Treach Says Vin Rock "Never Wrote One Hit" For Naughty By Nature

Treach says that he and veteran rhyme partner Vin Rock have not spoken in more than two years. He also says that all Vin's lyrics were written for him.

One of the biggest stories this week has been the apparent rift within veteran New Jersey Hip Hip trio Naughty By Nature. Treach took to Twitter yesterday, to publicly "fire" 24-plus-year rhyme-partner Vin Rock from the group. Vin replied, claiming rights to ownership of the group, stating "you can't fire an owner." Producer/deejay Kay Gee has remained quiet in the last 24 hours, but Treach spoke with about the root of the rift just hours before he released a diss song at Vin, "Tall Midget."

"We never wanted to be the group that goes though anything that we can’t resolve on our own, or anything else," Treach explained after seven group albums, including their 1989 debut recorded as "The New Style." "Nobody—me being Treach, Kay [Gee] and Vin [Rock] being Vin – is larger than the group. We came [in] on some ego-free shit. Now, when somebody comes and gets larger than the group, it's gonna be a problem."

Stating the problem stems from ego issues, he outed Vinnie's artistic contributions to the longtime Tommy Boy Records—and later Arista Records outfit. "If you see any of our albums, it says 'written and produced by Naughty By Nature.' Because, homie you, [Vinnie], was somebody that was over there beat-boxing and break-dancing and any lyrics you had anywhere, was written for you. Don’t never get larger than the group. The producer and the writer of the group are always like 'we, we, we,' not 'me, me, me.' Even if you don’t do shit, we gonna make sure you taken care of for the rest of your life."

He continued, "How dare you ever play like you bigger than the group, or [call yourself] the owner? [You're] the boss or you the shot-caller. Or you're anything else other than what the fuck you are—which is a nigga that needs to be enjoying the fucking ride. Don’t never question who I am, what I do, how I am. Don’t stay in ya lane—play ya position. Dogs, you can be hired help at any time. You never wrote one hit. You never produced one hit song. You came on as a homie that was there…we threw you a lot of bones just to keep you up in there ’cause you was the homie, from the door, who was up in there. And we always fit you in when there wasn’t a spot for you to be in."

With the group currently touring—including an appearance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at next month's sixth annual Roots Picnic, Treach explained regular Vin absences and his limited role on 2011's Anthem Inc. LP. "You can be fuckin’ replaced, by just not having you there," seethed the "Love And A Bullet" actor. "I do my own gigs—hosting, performing, everything. There has never been a time when they asked where the fuck was Vin. Don’t never question nothing I do, or play us out. Don’t never go on no side thing, don’t never let me find out about no deal behind my back that I gotta find out later, yo, ’cause I don’t work for nobody. I’m self-employed. And if anything, me and Kay on the same level. Look at the last Naughty [By Nature] album, [Anthem Inc.]. This [Vin Rock] don’t even have a verse on it."

Perhaps the most jarring revelation made by Treach is that he and his longtime band-mate have reportedly not communicated on a personal level since some time in 2011. "Me and Vin haven’t really spoke in like two years, and do more than 100 shows a year-on the same stage." Like Gang Starr, another legendary Class Of 1989 Hip Hop group that lasted over 15 years, Treach revealed that the silence is offstage. "Wouldn’t nobody know it, because the business is one thing, personal is something else." In closing, he warned what finally prompted him to go public. "When shit is going behind people back and somebody is acting like they above people and other things are being set up that the groups doesn’t know about, it has to be stopped.

Read's full interview with Treach, which includes audio.

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  • I Know Treach Personally

    The reason he is beefing with vin is because he wanted Treach to do a collaborative album with lil b and frank ocean in an effort to raise gay awareness and homophobia in hip hop, and seeing as how this was complete disrespect and a shocker for Treach, it made him realize that Vin was a closet homosexual.. and so Treach told vin he would rather make an album with french montana, rick ross, and chris brown, implicating that he would make more money and earn more stripes from more straight african americans and gays without sacrificing his manhood.. Vin didnt like this at all because he had already promised a collab with lil b and he even gave him a blow job to ensure his promise.. So vin found a way to screw Treach out of any contract deals with all mainstream artists that are currently buzzing.. about a couple weeks later Treach found out about vin doing dirty business behind his back when lil b called his private number and told Treach the vile and nasty details of vin sucking on lil b's testicals, since he wouldnt coroporate with him and vinny making them collab to produce a gay album.. This enraged Treach not cause of lil b makin niggas suck his dick but because he gave vin a pass for being gay and he thought he could keep it a secret since they've been boys for so long.. so he had to cut ties with him immediately before he gets implicated in anything.. and the rest is pretty much history..

  • Anonymous

    Why does the writer have to refer to Treach as, "Love And A Bullet" actor? They do this in every article. Just refer to the artist by their name, not by the roles they've played in movies and what not. So wack

  • Anonymous

    Using Social Media to air our your biz is straight up wack. Dem tings is gyal bizness!

  • ralphtheruler

    Trigger treach was the man for naughty, he's not lying about that. aint know much about vin, he's to naughty what jarobi was to a tribe called quest.

    • MalcolmLittle

      I take it you ain't heard Jarobi's recent work with Dres from Black Sheep as Evitan (Native spelled backwards)...cuz if you have you'd never compare him to Vinnie, Jarobi goes even harder now than he did in the Tribe days.

    • Anonymous

      idiot jarobi is a writer smh the youth

    • Anonymous

      You obviously don't know much about Tribe. Jarobi was a huge part of Tribe and is receives props on every album.

    • foreal

      Treach was the stand out of the group, but it is still a group. treach lookin childish right now though

  • Anonymous

    Man, which legendary group is next to AIR-OUT their team members on social media? People using that shit to broadcast their business instead of promoting business. Beef don't bring no money man, shut the fuck up and sit down with Vinny and hash out the differences, nobody want to hear about personal rifts bewteen and finger pointing, shut the fuckup and make paper, that's what your a group for - To make paper, don't ever forget that, everything else is non-important.

  • huh


  • djJPP

    *maybe somebody felt left out one too many times

  • Anonymous

    well vinny you should have wrote some hits son

  • gamestwin



    Damn man I had a lot of respect for Naughty by Nature as the legends they were. It's sad to see a grown, older man acting like Treach is right now, so unbecoming of a man. Either approach that man face to face or get the lawyers on it but to go publicly, on fucking Twitter no less, is really, really sad and pathetic. What part of the game is that? I thought he was a G. And if you're going to do some bitch shit like that then go all the way with it and say what your grievances are, what did Vin do to provoke this? This whole interview he's bitching about Vin taking advantage of him like a girl complaining about everything she did for her man after they broke up. If he's right and he wrote and did everything in the group then Vin is smarter than he looks and Treach was stupid for 24 years and allowed himself to be used by him. Who's fault is that? I just hope they don't drag this out and tarnish their legacy with this bullshit. Twitter is ruining Hip Hop. It should be used as a promotional tool or to reach out to your audience not as some outlet for your bitchass feelings.

  • Original Name

    TIL that Naughty By Nature is still a thing.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I don't respect that shit. If somebody has been down with me for 24 years, I'd never shit on him publicly, even if we were beefin'. It damages your whole brand, and furthermore that shit is just classless. But there's no such thing as a rapper with class anymore. You niggas all sound angry and desperate.

    • True Dat

      Yeah you right, No body cared about these guys till he start dissin his own boy. Waka Flaka said it best "you see a rapper mad, it's because his money aint right" - if they doing 100 shows a year and he wasn't even on your last album, why you worried about it? Cause you broke

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