

    • Anonymous

      its not hard to debut at #1 when no one hot puts out an album that week

  • Anonymous

    Hustlin > Any song off GRODT

  • Hi Man2.0

    What happened to 50 cent? His last comments are good.

  • i clap your monkey ass call it black on black crime

    wtf is with his hand movements looks like a faggot

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    "I Gave You Power" is one of the best street hop songs ever, face it. The beat by Premo, the lyrical structure, metaphors and the hook perfectly balanced. A Hip Hop Classic!

  • Status

    Its funny every1 who beefs with Nas ends up paying homage to Nas..I wonder why!

    • Anonymous

      Nas is the best who has content, but when it comes to beef?!?!?! no one is seeing Nas......NONE!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually a few weeks ago on Larry King I think it was, 50 named Nas in his top 5 Rappers with Krs-One, Rakim, Biggie and 2Pac

    • Anonymous

      Let's not get carried away here. He cited Nas. He wasn't calling him the GOAT or anything.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha! you are 100% correct! And thats why he's the best ever!

  • Rezzie The Rue

    I had heard "I Gave You Power" plenty of times... though I sort of skipped "The Massacre" mostly except for the singles because I never really felt 50 like that... Looked up "A Baltimore Love Thing" and I am honestly impressed... P.S. - HipHopDX why do you allow all of these people to pigeon hole the comment section like this? It is one of the reasons I don't comment often here anymore. Is it really that hard to moderate? If you go hard with moderation for a couple of weeks then it will probably stop.

    • kas

      Yeah we need MODERATION in the comment's sections. These trolls have killed the site.

    • donnis mac

      HHDX became an ad whore for Complex Media. The puzzling part is the rest of Complex' hoes all have moderation and are more respected than HHDX.

    • lol

      HHDX tried that a few months ago then everyone got tight they could only leave 1 comment every 10 mins n switched it back up i think HHDX should make you log in to a user name so fags cant troll heavy

    • Shyne's Pe'ots

      best comment on here. all of these trolls are killing the comment section

  • IMhO

    yeah baltimore love thing was prob one of the best on that cd.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT?! The East Coast ain't got no love dr. dre and snoop dogg, and death row?? Y'all don't love us

  • SEd

    The concept of i gave you power was already done by Organized Konfusion and also by MC Shan. So fuck NAS and Fuck 50 for not giving credit to the orginators



    • Supes

      So did Organized shout out Shan?Did Pac shout out any of them?Stop it.So 50 gives Nas props for the song and it's fuck both of them for not saying it was the first one?Small shit homie...

    • Anonymous

      Actually Rakim did it on " Know the ledge' (Juice OST & Don't sweat the technique) ' Imma put it on a bullet, put it in your brain, Rip the block like a buckshot Who cares where it goes, just keep the casket close'- Nas took it to another level and the others followed.

    • SEd

      @ lucky if you know nothing about hiphop then said the fuck up. do your homework.

  • Anonymous

    50 just live in the ear of nas- YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING U BITCH ASS INFORMANT

  • Fuck Jamaica/Queensbridge

    I hate both these niggas with an undying passion


      You saying that in a comfort of your own home, you wouldnt say that around here in Q.U.. You would get your ass tear out the fucking frame pussy!

  • Anonymous

    Stop beefing with Nas then, Curtis. Put on for Queens, fuck boy

    • Anonymous

      Those two songs they did are mad old, that was from the Nastradamus era. Sad really

    • Anonymous

      they already got songs together check out 50 cent - who u rep with ft. Nas & Bravehearts

    • werd

      a 50 and nas collabo would be hot.. but i think 50 burned 2 many bridges tryna bully ppl in rap now hes not as hot and noone wanna fuck whim bec he seems 2faced

    • Fuck Queens

      LMAO I'll be forever laughing at you and your family

  • Anonymous

    50 bust in me pls!

  • Anonymous

    50 aint lyrical ! he's fuckin overrated. he has a few hits here and there but as far as consistency goes he is WACK as fuck



    • 614grind

      Don't get it twisted, 50 can spit when he want to. Check any of his last 5 mixtapes for evidence. He just tries to dumb down his flow to go mainstream and it can come off wack at times.

    • IMhO

      yeah he fell of heavily after GRODT, the soundtrack and a few tracks on massacre.. dude just doesnt have the hunger.. listen to GRODT then anything else after and you'll hear the difference in his voice

  • Anonymous

    another classic interview after you've watched this go on youtube and watch any rick ross interview and you will see a big difference real person cartoon character

  • Anonymous

    50 sure likes the sound of his own voice. You don't hear Rick Ross talking about Nas. He'd rather run Miami, and dominate the charts with his soulful melodies.

    • Anonymous

      Ross sure ain't running Miami and he's not dominating any charts and he has no soulful music of any kind.

    • Anonymous

      trap music is soulful? hahaha dumb fuck

    • Anonymous

      that cause no one wants to interview ross anymore because everything he says is lies.

    • Kali

      Soulful music hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha getting money isn't soulful, and thats all he raps about bullshit....saying ugh after every line master p wanna bee fat faggot...

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z doesn't want it with any MC Queens.

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