Talib Kweli Says Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas Are Rap Nerds

The BK MC said the rappers are street, hustle and Queensbridge nerds, respectively.

Being a nerd used to be frowned upon. Talib Kweli, though, considers himself and some of rap's elite rhymers nerds. "I most definitely know Biggie was a nerd," Talib told Fuse. "His life situation led him to a street life, but he was able to put words together like that. He was a street nerd...Jay-Z is hustle nerd. Nas is Queensbridge nerd. Everybody's a nerd in their own way." 

Talib Kweli, who feels as though he's been pigeonholed, hence the title of his new Prisoner Of Conscious album, has long been connected to fellow Brooklynite Jay-Z. He was famously referenced by Jigga on The Black Album cut "Moment Of Clarity" in 2003. Jay-Z rapped, "If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli." A year earlier, Hov also appeared on Talib Kweli's "Get By" remix.

Elsewhere in the Fuse interview, Talib said that Jay-Z put an emphasis on hustling and getting money, though the two shared a quest for lyrical supremacy. "I think there's a top-tier, upper echelon of lyricism," the BK MC said. "Jay-Z's in it and I'm in it, too...He said he would do what I do. If the world was different, he would do what I do. If the world was different, maybe I would do what he did...I think I got in respect what he got in wealth." 

For fans waiting for a Black Star reunion project, Talib said that he and Mos Def haven't gotten together to finish a follow-up to 1998's self-titled album yet. He said they work on music organically and may release material in the future, as they did in 2011 with "You Already Knew."

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  • HUH

    What Talib is implying is that anything you take very serious or anything you are extremely into makes you a nerd regarding whatever it is that you into.

  • dentaldamboy

    I actually am not a accountant, I gotta come clean. I'm 14 and live in my grandparents house (my mom gave me up cause she was a crack-head and never met my dad). I do this trolling thing because it makes me feel like I matter to SOMEONE at least ! Now that the jokes over, I just want to apologize for being such an troll and all my fake opinions...please don't be too mad, this site is all I have ...



  • Whorida

    I'd like to see a Reflection Eternal reunion too

  • Anonymous

    fuck the trolls

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  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Em was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!

  • DentalDamBoy

    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. He told me that in 96, Biggie was looking to get out of his contract with Bad Boy so he could sign with Cash Money. If Cash Money is right for Biggie, then it's clearly the top record label. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Diddy found out about Biggie's upcoming departure and had him shot. Also, Birdman as always a role model for Pac. Most of you don't know this, but the song Hit Em Up was originally supposed to be Split Em Up, a song where Pac brags about fucking Faith, leading to her breakup with BIG. But Birdman explained to Pac that real gangsta's talking about killing people, so that's how Hit Em Up took on such a violent tone. YMCMB for life. We got the game by the clit.

    • realtalk

      The cash money of 96 is completely different to the cash money of 2013. You make music for fa--ots in tights, Those trance/hiphop songs like starships are a disgrace to what hiphop is was and will be. in fact you don't even make hip hop any more, last I checked this was meant to be a site for hip hop. You don't run the game you just flood it with shit.

    • jake

      you can't be seriously saying that. you'd have no business being on this site if you we're in the music industry, you'd be too busy or not giving a fuck abut some website comments sections. Stop lying and re-evaluate your life. God damn.

  • Anonymous

    If Biggie and Pac hadn't passed away, who knows what they would be doing right now. They could have sold out like Snoop, made movies like Ice Cube, sold out like Jay Z, made good music like Nas, bankrupt like MC Hammer, or simply just disappeared like Master P. Nobody knows. They were good, but the only reason they are considered "GOD" is because they died in their prime. Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley are similar examples in their genres.

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  • Good Music

    Outkast is the greatest thing that ever happened to rap because the group has the best selling rap album of all time !!!!!!!!! Everybody in the game should bow down to Andre 3000 and Big Boi

  • Anonymous

    Talib is calling them nerds for there craft on the mic how thought out each line is n has meaning plus add in complex lyric structure n double Double entendres u have a rap nerd!

  • Need to listen to

    Apollo brown & Hassan Mackey - Daily Bread Apollo Brown - The Reset

  • Anonymous

    the hustlers story is played out not everything has to be g'd out

  • BK finest

    Nas talib Jay are all better than BIG.. I love BIG but cmon son the dick riding will never stop his vocab was simple and he only got to put out twoo similar sounding albums ppl are on his dick because of his death and everyone knows it thats why niggaz get extra fussy and offensive about his shit when ppl dont see this dude as a god

    • WTF

      You're stupid as fuck. It's not all about vocab, you idiot! Biggie was the illest! The type of MC that made you remember every word to every song. Very little rappers can do that. Dumbass.

    • SDK

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    • Anonymous

      there be no big without RAKIM

    • Anonymous

      Ready to Die and Life After Death sounded nothing alike, what are you talking about?

    • Anonymous

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    • lol @ TUPAC ADN BIGGIE

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    • Tupac and BIG

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  • Anonymous

    nerd rap is life music biggie nas and jay? are hardcore rappers

  • Anonymous

    biggie jay and nas arnt nerd rap nerd rap excludes guns drugs and bitches

  • Anonymous

    rap nerd .... i thought it was hip hop head

  • Drake hater

    I think the only real "nerd" in hiphop is Drake. You can tell he wouldn't get girls without that TV show or music. He has no real personality and just copies the rappers he grew up listening to. Look at the way he dresses, look at those hand movements, look his corny, bitchy, lyrics and fake accent... He's just a big, awkward, loser pretending to be cool, to fit in.

    • @ Amonymous 6

      Shut the fuck up, you Drake groupie. My favorite rappers are above Drake's level. Not every song he puts out is a hit. He's not the face of rap. Drake will never be one of the greatest of all time; he doesn't even have a classic under his belt. Hop off his dick.

    • Anonymous

      but the streets know he fake

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      probly the BEST lyricist next to tech n9nE

    • Anonymous

      yo eminem is dope probly the lyricist next to tech n9ne ... lyrically not musicly rap changed since 8 mile and em kinda fell off with relapse and recovery

    • @ Anonymous 2

      And you're a broke stan.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Yet he's a rich nerd, while you're a broke nerd.

    • Anonymous

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    Who is this nigga? He looks ashy

  • Annonymous

    It would suck being a guy like Talib or Freeway that started out with Hov rapping and then watching him become what he is today. Not saying Hov became a better rapper but he definitely figured out what it takes to be successful.

  • dentaldamboy

    You may not know this but biggie and 2pac were planning to sign to cash money in 1996. They showed us proof by pictures that Dr Dre and Suge Knight were kissing on the lips along with Jay Z and Dyddy. They were about to sign when they had them shot.

    • Anonymous

      if you couldnt tell by his name, dentaldamboy, hes a troll..



    • Anonymous

      Everything you say are lies. Back in the 90s, 2pac and Biggie and everyone else outside the south never heard of Cash Money; they were obsolete and unknown. Pac and BIG would never go to an unknown label. You're not a damn accountant and you never met them. Stop making shit up and stop making up conspiracy theories.

  • 614grind

    Talib has been Mr. Vocal lately. He's been trying to do everything from defining the culture to scolding purists. I personally think he's just tryna break out of that label of "conscious rapper", hence the title of his new album. Conscious emcees have long had the stigma of beeing nerds or soft, so he wants to redefine the terms so he can branch out without being viewed a sellout. Dog, if you wanna make mainstream shit, go ahead. Dude lost me anyway when he rode all hard for Nicki Minaj and her Mitt Romney line. I still think he's got a lot to say and he's a talented emcee so I'll cop.

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  • Eric

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  • Bobyahed2dis

    Thats not true, lil wayne is a nerd when it comes to getting money and selling units and drake is a nerd when it comes to getting pussy biggie is somewhat of a street nerd be he doesnt compare to rozay

    • ^

      That's a joke, right? He was a goddamn C.O. He never was on the streets at all. He lied about his past, which means he's the fakest nigga, not the realest. And he's not the best selling artist today, especially when none of his albums are platinum.

    • Bobyahed2dis

      That nigga rozay did all that to learn how to not get caught in the streets, thats why he's the realest nigga and best selling artist today

    • Anonymous

      Rozay is a nerd when it comes to criminal justice and laws cause he a cop

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is bullshit.

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