Treach Disses Vin Rock On "Tall Midget," Says He May Replace Him With Spliff Star

If you go by the lyrics of the Vin Rock-diss "Tall Midget," Trigga Treach is looking to replace his "back-up man" with Busta Rhyme's longtime hype-man.

Between calling out Naughty By Nature partner Vin Rock yesterday and speaking in-depth about his reasons in an interview published today, Treach released a diss record. Called "Tall Midget," the song finds the East Orange, New Jersey veteran emcee/actor comparing his 24-plus-year partner to Barney, Winnie The Pooh and a leech.

Whether joking or perhaps serious, Treach also claimed that he would give Vin's open spot in N.B.N. to Flipmode Squad emcee and longtime Busta Rhymes hype-man Spliff Star. "My back-up plan is a fuck a back-up man. Need to call my nigga Busta, buy Spliff Star out his contract." Another series of bars, Treach chides, "You out of my army / Can't harm me / Or alarm me / Fuck ya, fat ass / You're a bagel away from Barney / You wack rapper / Backstabber / So greedy / I'll make it so they never see ya wack-ass on TV / Eat me."

Vin Rock has yet to speak publicly since tweeting yesterday, from Naughty By Nature's official account, that you "can't fire an owner." This was a response to Treach tweeting that Vin was "fired" from the Grammy Award-winning trio.

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  • I personally know Treach

    The reason he is beefing with vin is because he wanted Treach to do a collaborative album with lil b and frank ocean in an effort to raise gay awareness and homophobia in hip hop, and seeing as how this was complete disrespect and a shocker for Treach, it made him realize that Vin was a closet homosexual.. and so Treach told vin he would rather make an album with french montana, rick ross, and chris brown, implicating that he would make more money and earn more stripes from more straight african americans and gays without sacrificing his manhood.. Vin didnt like this at all because he had already promised a collab with lil b and he even gave him a blow job to ensure his promise.. So vin found a way to screw Treach out of any contract deals with all mainstream artists that are currently buzzing.. about a couple weeks later Treach found out about vin doing dirty business behind his back when lil b called his private number and told Treach the vile and nasty details of vin sucking on lil b's testicals, since he wouldnt coroporate with him and vinny making them collab to produce a gay album.. This enraged Treach not cause of lil b makin niggas suck his dick but because he gave vin a pass for being gay and he thought he could keep it a secret since they've been boys for so long.. so he had to cut ties with him immediately before he gets implicated in anything.. and the rest is pretty much history..

  • Anonymous

    When thugs cry... Ooh waah waah ooh waa!

  • Whorida

    Stop the fuckin beefin, go get some head from Pepa your boo and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Im convinced, money is the root of this beef. Treach maybe mad that ole Dumb Vinny may have been enterprising on his own and got a nice stash, while him and Kay G gotta tour for pennies....

  • Anonymous

    They both washed up

  • IROC

    Really sad when grown men cant work out their differences these dudes are way to old be doing the tweeter beef thing Treach you OG dude sit down with your man chop it up and if its over settle it quitely if any of this crap is real

  • Anonymous

    Show more respect for the guy who helped you make money back in the day. Even if they have differences now, just move on instead of acting like your 10 and comparing him to Barney lol


    Umm how many Rappers can Spliff Starr be a weed carrier for?

  • H-DUB

    Just sad, very sad! You made it out the Ghetto and reached Fans all over the World with your Music, travelled the Globe got people jammin - and now? It must be a $$$ Problem, what else???

  • bklynsfynest2000

    WTH? treach stop this madness.....i almost fell out my chair laughing at the title of this article.. I know Vin rock ain't drop no lyrical gems and he pretty much a hype man of sorts but damn replace him with spill star?? LOL........this beef is high comedy. get it together NBN.......

  • honest policy

    that might work your beats needto be top notch though get pete rock and 9th wonder to help kay gee and you might have something.

  • jus10

    Ouch! No word yet on what actually caused this fallout?

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