Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Three Months In Prison For Tax Evasion

Despite paying $900,000 just hours ago, Lauryn Hill will serve time after all.

Despite paying close to a million dollars in federal back-taxes, Lauryn Hill is headed to prison. The Associated Press reports that the emcee/vocalist was sentenced to three months in prison today in a federal court based in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

Hill was facing up to three years in prison, but received a reduced sentence. Following a guilty plea, Ms. Hill and her attorney were seeking probation. She paid her $900,000 tax bill this weekend.

This will be Hill's first stay in prison. She could be released in as soon as a month.

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  • the messiah ja rule is free the world will be saved from itself!

    the messiah ja rule is free the world will be saved from itself!

  • Anonymous

    So you can pay off your bill and still go to jail? What's the deal with that?

  • We are at War

    Lauren is our generation's Billie Holiday and Ms. Hill can definitely sing the blues "If I ruled the World. I believe Lauren has done the mind work need to deal with this and be a triumph rather than a tragedy. Lauren Hill you are loved!!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This is a slippery slope. We all know the tax laws are a mutha and now hip hop seems to be the target... But with that said, this child has long showed foolish and erratic behaviors consistently and has been shown and proven to be nothing but a fraud. Her actions have been beyond stupid for the most and she is pretty much an example of what happens when you are stuck on stupid and place blame on others and not take any accountability whatsoever. That statement she made regarding the damn song that had to be released was childish: Heck Sony actually did her a favor (albeit probably to prove it to her in a way how much she really ain't shit and for all she talked about being independent and good without the industry that the industry not alone is her need but also made her who she is musically and recognizably) and gave her the bread to pay that damn tax lien in the first. Backing this fraud is the worst thing anyone can possible do.

    • Anonymous

      I remember Nas saying something last year about how he was bringing her back, and look, she'll be ready in 3 months, with Sony deal, and rumors of a "Distant Relatives 3". That's what I get out of the news.

  • Real Talk 100

    you notice everytime a rapper gets locked up or charged for illegal gun possession or tax evasion alot of the hiphop community is SILENT, shhhh shhhh don't anger your government masters in the Democratic Party, because they are anti-gun and pro-tax. Hiphop was like F* the System, F* the Police, now hiphop is a bunch of government tools who call stand behind people that want more government.

    • Real Talk 100

      Oh Democrats have supported free speech? Again your statements are astounding. Tipper Gore? Hello? The GOP are just as bad and worse on some aspects, but you'd be suprised to learn the Democrats are often the greater evil on this issue. Besides supporting the Fairness Doctrine for half a century and most actively supporting a return to that tyrannical suppression of speech, the Democrats want to enact and have enacted all sorts of encroachments on the 1st Amendment. Why do you think they are against the Citizens United decision? Why do you think they support regulation on the media and fining media outlets for their news coverage? Why do you think they support laws against "hate speech"? They want more Laws regulating the speech of the people, I want little-to-no Laws on speech, it's not FREE speech if you have the State telling you what you can and can not say and how/where/when you can say it.

    • Real Talk 100

      @Anonymous, LMAO please! how many people have been locked up for gun charges? They arrested a guy for crossing into Jersey with his legal gun from PA and sentenced him to FIVE YEARS in prison! How many rappers including Lil Wayne and TI have been locked up on gun charges? How many black men or any men have to be locked up on gun charges for you realize this is Jim Crow 2013?

    • knows

      100 % correct.

    • Anonymous

      Democrats been supporting rap (freedom of speech) since Bush 1 put the word out during the NWA days and C Delores Tucker. Since you brought up guns, feel free to show me one single piece of paper, gov't stationery, that says "_____ must return said registered handgun to agency by..." or "_____, we have scheduled a representative to appear at your home on _______ to retrieve said handgun", because those are procedures to take your guns.

  • mr_b

    Pay your taxes. Stay out of jail. It's not a black or white thing, it's a requirement to live in the United States. Taxes benefit us all. Seems pretty simple to me.

    • Anonymous

      500k with penalties to equal 970k. Doesn't sound like neglect or she never, ever, paid. And she's not the only celeb, white or black, to have an IRS problem. Example: did you ever think accounting messed up while she was in Jamaica?

    • mr_b

      Actually it is very simple. She paid taxes on the income she made when she worked an hourly job. The forms were a handful of pages. No problems. She later earned multiple millions of dollars and assumed she didn't need to pay taxes any longer. Earning millions of dollars affords her the ability to pay someone to make sure she doesn't go to jail for tax evasion regardless of the length of tax forms. Thousands of other celebrities and wealthy people have been smart enough to pay their taxes, she just isn't. Pretty simple.

    • Real Talk 100

      No its actually not that simple, you got your facts twisted, because the tax code and regulations is like 100,000's of pages. It's a great way to keep poor people poor, because you on the come up and get some money but you make a mistake, they dont slap your hand, the IRS crucifies you! Like James Madison said back in teh day, we should need an army of lawyers and accountants to live our fuckin lives!

  • moresickerMC

    Lol. Oh i get it, some whie folk hate her just cause she speaks the truth to power. She knows whats REALLY going on in society and thats unacceptable. She must remain dumb and ignorant, cause that how they like their black people. Its crazy how a strong black, outspoken mind can still strike fear in the heart of some white folk hundreds of years after slavery ended and decades after civil rights movement.

  • moresickerMC

    I can bet 99% of her haters online are white. Just cause she spoke her mind about some white people they mad. try and tear her down. punks

  • moresickerMC

    White people stay mad at f*cc off. She's a strong black, intelligent woman, guess that scares white folk. figures

    • Anonymous

      Never heard the kids say they were starving and it's fact she was cashing royalty checks, Fugee and solo album money. She's done special shows over the years. Jokes on you, jack.

    • Anonymous

      If she's so intelligent why did she fall off the map and forget to pay her taxes? It's not a black or white issue. It's a matter of being responsible, especially if she has kids.

  • Becky bait

    **white males**

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this dumb bitch i have no money because i have 6 children and cant tour. Well bitch was 1 child not enough for you? And you sold 17 millions albums with the Fugees wheres all this money?

  • Becky Bait

    What whites have done historically particularly while males causes me to be prejudice. But I love me some Becky's just as much as I love me some Shaniqua's. Equality:)

  • Anonymous

    Lauryn Hill can move to Saudi Arabia when she gets out the can, see how that works out for the Negress

  • insanemacbeth

    likkle sympathy, here! you have the p's, so just pay. innit?

  • Bobyahed2dis

    This is the shit that happens when you cross nicki minaj!!!!!!! YM stays on top!!!!

  • GBtha G

    this shit happens to irresponsible bitchass niggaz like lauryn hill.fuck these fake celebrity bitchiz they just show off in front of the camera sittin next 2 oprah n forget 2 pay ceasar!!!!!!!!!!!! yall neva hear this kind of shit happnin 2 real niggaz like Dre or Cube. so the cruel fuckin american gvt will keep whoopin yo muthafuckin asses yall bitch niggaz.Just quit Rap, u a disgrace 2 Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't the Marley family have money to back her broke ass up.

  • 614grind

    Watch how Lauren blows back up when she gets out. All this is gonna do is build the buzz more. Neurotic Society has the net goin bananas already. If you don't like music that forces you to think, you gon hate Ms Lauren.

  • foekist

    You did this to yourself Lauryn. Maybe when you get out you can work with Scarface and create a song called, Whiteman keeping me down lol

    • gamestwin is dumb af

      @gamestwin, are you serious, you mean niggers stole everything from the white man.... gangster - gangsta.....nigger - nigga....when yall got here ya didnt speak english so you stole that.....while were on the stole subject, white ppl dont steal, niggers do....this is our country, niggers are trying to steal it(TRYING, but we will always keep the nigger down)....selling drugs niggers stole that business, the ONLY thing you niggers have done would be inventing the cotton gin(cause yall to lazy to pick cotton on ya own) and transforming Disco(white ppl music) to rap, so technically niggers stole music as a whole....FUCK NIGGERS WHITE POWER....O YA I JUST CAME ON HERE TO SAY LAUREN HILL IS A RACIST NIGGER THAT DESERVES LIFE IN PRISON SO HER KIDS CAN STARVE TO DEATH.....LOOK OUT NIGGER THE CLANS GETTING BIGGER, FUCK NIGGERS DEATH TO ALL NIGGERS!!!!!

    • gamestwin

      Word cuz his sister told me he gotta limp bizkit..crackers steal EVERYTHING we do as a culture but dont accept FACTS smfh small brain muthafuckas

    • Anonymous

      ur mad they both telling the truth. go play some limp biskit in ur room white boy

  • Anon

    Taxation is theft. You don't pay your extortion money the mob will come and find you.

    • donnis mac

      Funny part is all of you are right, dude did say corruption has f**ked up the services.

    • McLean

      don't forger using taxes to pay for cops who make it their priority to send Black / Brown people to jail unconstitutionally. Not to mention paying for the bombing of Brown people overseas; not becuz their cutting into our action, just becuz they're Brown. U white devils make me laugh with your justification for what your dirty mutant asses be doing.

    • gamestwin

      Rpgh nigga please grab a coffee and a donut and then take a trip to DETROIT MICHIGAN ..ill wait..u have 15% of what you wrote some what correct but nigga please u need to stop reading time mag and dig deeper go find yourself a 85er or 9%er seek some real knowledge

    • R.Pgh

      perhaps how they use some taxation is bullshit, but without taxes there are no roads, no fire department, no police, no public school system, no FEMA (for disasters like hurricanes), no military to defend the country, no welfare or foodstamps to assist those less fortunate....etc. etc. etc. What's theft is the misuse of the funds. The ability for politicians to give themselves a pay raise when their approval rating is less than 5%. The justification to send us into two pointless wars that we couldn't afford to pay for. The overspending on things like political retreats or 150k bathroom renovation for a public building. The criminal mindset of making it illegal for anyone else to have insider stock trading knowledge but perfectly legal for politicians to flourish from it. The system itself is broken and the people hired to make it work, made it worse.

    • foekist

      If it weren't for taxation your monkey asses would have swung to work today. Who you think pays for the concrete on the roads dumasses... don't be so naive

    • Art Brooks

      Yup, the U.S. government is the hardest most ruthless gangsters on planet Earth.

  • Anonymous

    lesbian time have fun

  • lil Wayne

    Anybody need they dicks sucked

  • IsHulle!!!

    Damn... 3 months oh well, wish for her return in the industry

  • Jah Lives

    Some of you need to get your head out of your fucking asses. You know nothing about this woman or her struggles, yet you come on here on some high horse acting like a supreme judge and jury. The fact is that we do not know what circumstances occurred that prevented Lauryn from paying her taxes from 2005-2007. So it's wise not to assume that she just "didn't give a fuck". Also, if you took the time to do your due diligence you would see that she actually owed closer to 500k but it's the fees, fine and penalties that have accrued setting her current dept to 970k. You're fighting in support of a system that DOES NOT support you! Do you know how much of YOUR tax dollars go to military funding? Defense? War? A tax system that is by definition unconstitutional at that. Y'all are too funny. The fact remains that this current system of things is following it's scheduled course of action, which is destruction.

    • R.Pgh

      yes, the system is broken and they drastically misuse our money, but that doesn't mean I should feel bad for Lauryn Hill. She's made millions of dollars over her career, and if she's not wise enough to stay current with the tax man, then why should I give a shit? It's people who don't pay their taxes, that make my taxes go up.

    • foekist

      I agree Jah Lives, with what you're saying. But come on now, Lauryn was taxed unfairly. She had the monies to pay her debt to her country. She didn't- for whatever her reasons may have been. So she deserves to be made an example of.

    • Nigga

      I dont care about your long ass comment. Just thought i would share. Swaggy

    • Anonymous

      Adjust your tampon and put down the pom sounding like a groupie right about now...

  • Anonymous

    freedom fighter for what? this spoiled cunt gives NOTHING back but excuses for herself. all the goddamn apologists on this site are idiots who insult the work of REAL educators, social workers, activists, teachers more with every dumbass reply.

  • Prestige

    The self-hatred some of you spew on this site is odious. I not referring to the trolls, but to rather to those of you actually brainwashed into genuinely siding with Uncle Sam on this issue, while ridiculing Lauryn HIll. Lauryn Hill is a freedom fighter of the upmost integrity. She has been part of a minority of mainstream artists that has always given us music that is uncompromised, not tainted and nor corrupted by the powers that be and corporate influences. I bet many of you would have sided with Uncle Sam when they stripped Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War... Lauryn Hill is not the enemy.

    • that guy

      Freedom fighter?? R u serious!!!! SERIOUSLY if u think Lauryn is a freedom fighter you are the most delusional person on this earth.....

    • Anonymous

      Prestige is a fucking moron. Re: Cassius Clay, what the fuck does Uncle Sam have to do with ** boxing **?? Like another idiot, Wyclef, trying to explain away how he tried to steal 16 mill, you're confusing the issues... or maybe you're just too dumg to NOT be confused? Sonny Liston says fuck you, btw.

    • Anonymous

      lauryn hill doesn't give a fuck for ** anything ** except lauryn hill. unless you're eating that nasty box and ass step back and face reality.

    • legendary

      just so you dont think you're crazy prestige, i want you to know i agree with you

    • Daffyc04

      Yo thank you for that Prestige, your 100% right. Ms. Hill is one of only a handful in music in general who speaks the truth and uses her art for good, we need to rally behind her and show show that there is a medium for more people like her in entertainment that the people are to brainwashed to want but desperately need

    • Anonymous

      If she was a millionaire, she should pay her taxes like everyone else. If this was Mitt Romney, no one would debate it. Sorry - she doesn't fit the bill of freedom fighter to me. Bob marley, Malcolm x, Marcus Garvey - those people were freedom fighter. Lauryn hill is more like a hypocrite. Reminds me of spike lee. Acting all super-black, but gotta wife lighter than a white lady. I find lauryn hill lacks authenticity. Like a preacher stealing church money. I don't feel sorry for millionaires. SHe should have been grateful for her success and not squandered it.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you said was irrelevant to the matter at hand. Who gives a fuck what she sings about. She had millions, and she blew it. She should've been smarter with her money.


      if lauren hill is all that then why couldn't she pay her taxes like any other citizen of america and on top of that why does she have to rant and bring race into the issue GET OFF HER DICK NIGGA

  • jburnz

    Since yal are getting all racial, let's consider this: You don't want her to pay taxes because the white man is asking for them. Where do you think taxes go? Services for people in the hood. So until black celebrities and athletes or YOU earn your own money and bring the whole urban community out of poverty, you do want rich people, black or white, to pay their share.

  • ETK

    Will Smith should make another few calls to Obama admin, didn't work for T.I. cause he was strapped as hell but it might pass for Lauryn, the poor bitch paid after all lmao



  • Why

    Why did they still put her in jail even after she paid? -_-

  • shaunn

    how in the hell she get 3 months, and wesley snipes gets 3 years

  • Nuff said...

    This some bullshit...straight up...

  • Farrakhan

    where's my reparation for slavery? Obama make it happen! we need reparation for slavery! jews gettin' reparation for holocaust.

  • Fuck taxes!!!

    fuck taxes i don't owe you shit! stop pimpin' me you greedy bastid!!!!!!

    • Reality Check

      Ummm... you probably don't owe any money anyways. Probably get all your money back, so what you complaining about?

  • Anonymous

    "It's a good example of the ease in which you can be criminalized in the US, it just takes a tax audit for even the most belt and braces individual. It's not hard to run afoul of 70,000+ pages of ever changing tax code at least once in your life." ^ this is truth "Turbo Tax" ^ loL, that's for 1040, exempt, one job and no assets rapid refund filers continue to amuse me harlequins

  • Anonymous

    i think paying taxes is very racist. Black people build america during slavery. so it's only right that all black ppl should be tax free cuz there were no financial reparation for slavery to this day.

  • anon

    what happened to that busted ass picture they had of her?

  • Lauren Bill

    Your honor, my soul searching was more important than your taxes.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Lucan: I find it interesting that the US has managed to turn paying taxes into a for-profit industry, where every citizen is obligated to enter into a contract with a corporation in order to pay what taxes they owe to their government. It's a good example of the ease in which you can be criminalized in the US, it just takes a tax audit for even the most belt and braces individual. It's not hard to run afoul of 70,000+ pages of ever changing tax code at least once in your life. wow fuck that shit man- u learn something new everyday

  • Anonymous

    although i have no sympathy for this racist cow, i must admit the tax system in the states is shocking! it made me laugh that as advanced as the states is, american citizens have to fill out their own tax returns????? lol lol lol. In my country and most countries in europe your employer pays your taxes for you (you also pay a tax which long term ends up as your pension fund)- like a government savings account really no wonder so many americans end up not paying the correct taxes, its left to the professional in my country- THANK GOD- NO STRESS anyway if Lauren was not a filthy racist i'd almost feel sorry for her

    • lol

      ^^lol he prolly been disenfranchised and robbed. at least

    • Anonymous

      ^^ lol did they disenfranchised you, rob, lynch, or oppress you in any kind of way???

    • Anonymous

      anyone can be a racist, like when all the black kids at school call me a stupid cracker

    • Anonymous

      "white ppl calling a non white person a racist is so funny. let's look at history and see who real racist is." ^ loL, school them

    • Anonymous

      white ppl calling a non white person a racist is so funny. let's look at history and see who real racist is.

    • Lord Lucan

      I find it interesting that the US has managed to turn paying taxes into a for-profit industry, where every citizen is obligated to enter into a contract with a corporation in order to pay what taxes they owe to their government. It's a good example of the ease in which you can be criminalized in the US, it just takes a tax audit for even the most belt and braces individual. It's not hard to run afoul of 70,000+ pages of ever changing tax code at least once in your life.

    • Anonymous

      seems like your government is just lazy with turbo tax- "We do not want the hassle of it. We'll just get our citizens to do it"

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous: Guess Turbo Tax is to advanced for Europe. Not american so I do not know what your talking about. ((Seems)) unnecessary to me

    • Anonymous

      Guess Turbo Tax is to advanced for Europe.

  • Cealix

    lol, where the fuck did she get $900,000 from?

  • bruh from brooklyn

    dem crackas don't play.

  • White Girl Bait

    The white male virus should be quarantined.

  • Anonymous

    free Wesley Snipes

  • Anonymous

    prison is a great place to write songs yo!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    MMMMMM... TASTES LIKE PUSSY!!! nobody to blame but her own damn fault, fucking irresponsible cunt

  • Eric

    Dang Uncle Sam don't be playing! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too

  • Anonymous

    That's one hell of a reduced sentence, even if she did pay money back. If she faced three years I don't see how they can cut that back to three months. If it was anyone who wasn't a celebrity they wouldn'tve done that.

    • Big Dan

      Wesley Snipes was an even bigger celebrity. Its her craziness that got her off. She got sympathy. But even though its just three months, I hope she can manage and this doesn't throw her over the edge.

    • Look at the Big Picture


  • SEE YA

    I'd be lying if I said I had any sympathy for her. I mean, here is a person making millions of dollars with a philosophy which is supposed to espouse the values of Bob Marley/helping the poor and she decides to avoid paying her share of taxes which is often the saftey net of poor people everywhere. It's just blatant hypocrisy..she deserves jail time. If this was donald trump/some wall st fatcat we wouldn't hesitate to vilify her. There is no difference.

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