Game To Release "Operation Kill Everything" Mixtape

Game sets the table for 2013 with another mixtape, "Operation Kill Everything."

In the tradition of Westside Story, Brake Lights and Purp & Patron, Game has announced his announced his current plans for another mixtape. The Compton, California emcee took to Twitter last night (May 6) to tell fans that his next free collection of songs will be called, Operation Kill Everything.

Game did not state a release date or guests. This effort will follow Game's California Republic, released in April of last year. Following that, he released his fifth solo album, Jesus Piece, in December, 2012.

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  • i love the game

    but the game sucks.. nobody is going to fuck with this dude once loaded lux drops his mixtape, u might as well retire now game go home buddy so long, ostala vista baby..

  • bulletfproof wallets

    i still check for game even though his last 2 albums were garbage truck juice

  • Anonymous

    this shit gnna go hard af, cant wait , gnna smoke to this shit, fuk yall haters, suk our dicks bithesc

  • foreal

    dude is semi garbage. He can still recover before it is too late. i just hate that dude flip flops over beefs. first he hates 50 then talks about wanting to be in g unit again, then flip flops again about hating g unit.

    • Anonymous

      Game is the everlasting star of the Bi-Polar League with more MVP titles than anybody else. The undefeated champion of all time with the most SKO (self-knockout) ever. He's holding several Guiness World Records in that "Dickriding & Lying" category named after him! Dude have to spend his majority of his money on communal taxes, because talking that much trash! Or do you know why Two-Face (a/k/a Harvey Dent) had such a tiny part in that Dark Knight movie? Because they wasn't able to sign Game, who's the living model for that character. He said he was going to play that role, but we know what happened... tl;dr - Game is talented but a bi-polar snake, so gtfo

    • Anonymous

      fuck gunit get over it groupie, you still living in 2004

  • OKE

    GAMETIME! #OKE #BW$MG bllaaaat

  • Anonymous

    Game fell off so hard, just a shit rapper nowadays, aint no one checking for his music

    • Lboy

      I responded with solid facts, you responded with ASSUMING your opinion is the general consensus. ctfu critics really manage to convince themselves their personal views are an universal outlook. Im ok with ending this here. By the way Game just released a Bitch dont kill my vybe freestyle dont forget to stop by that page and leave a comment talking about how trash he is.

    • Anonymous

      The nigga trash GET OVER IT, you like his music ok good but most will tell you he's trash

    • LetsBEreal

      its first week yeah but hes sold a quarter mill up to this day look it up foolish hater. I dont understand why hiphop fans are so obsessed with first week sales. illmatic only sold 60.000 not to say Jesus Piece is on that level I mean that to say fuck first week sales with your YMCMB mentality having ass. At the end of the day he was the only new nigga holding down the west side for a long time and your just...A random person on a computer choosing to spend your time speaking negatively on rappers you dont like in the comment section of a hiphop website......

    • thereal

      the hater is aggy game's comming out with new music every other month while 50cent the undisputed pushback champion.. has yet to deliver a album in the past 5 years dude has 0 buzz fam #OKE

    • Real Shit

      Real talk, dudes trash

    • Anonymous

      LOL I'm not a g-unit groupie, as 250k looool lies his album sold about 90k in the first week he's hella wack nowadays

    • LetsBeReal

      No one except the quarter million people who bought Jesus Piece and the numerous sold out shows he has around the one except those peoples....

    • Kp

      either your a gunit groupie or havent heard JP which 1 is it

  • Chris Etrata

    Has Game fallen off in recent years?


    Oh Hell Yeah..where the haters at?? game keep losing? I think not..cost papers to put out a mixtape...homie worth 25 mill...5 albums deep in the rap game..why some don't give props for a succesfull career? overcoming FIddys wrath is impressive enough..

  • Operation Kill Everything

    1. Open Letter (feat. Swizz Beatz) 2. Bugatti (feat. Future) 3. Karate 4. Mercy 5. Clique 6. Love Sosa (feat. J. Cole) 7. Started from the Bottom 8. Backseat Freestyle (Remix) (feat. Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q) 9. Get Smoked (feat. Lil Mouse) 10. Good Kush and Alcohol 11. New God Flow (feat. Meek Mill and T.I.) 12. Diamonds 13. Blow Up (feat. Drake) 14. Freaks 15. High School Blues (feat. Common and Schoolboy Q) 16. Compton (feat. Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre)

  • Anonymous

    game might as well as be on ymcmb garbage rapper he like a wiz kalifia rapper

  • MarcusBWS

    Man Jesus Piece shoulda had less features but it was the last album he owed to Jimmy so I guess he just wanted to release something. Im still waiting for these fuckers to put a release date to SKI tho. This mixtape sure will have guests, its just a mixtape. But I wonder if he will release the mixtape before Ali Bomaye video....

  • LOL

    this just in.. OKE has 400 guest features, games got 2 verses



  • Its Um

    I've listened to that Jesus Piece album and it's really good if didn't buy the bonus version with that horrible I remember track on it. I like Game but I do agree with the familiar guest feathers, so many southern guests on a west coast artist albums and mixtapes.

  • ...?

    "ahahahahaha Game's creativity >>>>>>> most rappers these days....there are only a handful of rappers like Nas Hov Em Ye ahead of him currently" What creativity?? He has NO originality! Anything you can say about Game musically can be said about an artist that came before him! Don't make a stupid statement like that when you obviously haven't listened to Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Q-Tip, Kendrick Lamar, eLZhi, Jay Electronica, Big K.R.I.T., Andre 3000, Killer Mike, Ab-Soul, Fashawn, Blu, KiD CuDi, Phonte, Danny Brown, ScHoolboy Q, Big Boi, Oddisee, J. Cole, Macklemore, Childish Gambino, Drake, Common, B.o.B, Tyler, the Creator, Lupe Fiasco, Theophilus London, Wale, Mos Def & Talib Kweli etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    • To the nigga that don't like Gambino

      You stupid? Danny Brown voice is annoying, Kendrick sounds like he's getting raped. So the fuck what. You're quite suspect if you're listening for a voice. Fuck that Gambino's older catalog will shit on Game's anything. What you sound like is an angry hipster because you seem to hate everything.

    • ...?

      The rappers I stated artists ahead of creatively... I just also think Game is one of THEY most unoriginal rappers ever.

    • uhhh

      I dont see what separates Schoolboy from Game that much in your mind except Schoolboy has a slightly more unique flow than any other rapper then Game does. Other then that they are similar artist.

    • WordisBond

      Anything you said about every artist you mentioned can be said about an artist before them. Thats hiphop. Thats art in general nothing is completely original. But to say he has "NO originality" is a bit of an exaggeration my G. He is a west coast gangsta rapper with an east coast flow and his own style. And by the way I dont care what anyone says Macklemore is an alright rapper but hes cheesy as shit to me, he has the same cadence as a Disney rapper. Tyler the creator is far form being a better rapper then Game even though he probably is more creative I will give him that. Childish Gambino has an annoying ass voice and I never liked him. I fuck with everyone on this list except, Drake, Gambino, Mackla however you spell his weird ass name and I only like B.o.B.'s early music.

  • Ythough

    This nigga should make a concept mixtape telling the story of his rise to the industry starting from when he was a kid in compton, telling explicitly his upbringing, detailing the things he saw around him and detailing his rise. only have production from dr.dre, alchemist and dj.Premier. Only have features from Schoolboy Q, Jay rock and (surprise) Blu, with an hidden track on there thats an ice cube collab....Such a project would have classic potential...but instead hes about to get big sean, lil wayne and a whole rack on unnecessary niggas and repeat the same song concepts.

    • Ythough


    • Ythough

      look cus im not gonna even read your response cus I know your probably going to go on a butt hurt tangent on how its the hiphop industry and niggas need to sell records by working with yada yada and branding and marketing this that and the third a whole bunch of shit that doesn't relate to me. I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT NONE OF THAT CUS, AT ALL. TAKE 5 MINUTES AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT. ALL I DID WAS LIST WHAT I WANT TO PERSONALLY HEAR FROM GAME IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT THATS PERFECTLY FINE GO ABOUT YOUR LIFE. All I care about is good music.

    • Anonymous

      "I ask you how you know millions of other people WOULDNT want to hear the mixtape I described? You don't." I do you fucking idiot dickhead, check the numbers. Who the fuck is out there making records with DJ Premier, Alchameist etc selling huge numbers? Exactly you fucking idiot. The industry talks in numbers you dickhead. These are MAJOR companies looking for a PROFIT out of their INVESTMENTS. An advance is an INVESTMENT, aka a loan, and they want a bank on the return. You dont buy realestate cuz you wanna improve the neighborhood do you? No you want to make profit. You tryna kick knowledge and say that dumb shit when NOBODY is responding to those records. Why isn't Dj Premier selling a million? I love Premo but facts are facts. What you gonna give me, conspiracy? "lack of promotion"? GTFOH, b. Music business is like ANY other business whether it's clothing, TV, movie or whatever they want to bank of what they see out there WORKING for a a specific demographic. Check Billboard..which are rappers talking abut? Molly, turning up, ratchet..Kendrick did not talk about that but Kendrick is ALSO on a MAJOR and was attached to Dre's brand even tho Dre didnt discover or do anything for him. Its all BUSINESS you idiot, smarten up. What you want 1, 2 1,2 and it dont stop songs? Go listen to THEM then and stop trying to change what everybody else listens to or the mainstream. I bet you one of them white dudes or from like europe and born in like 1993 trying to act like one of them lame "90s hip-hop was the best!!! 2pac yo!! Biggie RIP!!! i know everything about it even though my perception is based on me watching videos online".

    • .

      damn. Someone just got ethered.

    • Ythough

      Naa my G im willing to bet if he used that idea Alot of people would be fucking with it your just trippin. If you dont think so that's your opinion which your welcome to have. You realize every thing music related is an opinion so EVERY critique you have of my comment is redundant. When I speak or type for myself its for myself I never claimed to represent what the masses want to hear that common sense, cus as far as im concerned the masses think Nicki Minaj is dope, I couldn't care less about what the millions of other people want to hear in hip-hop. I can only speak for myself, in turn you can only speak for yourself. My nigga your making to many assumptions I like what I like regardless of "current popularity" I was fuckin with Q when I first heard Setbacks before TDE got all the hype they have now. I ask you how you know millions of other people WOULDNT want to hear the mixtape I described? You don't. So shut the fuck up with all that unnecessary bitching your doing. Not everybody want to turn up and act Ratchet FOOL thats what the mainstream wants you to THINK. Your one of those type fans who think you have special entitlement to an artist just cus you knew about them first like your in some sort of homo-erotic relationship "I was fucking with TDE since 2006 before you newbies," nigga who cares!, how is that even relevant, what the fuck you want a congratulation? I discovered TDE when I discovered them, had I discovered them 2 years before I did I would of been fuckin with them just as hard.

    • Anonymous

      ..and then people would say "you're biting Kendrick telling a cohesive story", even though of course Kendrick didn't create that. Also, that sounds like YOUR favorite album. Now, who else makes an album like that? Obviously no one else since you're requesting it. Who else, especially in the mainstream, are doing that? Mainstream artists work for major record labels and if no one is responding to those records how can you expect the artists to make those records? Everybody wanna "turn up", act "ratchet" now or whatever now how is someone like Game gonna convince a huge following to fuck with his shit. I know he's off Interscope now but you said "he's made mistakes these last few years". Again, that's the music YOU would like to hear but the world doesn't revolve around what you want. Maybe some of us don't wanna hear him on a Alchamest beat? What about the million others who wanna hear him work with this one or that one? Of course you haven't thought about that cuz on the internet everybody thinks it's all about them and what they like and how they know everything. Like i said as well, why do you request that from Game and Game only? And why do you expect Game to deliver that since it seems like no one else you like has? Think about what you're asking for a second. Jay Rock? Jay Rock has TONS of features with Game all the way from 2005 did you know that? So does Kendrick. Now i know you're not gonna ask Schoolboy Q to work with DJ Premier are you? No. Cuz with Schoolboy Q he can rap about "drugs with hoes" and you still gonna fuck with him cuz of his current popularity and the perception you have of TDE ("real hip-hop"). I was fucking with TDE since 2006 before you newbies.

    • Atl2Trill

      Great idea. Too bad Game would never think of something like this.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you think about Game albums then Game does...

    • rainer12

      so fuckin true.While this nigga is one of my favorite in the game(i mean WAS)the last years he keeps makin one mistake after another..i dont know why he fucks with some lame niggaz while he could make some real music with hot guests.And he aint even sellin a lot

  • Hova

    game almost 40 and still rapping for money.

  • handicap rap

    still waiting on his solo debut

    • HA!


    • smh

      did you just post those "LOL" shit yourself to make yourself feel better cus I dont comprehend how anyone could find that joke that funny. cus it wasnt. His first album was a classic.

    • LMFAO


  • Harry-O

    Game is getting too old to be talking about his Compton thug life that he lived for ONE summer when he was 17.

  • Fuck Compton

    Nigga drops a mixtape every 5 weeks lol that's why no one buys his studio albums

  • Anonymous

    be cool if he didnt announced it and just dropped it

  • Anonymous

    i really hope it doesn't have a bunch of wack features all over it game can handle a track on his own

    • Anonymous

      you already know it will he gonna have everyone with a buzz in the industry in 2013 features on this


    no new single? no jesus piece tour? game noooo

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully now you can jump off Games dick, you dickriding fagg!!!

    • Anonymous

      aHAH HAHA you were really counting on that eh, you just kept saying wait until game goes on tour, wait until games releases his next single and his album sales will pick way up LMAO

  • Anonymous

    blah blah game is a mixtape artist now smh

  • Lboy

    I dont understand why so many people hate Game on this website. is he bipolar? yes. Does he use the flow/style of whatever rapper he features on a particular song? Sometimes but not all the time like yall on this site make it seem. Does he have certain songs that are wack like that I remember song with Future YES, but call it what it is a Single niggas still have label obligations and need to sell records. The flaws Game has are so small compared to ALOT of industry rappers. All that aside overall Game is a dope mc that makes good music. Go type in Game - Lost or Game - Im home. hiphop fans always bitchin yo im not even a big Game fan like that but yall be frontin like hes wack go listen to born in the trap. Lookin forward to hearing the mixtape support real hiphop and dont bitch about every little flaw an artist has as much one love from Baltimore.

    • Lboy

      The only songs on Jesus Piece I liked were Pray ft.J cole , Name Me King ft Pusha T , See No Evil ft. Kendrick Lamar and Dead People. I do see some redundancy in his music but its not every song thats why I said im not even a Game fan. I like certain Game songs, if he releases a 20 track mixtape I know I will like at least 7 songs on there and to me listening to the full project is worth it to find those certain tracks I fuck with. I can tell you though if %85 of other industry rappers released an 20 track mixtape I know I would only like 1 or 2 songs (and probably %90 just for the beat and chorus) So yeah all your points are valid all im saying is Games is not as bad as people make him out to be on DX.

    • foreal

      i like the game, more when he first came out. he is very redundant and raps about the same things over and over again, especially on jesus piece. if i listen to this mix tape, i will stop listening as soon as he says the words "red bottoms" or "christian louboutin". Unfortunately i now categorize the game as "flossing wrap". i get it, he has money. but isnt there more to rap about?


    hey game haha you like games i like mortal combat jade is sitting in back of my bus but you dont like that how about some tounge hahaaaa

  • bevis n butt head

    hey bevis look its the game uhuhuhuhuh hey uh whats that on his face molyy molyyy ooo woaa shut up bevis uhuhuhhuh.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, Game visited YMCMB and expressed his interest in signing with this label.

    • Anonymous

      "Our artist are well respected at the underground scene" CTFU!

    • dentaldamboy

      Our artists are well respected at the underground scene. Beside, Game is flopping over at interscope so if he signs to YMCMB, he'll be strong again

    • Lboy

      That would shred the moderate amount of respect the underground has for him. what YMCMB artist you know has respect from the underground scene? there not even as good a label as people make them seem. At All. I saw a 14 year old looking white girl yesterday at the airport wearing a red YMCMB shirt...but thats all you will see wearing them, lames and white girls. You wont see a cool as nigga wearing truckfit either.

  • Anonymous

    looks like Kanye wrote "Operation Kill Everything" mixtape

  • Anonymous

    20 songs with 3 features on each song

  • Anonymous

    Game: - steels song concepts - has no creativity - steels flows from other rappers - constructs verses with album titles an names from rappers - only postive thing is his beat choice.

    • Anonymous

      Steals song concepts...ahahahahaha Game's creativity >>>>>>> most rappers these days....there are only a handful of rappers like Nas Hov Em Ye ahead of him currently....even while he's jacking flows you make it sure that you listen no matter are just a bitter some background research on his music before you start talking about his creativity

    • ThaDon

      I feel what your saying like if Tyler the Creator and Young Jeezy did a song together that shit wouldnt sound right, Game has that liquid terminator 2 bitch with the burgundy leather flow.

    • Anonymous

      So when you say steel do you mean this nigga is hard? Go back to school, bozo, and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Chill

      You make some valid points here, however I wouldnt call it stealing flows, Game is great at adapting to other rappers style, so when he is on a Nas song he sounds a bit like Nas, when he is on a Jeezy track he sounds a bit like Jeezy. Ok yes I guess you can call it stealing, but you could also consider it a great ability to adapt to the other rappers flow, which makes him sound good with almost any rapper. Some rappers would sound weird when placed to others, but Game sounds good on basically any collabo. Get my point?

    • Anonymous

      sometimes he's sayin some real shit

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