Chance The Rapper Explains How Taking Acid Affected "Acid Rap"

Chance The Rapper admits that there was "a lot of acid involved" in making "Acid Rap" before saying "it was about 30 to 40 percent acid."

For Chicago, Illinois emcee Chance The Rapper, acid played a role in "Acid Rap." According to Chance, it was not a major part of his lifestyle but he admitted that acid definitely was involved in the making of his latest tape. 

"[There] was a lot of acid involved in Acid Rap," he told MTV recently. "I mean, it wasn't too much — I'd say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid ... more so 30 percent acid."

The rapper then claimed that it was not difficult to rap while under the influence. 

"No, it's not hard to rap on acid," he explained. "But it wasn't the biggest component at all. It was something that I was really interested in for a long time during the making of the tape, but it's not necessarily a huge faction at all. It was more so just a booster, a bit of fuel. It's an allegory to acid, more so than just a tape about acid."

Video of this interview can be found below.

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Earlier this month, Chance spoke with HipHopDX's Dan Rys about how he began using acid. 

"Around August or September of [2012], I started doing acid and recording in the studio. A lot of people use LSD to make music," he explained to Rys. "It’s less of a mind-altering drug to me…it just frees you and allows you to think outside of what you would normally write about or listen to or how you would evaluate a song that you were making. Towards January or February, I started just recording, smoking weed, like I usually record. But for a long time, I would just get in the studio and take some acid, listen to some beats, find one that I fell in love with, and just go in and record a freestyle off the acid, and then come back and would re-write it, or write it there in the studio. I started calling them my acid raps, and then that became the name of the tape." 

In that interview, Chance did say that it was "not as easy" to rap while on acid.  

"It’s a lot more sporadic; it’s not as easy because you don’t always have that spark," he continued. "And I have ADD, so I’m all over the place anyway. But it was a great experience because it was at a time where I was going through so many changes in life. Shit was moving so fast for me, and I wanted to just not be worried about anything. It kind of just like opened up my mind and allowed me to think deeper about stuff, but also to not be as confined to one way of thinking. ‘Cause I was fucked up on acid. The project’s not necessarily a whole spiel on how people should do acid as much as people should just think differently about stuff and look at every situation that comes into life from as many different angles as possible." 

"Acid Rap" earned a "Free Album" rating from HipHopDX, the highest possible praise for a mixtape. The album is currently available for stream and download via AudioMack, as reported in late April

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    Damn Dope Fiend telling us how he recorded a dope fiend azz album. GTFOH with that. I'm trying to live homie, not die. Ain't nobody got time for no acid.

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  • TF???

    Dam this dude is dumb as hell. Acid will slowly destroy your body, ntm he's getting dependent on a hardcore drug to make his music. Good luck having a long, successful career dumbass.


      funny I did shrooms I would do it again its a mind opener when niggahs hear that they always start spazzing like just did heroin or some coke but they quick to pop a molly something way more dangerous then shrooms smh knowing no knowledge behind mdma or anything about psychedelics just what they heard

    • No.1

      Lol TF just got pwned

    • Anonymous



      " Acid will slowly destroy your body", "hardcore drug"?????? Lol where the fuck is this dude getting his information? I laughed my ass off at this retarded comment. If anything acid will mess with your head a bit in the short term but you would have to be taking it everyday for it to start fucking up your head bad, anyway this doesnt happen because its not a desirable drug that gets you hooked, trust me nobody wants to take acid everyday, its not the 60s lol. This guy could be doing worse shit like crack,H,meth or Ket so dont comment on shit you dont know anything about,idiot. p.s You dont get "dependent" on acid or shrooms or most psychedelics you fucking dumbshit. You sound like a 1970s goverment propaganda machine, what the fuck are you doing on a site like this???????? Haaahaaa Once again before you speak, KNOW YOUR DRUGS KIDS

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  • Bee

    not to sound like a square but I always felt like acid contributed to my depression. I never had anxiety and shit til the 2nd time I tripped. I know Eyedea, Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain were all acid heads that killed themselves at 27 or I think so anyway and I know lots of people said it gave them depression and changed their brain chemistry and personality so yea be careful if you're gonna use that shit but I'm glad this kid stepped out of the box and made some alternative rap cause that shit definitely makes you think

    • ChadCannabis

      there's no proof that Eyedea, Hendrix, and Morrison killed themselves. and Kurt Cobain was deeply depressed and was more of a heroin addict than an "acid head" so i believe acid was not a factor if any of those deaths. ive done acid twice and it hasnt made me depressed nor have i known anybody who has became depressed from acid. i believe it changes your brain chemistry. i also believe that it does not change your personality in any ways. If acid made you depressed then you were already depressed before you took the drug. but hey everybody is different man, im just giving out my opinion

  • Anonymous

    "The rapper then claimed that it was not difficult to rap while under the influence." "In that interview, Chance did say that it was "not as easy" to rap while on acid." Learn how to write an article you fucking bums.

  • cool

    let me support a guy who thinks its cool to brag about smackin acid, fryin ur brain n makin raps. your cool. dude wont be able 2 put together a sentence in 5 years


    dudes talented, but you can't call anything acid rap unless youre Esham. That's Esham's shit, and you can't pretend that nigger esham don't exist. He's one of the G.O.A.T.'s.

  • Anonymous

    throw tech n9ne in there for shits and giggles

  • The Return Of Jon Doe You Hoe

    And for the record at one point in time there was a genre of rap called ..... "acid rap" or "horrorcore" but you youngs wouldnt know about that... gravediggaz eminem esham twiztid spice 1 brotha lynch hung natas etc....

  • The Return Of Jon Doe You Hoe

    Yoo I guess everybody forgot redmans second album Dare Iz A Darkside was recorded while he was under the influence of acid for two weeks.....

  • toolisto

    these guys need to stop with the whole I do drugs whatever that may be this is ridiculous. This is not how you take a genre to the next level, it's how you destroy it and its generation with it. What did we learn about the tape? Nothing. Only how the guy was doing acid this is wrong.

    • Mark

      They grown men they can do what they want. You cant control another human beings life in this world yo, and criticizing them over a lifestyle choice wont actually change shit lol.

    • bloody bastard

      @Vin. Only John Lennon is dead(murdered). the rest of them Beatles is caking up hard. Kurt was more on some kind of junkie trip.

    • Vin Caffrey

      Yeah, well, half the Beatles are dead. Kurt Cobain shot himself with a shotgun, to the head. We need to care for more than the music, we need to care for the artist. Shit is not cool.

    • Mark

      someone just got ethered.

    • Anonymous

      tell that to the Beatles and Nirvana

  • ButteryNuggets

    You know, at first listen I only liked about 4 of the songs on this mixtape, but for some reason other little parts of it would leak into my brain and cause me to relisten. After about 7 listens, I have grown used to his voice and enjoy the content much more. The production and beats are all pretty f'in good...a couple are kind of mainstream, but others are beautiful. His lyrical style is def all over the place, and he isnt a technician at all, but he does provide a unique listening experience. As of now, I can dig it.

  • Clint Barton

    This album is dope. I was just listening to it this morning. Crazy style, I like it.

  • Lboy

    The only song by this dude I heard I WAS feeling was Acid Rain. He should use that toned down/relaxed style more often its a good look. Not a fan of his over the top theatrical style at all I feel like its not a good fit for the type of voice he has it just doesn't sound good on the ears. just my opinion some people like it. Dudes actually a talented MC though if you listen to his lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is acid rap next rapper are gonna create bath salt rap lame ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    I'm curious about doing some drugs, but with my luck I'm afraid it'll be laced with some extra shit and my first time will be my last time.

  • Anonymous

    Just what we needed...,after the emo shit, co's and snitches, coonery and gender-confused shit fuck outta here. My black folks y'all need a serious reality check

  • ...?

    Acid Rap Content: 4/5 Guest Spots: 4/5 Lyrics: 3.5/5 MC: 4/5 Production: 4/5

  • Anonymous

    I can tell you how acid affected this album: it sucked. If you're feeling this dudes music then congratulations, you got a stranger taste in music than me. His voice is unpleasent as hell, just a bunch of weird noises I barely recognized as his attempt to spit bars, and his flow goes all over the place with no conceivable direction. Can not dig it.

  • nerds

    hey Jtyler. if you are so experienced then you'd know there are different grades of the stuff. and at this moment in time the stuff you speak of is hard to get. there's a lot of fluff around and that has all the minimal affects a person could ask for taking it for a first time or beyond that. wouldn't be hard to rap on that! ON ANOTHER NOTE, the tape is amazing, stop picking apart interview answers



  • Siccx

    This bullshit is NOT Acid Rap, Esham, Mastamind, and TNT, that's Acid Rap, Reel Life Productions started this shit, not some bullshit fuckboy in tight pants.

    • Anonymous

      Jrich nailed it.

    • JRich

      Yeah I get where you're coming from I thought the same thing too at first...but if he actually made it on acid then let him call it what he wants. Shit is laid back, good music imo. Dude has talent

  • jtyler

    I've visited this website for years and never commented on any article but after reading this shit I have a sudden urge. I'm 29 and used to eat a bunch of acid in high school and for many years after. I was what you would call an acid head. I know tons of musicians have used lsd and performed, primarily in the 60's and beyond but this article, namely the way he describes it doesn't sit well with me. if he took the shit I used to take there's no way he could write a fucking song on lsd, you can barely form a sentence sometimes and it's impossible to read or write. if you listen to a beat on LSD and listen to the same beat when you're not trippin, it will sound nothing alike. Just saying

    • Anonymous

      Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead was written by a dude on acid while driving a car. Maybe you just suck at writing and that's why you can't do it on acid. Just like I suck at walking a tight rope over the Grand Canyon; so I don't do that on acid either.

    • GhostfaceDylan

      You just said in your own argument that performers in the 60s used it. Ken Kesey wrote One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest on acid, much stronger acid than anyone reading this will ever eat.

    • Marcus

      Then you my friend did some super strong acid. I've done it often and never been unable to read/write.

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