Irv Da Phenom "Los Kangeles" Cover Art & Release Date

Kansas City, Missouri emcee Irv Da Phenom recently revealed the cover art for his forthcoming LP, "Los Kangeles."

Irv Da Phenom is a rising lyricist that is known for his various solo projects and collaborations with fellow Kansas City, Missouri emcees Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko. He has also appeared on tracks with major label artists like Royce Da 5’9, Saigon, Jay Rock and more. The Kansas City native is set to release his LP, Los Kangeles on May 21.

The DefMetalGospel recording artist recently released a music video for the first single off Los Kangeles, “Burn It Down”:

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  • 22nd on me

    yall bois watch out, phenom is my nigga from the turf. we been singing that song for years before we light sum up. irv just finally put it in a song. they do sound similar but we had that b4 niggas even know who meek was back when he was batteling



  • Anonymous

    tech pick this dude up jesus its been overdue

  • @Dylan Dudicle

    see what happens when u limit yourself to radio rap.. makes u sound like a dumb motherfucker

    • Dylan Dudicle

      Also, "makes u sound like a dumb motherfucker" is irony at its finest.

    • Dylan Dudicle

      Oh, word? Listen to Meek and Sean's "Burn" and tell me that shit isn't the same. You think I limit myself to radio rap? You know nothing about me, fuckface.

  • Dylan Dudicle

    Same exact fucking chorus as Meek Mill and Big Sean's "Burn"

    • Dylan Dudicle

      Nah, I was only using it because that dude above called me that, I thought you said it but you said I was "dumb as fuck," same thing. But I'm over this internet pissing match, all I'm saying is the chorus is damn near the same as Burn's. You can't deny that.

    • JRich

      But did you forget about the entire beginning part of the chorus? That's a hook. And I'm starting to think dumb motherfucker is the only comeback in your vocabulary. I guess you must have heard it a lot growing up

    • Dylan Dudicle

      Burn that shit down, Burn that shit down, Burn that shit down, I'ma burn that shit down! vs. Let that shit burn, Let that shit burn, I'ma let that shit burn, Let that shit burn! Come on duder, don't kid yourself. They way you're sticking up for this cornball, I'm starting to think that you're him, lmao. You dumb motherfucker.

    • JRich you have ears? Because the lyrics are different...thus making it not the exact same. Dumb motherfucker

    • Dylan Dudicle

      @JRich... Really? Do you have ears? He even says that shit the exact same way. Calling me a dumb motherfucker doesn't make me a dumb motherfucker, you dumb motherfucker.

    • fatboyrule

      Yeah... but neither one of those dudes can burn a mic down... luke warm at best. Irv Da Phenom = The Real Deal

    • JRich

      No it's not. It sounds similar but if you're implying that he bit Meek you're dumb as fuck

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