Jerry Heller Claims He & Eazy-E Put "The Source" Magazine "In Business"

Reacting to some claims that Suge Knight made in "The Source" magazine about The D.O.C.'s Ruthless Records contract, Jerry Heller recalls sending "The Source" supply-money in the 1980s.

In a new interview with Prezident Bejda of The Murder Master Music Show, longtime Ruthless Records' co-founder Jerry Heller explained some inner-workings at his time at the West Coast Hip Hop label between 1986 and 1995, and ancedotes from his book, Ruthless: A Memoir.

In addition to revealing that his partner, the late Eazy-E had plans to kill one of his nemeses, former Death Row Records President/CEO Suge Knight, Jerry Heller unveiled some history on Ruthless' ties to The Source magazine.

Asked about his relationship with one of Ruthless Records' most storied acts, Dallas, Texas emcee The D.O.C., Heller inadvertently started speaking of a published piece of minutia that he asserts is untrue. "I have no animosity towards The D.O.C.; he was part of the Ruthless [Records] legend and history. The only thing was, that Suge [Knight], in an interview with The Source magazine, said that we signed [The D.O.C.] for a watch and a gold chain." Infuriated by the statement when it published in the early 1990s, Jerry Heller called the then New York-based magazine's founder and publisher. "Well, that's totally untrue. And I called Dave Mays, who was the owner of The Source at that time, and just fucking screamed at him. I said, 'How could you say something like this?' He said, 'Well, what should I have done? Suge told me that.' I said, 'You should have asked him to see the contract, man. That's what I would have done.'"

Elaborating, Jerry revealed that Ruthless Records was a ground-floor investor in the magazine that still publishes today. "Dave Mays and I had been—you know [Eazy-E] and I had put [The Source] in business. When him and Jon Shecter and [James Bernard founded the magazine], they were roommates at Harvard [University]. We used to send them money every month. See, The Source was a mimeographed sheet that would come over your fax machine a couple times a month. So we would send them a couple of hundred bucks every month, and we would actually pay for their supplies, to start The Source. I took it as a real insult to Eazy and myself when he would put that in there without checking it out. Of course it's not true, and wasn't in the contract."

The full interview with Jerry Heller and The Murder Master Music Show is below:

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Ruthless Records artists to cover The Source include N.W.A., Above The Law and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

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  • mrmario100

    It's like I love hearing any new stories on Eazy-E but from Jerry Heller. He always uses the word "partner" he was a employee. Like any1 else at aftermath or shady records who is a general manager that you never heard about. eazy_E gave him to much authority that was his down fall. Jerry Heller claims Eazy_E was his friend but he sued Rutheless. If you was a friend, why didn't you just walked away and honored your so called friends memory. Your only claim to fame is talking about Eazy E and stories (which are your versions) that nobody want to hear about. At the end of the day, Eazy-E coulda got any nigga to do what Heller did thats not special. And you see what happened to Suge, and he fell off. Eazy-E kept it gangster and kept Ruthless pushin with his solo records and Bone thugs N Harmony and he was about to re-sign Will-I-am.

  • The R.Com

    Actually...Although I am not sure where the money came at the time..What Jerry said about the source with Jon Schecter and James Bernard at Harvard is true. The source was nothing more than a mimeographed 4 or 5 sheet handout that peeps could pick up at local record shops for free back in the late 80's. I used to hangout with Dave after he did his radio show at WHRB in Boston. It may have been Jerry gave them money for small ads that were on the pages for NWA releases. So he may be telling the truth....

  • Shone Jones

    Heller is talking out of his ass once again. Both he and Suge could jump off a bridge because those two were responsible for the demise of West Coast Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    man I amiss eazy e, he a real g, wit that ruthless family, hes fukin crazy, and a well good emcee, yall don't belive me? wel fuk off and go kiss rudolph

  • Art Brooks

    It wasn't a watch and a gold chain... DOC got signed to Ruthless for a quarter pound of sticky and 10 cases of O.E.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like jerry heller wants more fame

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Two straight days of Jerry Heller stories.

  • Ant

    Whoa! Still learning new iish everyday. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff and videos too

  • dentaldamboy

    C-Keef isn't scared of Suge. He finna take down Suge and Dave Mays.

  • Whorida

    Dave Mays was a pussy. He was known for always being bullied into making decisions. Same shit went down when Benzino started controlling the Source and his album was given 5 mics. After that issue, I lost all confidence in the Source.

    • The R.Com

      In the beginning this was not the case. It was after Dj Def Jef became the Dj for Dave Mays show that all that nonsense went down. Ray Benzino started calling shots when he infused The Source with his..."Underground Money". Bully...yes..he an id RSO aka Made Men destroyed the Harvard Radio station and put it off air for a long time when Dave's Show was signed off.

  • Anonymous

    this is not a surprise....i expect at least this much....Suge muscled DRe from eazy...he fucked eazy bread up...

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