TLC Recording With Drake & J. Cole For Fifth Studio Album

Ne-Yo, Drake and J. Cole are part of the studio sessions for TLC's first studio album since the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Days after it was announced that T-Boz and Chilli will perform (as TLC) at the 2013 Mixtape Festival on July 27 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, additional details have surfaced regarding the group's comeback. Before their Central Penn appearance, the two will head to Japan to be honored with a "Legend Award" at Japan's MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. Following this summer's developments, the pair hopes to tour.

“There’s a lot of great things coming up lately for TLC and one of the things that we’re known for is entertaining and touring—and so I say, ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,’” T-Boz told Entertainment Weekly. “Like, why not go out again and do what we love to do best?”

EW also reports that Hip Hop stars including J. Cole, Drake and Ne-Yo are among TLC's collaborators for their fifth album, which has yet to be titled.

You can read the full interview at EW.

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  • Anonymous

    "Nobody even checkin for TLC like that except maybe some older ladies" Or female tennis players.

  • Come On

    To all the Drake haters its this simple "Men lie Women lie numbers don't" until he flops then you have no argument and if you think he'll flop on his next album well then prepare yourself for major dissapointment, Ya'll may not like him and thats fine everybody is entitled to their own opinion but unfortunatley there's a whole of other people who live in this world (go figure huh its not just you guys) that disagree with you.. So don't let your hate for someone cloud your judgement cause two things happen: 1) You look like a haters which you obviously are. 2) you just look like a bunch of dummys with no facts to back your argument... Peace.

    • bb

      Drakes music is radio friendly, and radio plays 24/7 boring and average stuff. thats why drakes stuff sells quite well. that doesnt change the fact, that hes just "average" music wise.

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit stan lies. Get Drake's dick out your mouth and get a better taste in music.

  • boring

    so boring, why's every1 producing with drake/neyo the whole time? drake is so freaking boring, his weak beats/productions are annoying me. pls TLC, try getting some1 decent and not these new-wave mainstream producers...

  • So Icy Boi!

    yeah everybody wanna work wit Drake or Lil Wayne cause if you feature dem yo album will be gold instantly. but I dont understand J Cole... dat nigga is a walking flop. broke ass nigga Jay-Z cant even promote him. lmao. YMCMB really destroyed Roc Nation. swag

  • Left-Eye

    I thought we said "No Scrubs"!

  • MP

    Honestly, I never really cared for Lefteye [RIP]. She was actually pretty annoying to me. I was a bigger fan of T-Boz & Chilli. So, I'm interested in hearing what the album will sound like.

  • SMH

    WHY?! It ain't TLC without Left Eye. That's like NWA without Eazy-E; it ain't gonna work. This shit will be wack and will flop.

  • dentaldamboy

    These girls are smart. Drake has that Midas touch when it comes to album sales.

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous 4: Jay-Z and Kanye West had the highest grossing hip-hop tour with the Watch the Throne tour, not Drake. Him having selling power and appeal to women doesn't make him a good artist; it makes him another shitty pop artist. Nelly and Ja Rule were in Drake's position 10 years ago, selling records. Now, they're irrelevant. Drake will suffer the same fate as these dudes. @anonymous is stupid: He is being a dickrider and so are you; stop calling people haters for stating facts. He will flop, just watch. So what if he sells? That makes him another shitty pop artist. He doesn't make music that a lot of people like; he makes radio-friendly pop music, which is the epitome of luck.

    • ^

      Nope. Both of you are dickriders making up bullshit lies. His next album will fail to sell like the last two. He makes shitty pop music that sells to a dumb teenage audience. His success is definitely a luck-filled fluke; fuck your stan logic. Drake is the modern day Nelly/Ja Rule, who were in Drake's position ten years ago selling records. Also, Jay-Z and Kanye had the highest grossing tour of 2012 with the Watch the Throne tour.

    • anonymous is stupid

      hes not being a dick rider, your just being a hater. like he said YOU might want him to flop but his shit sells. no one saying hes the fucking god of rap, but the he makes music a lot of people like. if that wasnt true he wouldnt sell. how the fuck is that luck?

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z and Kanye Wesat had the highest grossing tour of 2012 with the Watch the Throne tour, so you're wrong. Him selling records and appealing to women doesn't mean staying power. Nelly and Ja Rule were in Drake's position 10 years ago; they sold records and had a female audience. Now, they're irrelevant. Drake is basically Nelly/Ja Rule 2.0. He'll fail, just watch and see. Stop being a dickriding stan and realize the fact that your hero is a flash-in-the-pan artist who has luck on his side for now.

    • Anonymous

      You niggas dumb as fuck. Drake not an executive producer, he not on half the songs, this isn't Drake and TLC. It's a fuckin TLC album with a fuckin Drake feature. Ya'll some goofy stan ass niggas, just because they got a Drake feature doesn't mean they go sell. Nobody even checkin for TLC like that except maybe some older ladies

    • Anonymous

      didnt yall say the same thing about Thank Me Later? was wrong about that. Didnt yall say the same thing about Take Care? was wrong about that too. Dude had the highest grossing hip hop tour of 2012. So magically you think out of nowhere hes just gonna lose it? yeah right. This guy has selling power and appeal to women. Hell he even put out So Far Gone in stores with HALF of all the songs that were originally on it and it STILL went gold. facts are facts. You may want him to flop but the odds are in his favor.

    • Anonymous

      His next album will. Drake peaked with Take Care and he ain't going bigger than that.

    • Anonymous

      how is it a joke? Drake hasnt put out a flop album and im pretty sure this next one wont flop either

    • Anonymous

      Good joke.

  • Ja Rule

    Ja Rule and murda inc fucked both of them

  • Anonymous

    It's not TLC It's TC

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