Ghostface Killah Recalls Changing Method Man's Style

Ghostface Killah recalls he and Raekwon teasing Method Man about the style that would eventually define on Wu-Tang Clan's "Method Man."

In honor of Ghostface Killah's 43rd birthday, published a list profiling Ghost's favorites from his own extensive solo catalog as well as his band's work as Wu-Tang Clan and Wu-Block. Looking back to the Staten Island, New Yorker's first vocal appearance, on 1993's Wu-Tang Clan debut, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, Ghost recalled, “My favorite on [Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers] gotta be between ‘Method Man’ and ‘Can It Be All So Simple.’"

Although he was only heard on the outro, Ghost noted that his fellow Wu swordsman stepped into his realm: "‘Method Man’ because at that time, he had so many fuckin’ styles, B. It’s old to us, but if you really sit there and hear the shit that he was saying?" While Ghost loves the "Protect Ya Neck" B-side, he recalled that his Shaolin partner nearly abandoned the style after some brotherly rousing. "[Method Man] got kinda mad. We didn’t really know at that time, but he was like, ‘Y’all the ones that stopped me from rhymin’ [like that].'"

Ghost elaborated, “One day, me and [Raekwon], you know, we’re fuckin’ around, and we took him out of his element. We just snapped on him, like, ‘Yo, what the fuck you doing with that Dr. Seuss rap shit?’ He got kinda mad. We didn’t really know at that time, but he was like, ‘Y’all the ones that stopped me from rhymin’ like that.' And I be telling him, ‘Go back to that shit.’ That was the witty unpredictable shit."

Fifteen months later, Method Man, with his now-signature style, released his debut LP, Tical, on Def Jam Records. The album was a Top 5 debut in November, 1994.

Read's Ghostface Killah Names His Favorite Songs From His Essential Albums.

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  • Honestly

    I'll say ghost might be most consistent, but don't sleep on GZA either. He has zero wack albums in his catalog, and usually with nice production.

  • dentaldamboy

    Man, you can tell all of these old ass dudes in Wu-Tang didn't save a dime for retirement cuase they still try putting out albums. Guess what you dumb fucks, no one is checking for anything Wu-Tang.

    • Anonymous

      You ate so much shit you already have a brown glassy eyes and shit instead of gray matter


      Are you really that type of short bus retarded or the world's worst internet troll? If no one was checking for them, they wouldn't have projects and tours you dumb fuck. Now proceed to living a fantasy world filled with Lil Wayne's nuts in your mouth and tongue fucking Baby's asshole. Fucking dummy.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Method Man's prime, lyrically, was on his second album, T2. Perfect World, Party Crasher, Retro Godfather, Step by Step, Dangerous Ground, Torture, etc. Very underrated album.

  • Anonymous

    Dun farmer sounds like one of those pretend gangstas who secretly hated the friends he hung around, but was never man enough to be his own man. If every other word out your mouth is a swear word then believe me, those around you will perceive you as a loser. I don't care how many online degrees you have, or how many suits you buy at The Men's Warehouse in Compton. Speak that way in front of God. Then let us know how small you really feel inside.

  • IMhO

    WHERE CRYSTAL METH!!!!!! 4:21 left me wanting more. plus blackout 2 was fire. meth still got it i know he just need crank sum shit out

  • Anonymous

    Meth made horrible solos...but still is a legend just on the strength...great collabs (i.e. The What...Rockwieler..)all that Wu shit... but his solos...buttox...

    • Honestly

      Nah, meth never dropped a true classic. Most talented cat out there but still comes up short every album.

    • IMhO

      werd shut the fuck up. meth had some flame albums, you dont become a legend just off 'strength' are you retarded? you need to put in work in hiphop to become a legend u dont just get that name. 4:21 was a monster, tical of course is tical, the rest are beast too.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck outta here! Tical - near classic Tical 2000 - 4/5 4:21 - 4/5

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    TICAL was a beast.


    looks like jason and chucky just got their linsense too drive haha,after 3 olock high hahaa

  • insanemacbeth

    i would say, that METHOD MAN, RAEKWON & GHOSTFACE KILLER have all had great careers. THE GZA had one of THE all-time great hip-hop albums in 'LIQUID SWORDS'. plus of course (as someone else menetioned, below) THE RZA has had the most amazing of careers. i think THE RZA has achieved what he set to do, all those yearZ, ago!

  • Anonymous

    U-God > Both these niggas

  • Anonymous

    5-9-70, God glows, 715 fall be heavenly! - Mighty Healthy

  • j

    Meth had the best career. Rae got the best indie career. The rest of u are a huge disappointment and should be grateful to let RZA guide WU back to being a relevant group.

    • Anonymous

      of yeah, tical is his only album worth mentioning...the others were umm WACK besides Blackout.

    • Anonymous

      @ original poster, Umm did you just start listening to WU? GFK Iron Man Supreme Bulletproof Wallets Pretty Tony Fishscale More Fish The Big Doe Rehab Ghostdini Apollo Kids 12 Reasons.... 718 Wu Massacre Wu Block Method Man Tical Nigga who ya foolin' - Ice Cube! Do your homework kid!

    • youknowmySteez

      @J your talking shit

    • undeadDOC

      Oh shit Doc back from the dead. Said I wouldn't come back here and here I am. Hip hop has been dead for approx 5 months now. Now Ghost arguably had the best career, but RZA had the best career IMO. He has more classics than Ghost (he IS after all the producer of the six solo albums in their ENTIRETY [most of them]) Rza prolly got mo money as well, not that that's the deciding factor. But among the rappers, Ghost is slamming everyone else. PHAT DISCOG. Keeping us happy is the way to move. He knew.

    • omreviews

      Actually Ghostface had the best musical career out of them all.

    • Anonymous

      umm ghost's career is better than both rae's and meth's. one of the most consistent discographies of all time

  • Jay-Z

    "And to these n*ggaz I'm like Windows 7, You let 'em tell it they swear, that they invented you"

  • Anonymous

    Ikpu, ala, otu, amu.

  • Anonymous

    Ghost elaborated, One day, me and [Raekwon], you know, were fuckin around, and we took him out of his element. We just snapped on him, like, Yo, what the fuck you doing with that Dr. Seuss rap shit? He got kinda mad. We didnt really know at that time, but he was like, Yall the ones that stopped me from rhymin like that.' And I be telling him, Go back to that shit. That was the witty unpredictable shit." huh i dont understand what you sayin

  • Anonymous

    Why do these uneducated fools have to swear every other word?

    • Anonymous

      ^ fuck off

    • dun farmer

      Probably to offend uptight jackoffs like you that only look at surface level details. (I am very educated. Moreso than you I would bet.) Seriously, your weak attempt at intellectual snobbery is indicative of your extremely high level of ignorance. It's ironic.

  • 7azszd

    they probley made fun more ppl ,crazy

  • hbhjb

    so what your saying is eminem rob and big where making fun of mexican ppl with the dirty girl song and cleaning out his closet song

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