Naughty By Nature's Treach Says Vin Rock Sucker-Punched Him

According to Trigger Treach, Vin Rock sucker-punched him more than two years ago, sparking the feud that was made public recently.

The ongoing Naughty By Nature feud began with a punch, according to Treach. In a recent interview, he shared that Vin Rock "sucker-punched" him in a meeting years ago but that he did not retaliate. Instead, Treach explained, the two have not spoken since the punch was thrown. 

"Once hands was put on somebody in a meeting and you're talking business, that's sucker-punching. That don't go," Treach explained, talking about the punch. "I ain't speak to the homie since." 

“Its business," he continued. "Grown man business. We on some different stuff now. Now, once you decide you want to get physical, now I’ma to show you my power on a different level and still keep the goons off you so I hope you don't want to make another record and make it hard for some ghostwriter."

In the interview, Kay Gee said he is riding with Treach but later said that he is not choosing sides. He went on to explain his position further. 

“I don’t agree with it. I think its cool to clear the air, get it over with and just stop it,” he clarified. “I think what’s going on now is that we got the shows and I just want to clarify and let everybody know that the shows that is on the table is gonna happen.”

Treach also explained that he and Vin have not spoken to one another in two years. He also shared that Vin "ran away" after the sucker-punch and that "someone saved him at the time." "I'm glad they did," he added. The interview with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club can be found below. 

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  • talktalkreal

    This could be a blessing in disguise. Vinnie is the homie but.... HeadZ has been waiting on a Treach SOLO album for sometime and I think he's one of Raps most underrated Rhymers. I always felt if he had someone to challenge him more lyrically. Treach and Kay Gee could be the new Gangstarr. JUST DO REAL HIP HOP CHOPPED UP JAZZ, AND FUNK RECORD SAMPLE BEATS, NOT ELECTRO RIAHNNA COMMERICAL SH*T. Get Appllo Brown, Kev Brown, Preimer. Oddissee. DON'T BLOW THIS HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR REINVENTION GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is deeper than 90210! So lame

  • Big Dan

    Wow Treach, you must be getting soft in your old age. I am impressed that you did not retaliate, hats off, but how come two years later you letting this get to you like this. To the extent that you did not retaliate, you should have pulled that man aside and tell him you need to settle your differences consider how long you all have been riding together. He punched you, he's probably been feeling bad all these years, now you just escalated things - in a punkish manner no less.

  • Anonymous

    Roided up Treach let little Vinny punch him? lol He acts like he went into witness protection right after. You know where he lives. You could have handled this already.

  • Anonymous

    treach a real dude i never felt vinnie at all used to hate the sound of his voice when he started rapping in any naughty by nature song everybody know treach is naughty by nature

  • MrNelson

    This sounds like some publicity stunt to me. I'm saying this incident happened 2 years ago and it's just now coming to light! IDK this whole situation sound kind of shakey to me.


    this is why hip hop aint going forwards...instead of uniting and creating something motherfuckers are trying to rip each other and destroy them because of some bullshit and for attention and money...FUCK THAT!...i hate to see real hip hop groups like mobb deep and naughty by nature dissin each other over some bullshit...put ya differences aside for the sake of hip hop you dumb fucks....DUMB FUCK HAVOC!...DUMB FUCK TREACH!

    • kool laid gay

      if u dumbasses say another word about crabs i'm goin to shove them all inside each of ur rectums, and then i'ma pee on all of u after i finish handling ur soft feminine bootyholes..

    • bloody bastard

      Crabs in pot.. and on crab reaches the top... bloodclaat

    • Anonymous

      crabs in a bucket...

    • Anonymous

      foh...hip hop ain't folding because of two groups having problems...plenty more acts out there...plenty...and it's crabs in a barrel...

    • macman2oo3

      this is want happens when nikkas have no money. Like crabs in a basket. Perfect example right here.

  • Fuck Outta Here

    Both of these guys are 42 years old, acting like fucking school children. Damn shame.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know... something's missing here. Seems like it's only half truths here.


    These guys are really going to ruin their legacy with this nonsense. If there's anything rappers can learn from Jay Z it should be how to break up properly, with enough dignity and respect, to carry on and have a career afterward. Treach is looking more and more like a female throughout this bullshit, with nose piercing and all. So for the last twenty something years Vin has been exploiting him by making him write his rhymes and even punches him in the face and the best he can do is respond on Twitter? Two years later? Really? And even throughout all this Vin is just remaining silent, as a real man should. Shit Vin is more gangster than I thought. More and more Treach sounds like a girl after a bad breakup. I always thought Treach was a little funny with the leather vests, nose piercings, etc. but now this nigga is really letting all his feminine ways show. It's pretty well documented, in her book, that he physically abused Pepa when they were together but then he allowed another man to punch him in the face and just let it slide? That ain't G, no matter how you try to word it. Oh and that diss song "Tall Midget" was totally wack. Treach is losing on all sides. He may have been the better rapper in the group but Vin the "Tall Midget" seems like the bigger man.

  • anearthathears

    You guys naugty by nature came out you was dope your group was tight and i got the impression you was friends now how can you call yourselves friends and air out your buisness on these websites every friend falls out then you shake hands like men men who have been in buisness with each other for twenty years stop acting like bitches shake the ego boys

  • Anonymous

    He looks like Fabolous..


    Damn Naughty by Nature? not you of all groups, Kay Gee is the only mature one out the group

  • FuckU

    Sounds like he got punked.

  • Art Brooks

    U got punched by a tall midget, dawg

  • Kris

    I'm starting to wonder if this is just a publicity stunt. How are you going to get punched by a guy you've been in business with for decades, wait two years to speak on it, and still honor your tour obligations. Basically, all three will be on stage this year. If I gave a shit, I'd buy tickets just to see if a fistfight between them would break out on stage. This is the most attention NBN have received in years.


    I'm also with Vin on this one fuck Treach

  • dentaldamboy

    got love this if he bout that life shoulda done something then but now he wanna pop off. fuck Treach bitch ass

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