Ice-T To Premier "Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp" At Montclair Film Festival

Ice-T and manager Jorge Hinojosa will unveil their second film in as many years this weekend in Ice's native state of New Jersey.

Ice-T's latest documentary film, Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp is finally coming to screens. Produced by the Gangsta Rap pioneer, the film that looks at the life pimp icon and author "Iceberg Slim," is directed by Ice's longtime manager and business partner, Jorge Hinojosa.

This Saturday (May 4), Ice-T is premiering the film in New Jersey at the Montclair Film Festival. The 7pm screening is sold out. On May 5, Ice will return for a Q&A discussion at the Montclair Art Museum.

Last year, Ice-T released From Nothing To Something: The Art Of Rap, also produced by Hinojosa.

Pimp, and all seven Iceberg Slim titles are now in re-publication, courtesy of Cash Money Books, the publishing house of Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams, who also founded the label of the same name.

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  • chris

    Just a quick one..... Y,all don't no nothing about what's up between ice and his lady.I bet you ain't ever stuck it to anything that look like coco in your whole life. Quit hating and go get that money. Ice is one of the few dudes in the game to roll in s Porsche BEFORE getting a record deal. Y,all fronting. Ice is internationally recognised and that pump hand stay strong.

  • Suggestion

    He should make a documentary about AP9

  • Anonymous

    A documentary about a pimp? Well Ice aint a pimp some nigga fuck Coco. So whats up with that Ice?? I though you was a gangsta? So did you beat him up? Fucking studiogangster

  • Anonymous

    Ice T is such a corny nigga. Dude made a song called copkiller and is now playing a tv cop. FUCK HIM. Just like Cube first he said burn hollowood burn and now he is making wack comedy movies for retarded people.

    • Anonymous

      You're dissing these dudes for growing up and getting their money? You can't keep making the same gangster rap records forever, especially since Cube has a family of his own. For that, I applaud both these niggas.

  • Anonymous

    This dude glorifies pimps his whole career, and ends up being humiliated when his wife acts like a prostitute

  • Anonymous

    It's sad time and money got put into making a documentary about a pimp.

  • Fuck Los Angeles

    LOL at this corny nigga tryna be a director LMAO what a bitch

  • OUCH!

    it should say "Icecoco Thick: Portrait of a Pimp"

  • T_dub

    i hope Ice learned from the mistakes he made on the Art of Rap. Because there were a lot of them. Lesson one in making a good documentary: STAY ON TOPIC! The interview with Dr. Dre discussed NOTHING that regarded Dre's approach to writing rhymes.

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