Kitty Pryde Calls Danny Brown's Minneapolis Incident A "Sexual Assault"

Kitty Pryde shares her thoughts on Danny Brown allegedly receiving oral sex during a recent performance, says "a white girl raped a black dude."

A picture posted on Reddit this week, which appears to show Danny Brown receiving oral sex from a fan during a Minneapolis performance, has quickly begun to make its way around the internet. While the Detroit lyricist has yet to comment on the incident, Kitty Pryde, the rapper’s best friend and fellow artist has shared her thoughts on the bizarre incident in a blog post on Vice.

Kitty, who’s currently on tour with Brown, revealed that the incident is rarely ever brought up and when it is it’s grudgingly referred to as “The Thing.” She also referred to the woman’s act as a “sexual assault” on the rapper.

“I will also say that whoever wrote on Reddit that Danny was ‘walking around the stage getting girls to grab his dick’ is 100% false, and to blame someone for their own molestation is a shitty thing to do,” Kitty explained. “Anybody who is exaggerating this tale to climax is also a lying fool, and to call it a blow job is even going a bit far because it was probably the fastest thing I’ve ever seen. ‘The Thing’ was not a thing that Danny facilitated—it was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a fuck about that but me.”

The “Okay Cupid” rapper further commented on the incident being a sexual assault as she brought up the topic of why the female fan that allegedly performed oral sex on Brown hasn’t been contacted.

“Why doesn’t Ricky Smiley or whoever just talk to this girl,” she questioned. “I know why. It's because everyone wants the option of blaming it on Danny, because people can’t accept the fact that a white girl raped a black dude in front of a bunch of people.”

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  • Anonymous

    Shut this white bitch up...if he ain't bitchin you don't need to.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown made some real DEEP conscious music about living in the hood. I liked his early stuff but he was not getting paid and attention from that type of music. He started blowing up when he started making that freaky stuffy that the cross over audience buys up. You will not see to many black folks at a Danny Brown concert these days. I would advise people to check out some of his older workslike the description or Sleep or One of the best rappers ever until he started getting paid and laid from the cross over.

  • MadaMada

    Damn! Stuff like this what makes me wanna become a rapper. Lucky ass bastard, that girl was nice

  • Anonymous

    white girls love him

    • Anonymous

      "I aint even gotta talk slick. Pull it out to piss, white bitch on my dick." -Greatest Rapper Never

  • Anonymous

    Real talk. i don't listen to these cats, but if a black man was to do the same thing to a woman he'd be in prison by now.

    • mike

      you know when I was reading this I was laughing, but Its not funny and he is probably laughing too. This is just nonsense and he knows that the girl did not have any right to do that, but he is not going to do anything about it.

  • DB for prez

    Not the first time this has happened. Danny Brown got domed up on stage while not performing in England. Dumb white girl probably saw the interview where they talked about that and now every white girl wants to be just like her. Funny how all these commentators are pissed that Danny might not be gay because they all were next in line behind this girl.

  • "D"

    This mothafucking bitch man....stfu. I just another example of white folk thinking us niggas some kinda saviour and shit...Honestly, I'm even more disgusted in tha fact that Danny Brown is even associated with this bitch...XXX is my shit but he crossing the line promoting this sensless ass hoe. Fuck it...he still tho...but im iller

  • hypestyle

    kitty needs to keep these willfully ignorant comments to herself.

  • Anonymous

    Irresponsible to his own dick! A girl that loose willing to do that is the exact reason why you shouldn't let her do that.

  • Anonymous

    You know how i know this is some stunt! because its Danny Brown!!! Come on man! look at all the artist that girls have gone crazy for over the years,and they never did that.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe Danny Brown brings out the nastiest, freakiest, dirtiest, most disgustingist sides of people

    • Anonymous

      maybe because most of them artists have teams of security blocking anyone from getting near them or the stage

  • Anonymous

    "I put it in her ass, she waddle like a duck. Come to Minnesota, get my dick sucked." -The Greatest Rapper Never

  • JRich

    Idk if I'd say "sexual assault" ...that sounds bad. In most places the correct phrase for this situation would be "winning at life"

  • Anonymous

    aww she just has a crush on this nigga

    • Desperado

      LOL i thought da same thing she fuckin butthurt forreal who gives a fuck dis country makes big deals outta nothin always

  • Anonymous

    Kriss Kross has died. HIP HOP IS OFFICIALLY DEAD

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't seem like that from Danny's point of view. I saw him tweet K. Dot "I didn't even miss a bar" or something like that. Dude did it on purpose

    • yushdoe

      he's not gonna say that he didn't like it...that would be "gay"...for him to say that or stop the girl from doing that would be "gay" and he would be made fun of for doing that...lose lose situation if your danny and thats why the dude is being need to have the people hate you when he just started to create a bigger buzz out of detroit

  • LM

    The bottom line is that Danny Brown was sexually assaulted and whoever that woman was should be arrested and prosecuted. I don't give damn if it was female to male. No consent? Then it's fucking illegal. And damn, I've seen some ignorant-ass comments on Yahoo! news, but this article takes to the cake. To all y'all: good luck with your upcoming incarcerations.

  • Kendrick

    Man, that guy won at life that night lol. Y'all should checkout, they be having some good stuff too

  • $wag Out

    danny brown got no swag and kitty pryde got no swag next!

  • LOL

    LOL LOOK AT THE PIC OF HIM GETTING HIS DICK SUCKED Why she gotta lie and try and back him and say he was the one sexually assaulting her? Peep the pic, thats exactly where my hand is on a girl when im getting a blow job. NUFF SAID

    • Anonymous

      exactly. pretty plain and obvious. This dude is gay and shes a lesbian and is prob just jealous

  • Anonymous

    It's simple they are not his fans those are payed prostitutes that act like fans during his shows and have you dumb fucks eat it up and buy into his rock-wannabe image while getting tons of publicity for it. This is like the 3rd time they've had articles about this happen to this dude. It's not real at all, hate to break it to ya.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is gonna rape them both

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