A$AP Rocky Refers To The Controversy Surrounding His Lipstick Comments As "Petty"

A$AP Rocky says he has "respect" for gay men that are open with their sexuality, commends Frank Ocean and Jason Collins

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky drew a tremendous amount of criticism from women and even fellow artist Azealia Banks following comments he made regarding skin color and choice of lipstick in an interview with The Coveteur. The A$AP Mob member recently addressed the backlash and referred to the criticism he’s received as “petty” during an interview with 93.9 WKYS.

A$AP Rocky explained that he didn’t see the comments, which compared “fair-skinned” and “dark skin” women and their choice of lipstick, as “an issue” and credited the controversy surrounding the comments with what he believes is the sensitivity of black women.

“Black girls just, ah man, went crazy. They just took it how they took it,” said Rocky.” This is actually my second time talking about it cause I really didn’t even look at it as an issue. If people get upset at that I think it’s petty at the same time. It’s like they damn near wanna Rick Ross boycott me right now…Black girls, you know how sensitive they are, but they our sisters man. It is what is man. I come from a black home, so I know how sensitive black women can be. Especially when you talking about they looks or something like that.”

Later in his interview, the rapper was asked to give his thoughts on NBA player Jason Collins coming out about his sexuality. Rocky went on to commend Collins for his move and even shouted out fellow artist Frank Ocean for coming out last year.

“That’s his business,” he revealed. “I respect men more for coming out. They joke on Frank Ocean a lot, but at least he ain’t out here frontin’. It’s a lot of mothafucka’s they be out here they be in the closet mothafucka’s. I don’t respect them. I respect gay men who identify it and they out with it. I don’t have a problem with gay people at all.”

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  • JJ

    This guy really just needs to shut up

  • 4444xxx


  • So Icy Boi!

    wats wrong with lipstick. its OK in 2013. dont be a racist faggot. a young black man can wear skinny jeanz and lipstick. I do it too!!! Weezy and ASAP Rocky are da most handsome black dudes out dere. so I copy dem and I laugh at yo old fav rappers like Jay-Z and Nas. to be honest, dey are da real gay MCs. swag

  • Anonymous

    A$AP's gonna be the first gay rapper Snoop is referring to.

  • Dud

    Why do "males" need to comment on makeup? Is choosing lipstick a pressing issue in your life? Calling "black girls" sensitive will not go over well, just because someone has criticism of your comments, don't make them sensitive. I like A$AP but stick to what you know -- I don't want to hear about guys commenting on women makeup, fingernail polish, earrings, periods, tampons -- stop talking about girlsh!t. I'm starting to question his sexuality, no one should be that concerned with another woman's make-up. Hell, I'm a girl and I don't give a sh!T.

  • Anonymous

    That shit Rocky spit in that Adidas commercial was weak as fuck!

  • A$AP cocky

    This guy is a fag

  • Anonymous

    For those from NY hating on ASAP, you better support this guy because if it wasn't for him your city would be irrelevant. ASAP is the only dude from NY keeping the city hot, cant think of anyone else that is doing what he is doing, maybe French Montana (but he sucks :)!!

  • mal617

    asap's gay plan and simple, he wore a dress twice and he dress like a fag.

  • magrmatic123

    you dont respect gay men... you respect gay mens money...thats why u would stoop so low as to dress like a fag to get it

  • my balls hurt

    A$APUSSY you the shit.

  • 4444xxx1


  • RC

    "You get no props in Hip-Hop like feminine men"- Immortal Technique

  • Kenneth

    Rocky just stop while your ahead...smh Every interview you do is about being gay..now ask yourself?

  • yeaaahh

    He's about to piss off black girls again by saying how sensitve they are. Lol it's true though..



  • Azalea Banks

    I heard he used to get his dick licked by a guy named Kenneth

  • $

    aesop rocky switchin from black to white back to black. this nigga a cameleon

  • Rreal Talk

    closeted shit take your pink mafia skinny jeans and dresses wearing back to europe shit

  • Anonymous

    If your gay, live your life. Your sexual preference should be your own private matter no one else's. But enough just isn't enough(Feminism Ideology).This is almost the notion of a female wanting to let the world know everything that goes on with them. I do not hate you as a human, I just don't agree with the lifestyle. Yes, we should be able to live peacefully as humans no matter race, color, or orientation. So many things have been placed in the Black Community to wipe them out and destroy them (Feminism, Welfare, Drugs) the only one who can compare are the Native Americans. Black/Native American Oppression is no where near the Gay Rights Movement. Understand one thing, Blacks aren't homophobic, Homophobic isn't even a real word. Blacks problem is that they have a problem expressing the notion of agreeing and disagreeing. Most time when debating about likes and dislike about ANYTHING with Blacks, it doesn't end well. Mind you, we are celebrating someone's SEXUAL PREFERENCE not life, not career, not job, but their SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Remember a Pedophile is an adult with a SEXUAL PREFERENCE for children. That will be accepted next. Blacks don't ever want to do any research about why these things are happening to them, but will take any thing the media (which aren't in your highest regard) gives them. We see a major rising in Feminine Black Men and Masculine Black Women. As you see, caused by Feminism, the "family" will no longer exist. This will only continue to grow and so will Homosexuality in the Black Community. This was all talked about 40 YEARS ago. Why has marriage gone down? Why are men so weak now and stay in boyish mind states? Why are these kids running wild?Your answer= Feminism/Welfare. The elimination of the family, structure, and MALE leadership. Blacks will continue to produce unstructured children and family which leads to more destruction if something doesn't change.This is another bullet in the chamber for Black Genocide, but most blacks won't understand this due to lack of research and consuming everything as FACE VALUE. That is all BTW, I'm A White College Professor Who Loves To Find The Roots Issues Amongst Different Cultures.

    • Anonymous

      Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti If you find time, read the book and you will understand. The whole origin and purpose of homosexuality for a male was to effeminize the receiver/it was the "highest" pleasure when done with little boys (Most pedophiles in America are older homosexual European(White-American) males. This all goes back to Ancient Rome/Greece (Most European bloodline starts from there) and was the sole purpose of it during American slavery to make the African male weak, humiliated, female like, so there is very little to no fight against the agressor in the situation. This is historically apart of European culture not African culture. Blacks in America have little to no culture in America besides "Hip Hop" everything else is European based Religion, Names, Language, Education of History/Self, Food, Sexuality, and Appearance. Africans never told one another "dislike your skin because it's darker" Europeans gave them that thinking. You come from nothing but Jungle and Devil Worshipping, Europeans gave them that thinking. You couldn't eat the good food, so Blacks had to eat what was ever left, most times the dirtiest filth, PIG/PORK (why do so many blacks eat pork? my point) the Europeans gave them that thinking. The list goes on. For most Blacks, the way they feel accepted and model there appearance/social norms is to model after the European, who is in power. The Blacks think about themselves in America, is how the European thinks about them, Not how THEY think about themselves.There is almost no cultural boundary in America due to integration. What Europeans accept might not be good for Blacks to accept if they want to survive and live efficiently. They are a different people and not the same. Why do you think Blacks have a hard tim accepting Homosexuality? It's almost deep rooted that they know it is against their cultural design (book will make this very clear with FACT/TRUTH/HISTORY not RELIGION) but most don't no how to express it without ignorance, violence, or fact. It's as if Blacks are free "POW's" if you understand. Still able to live freely but PRIMARILY live and accept cultural norms,value, and beliefs that AREN'T THEIR OWN, NOT AMERICAN, BUT THE DOMINANT IN AMERICA, THE EUROPEAN. Mind you we must not forget, THEY LOST ALL OF THIS DURING SLAVERY. TO OBTAIN ANY POWER MOST/NOT ALL HAD TO TAKE ON THE SOCIAL NORMS OF THE DOMINANT, THE EUROPEAN CULTURE. You still se this today as we speak. The pro-dominate culture isn't "American" it's European. Make sure you read it, this will all make complete since without any ignorance, religion, or violence. Just FACT, TRUTH, AND HISTORY.Respect

    • Anonymous

      Thanks u got @mail?

    • Anonymous

      Homosexuality in Ancient Greece/Rome Science increasing homosexuality through foods and liquids Black male emasculation Planned Parenthood in Black America Pedophilia Eugenics movement, It's all out there, one will lead you to another and another!

    • Anonymous

      Feminism Ideology welfare Black/Native American Oppression wat else topics?

    • Anonymous

      For some reason the links will not post??? I will try again shortly, but it is out there in your libraries to across the web/historians/lectures/Books. Look up the topics and you will find all of this. I have done this for years and traveled all over to examine these topics.

    • Anonymous

      links to your info research etc Mr Professor?/

  • Anonymous

    Let get this straight pleaseLets get this straight please, This man was living a double life by choice. He was engaged for eight years to a woman who had no idea of his homosexuality. Is that fair to her? She obviously isn't a homosexual herself, which is wrong on his behalf. Who knows if he was having sex with men and her at the same, more than likely he probably was. So we are praising someone for not living a lie anymore, by choice, a DL male, for admitting he's tired of the lie, but some one else's life was at risk and they didn't even know? America is falling slowly. If anything we should praise Kobe for him admitting he was cheating on his wife or Tiger Woods, if we want to be correct. This is him revealing his personal sexual preference, not a award, not a charity, not a new invention, a sexual preference. Mind you, what are pedophiles? Adults with sexual preferences for children. Are they celebrated? Do they come out publicly and have parades for their sexual preferences, NO. It's your own personal business! This was an internal issue with himself struggling to be honest. You can see how many Rappers and Athletes are zombies for praising this action, when it's just his own personal business nothing more nothing less. He doesn't need praise or assault because who he truly is. Sad day in America, people are just so blind. Some one else was at risk without even knowing. I bet she is seriously hurt ask we speak. The next thing that will be accepted in years to come will be Pedophilia. Most europeans ancestry stems back to Ancient Greece. People do your research. Homosexuality and what is now know as Pedophilia was a major lifestyle for them. They loved emasculating/having sex men and little boys over sexual intercourse with women. Why do you think you have a great number of older white male pedophiles in America? Historical fact, not hate or opinion. Blacks in America will never understand lifestyle norms of another culture has been forced on you, Names, Religion, Language, Culture, Sexual Orientation and more. This was never the case in Ancient Africa/ Egypt. Please do your research. No hate towards any humans, but please understand where this coming from and why. Surface readers and value takers are the downfall of America.

    • Anonymous

      ''Man controlled science has been tampering with nature to increase homosexuality for depopulation reasons'' watt where???

    • Anonymous

      @Anon That's perfectly fine and that's your opinion, very little fact stated. You didn't even deconstruct my argument.I don't watch lesbian porn or condone it, my personal preference, if any thing it should be kept private. I can tell by the way you responded you may have done little to none research on this issue and you may have an issue with articulating yourself. I am very secure about my sexuality, but I also see an issue amongst a group of people and humanity. I dont hate anyone as a person but I have the free will to not agree with the choices you make and show you why without IGNORANCE OR RELIGION, JUST FACT AND TRUTH, nothing more nothing less. This is a lifestyle that has only harmed a community more than helped, FACT. Drug dealing, a lifestyle that has only harmed a community more than helped, FACT. Feminism, a lifestyle/ideology that has only harmed society more than helped, FACT. I can go on and on. Understand there is a difference between opinion and fact/truth. Facts and truth can never be bullshit unless you can't handle the truth, only opinions can be my friend. People are born this way? You are entitled to your opinion but back it with research. Man controlled science has been tampering with nature to increase homosexuality for depopulation reasons.Understand there are chemicals placed in water and foods to develop the testosterone in women and estrogen in men now days. Estrogen is for women which makes the feminine. Testosterone is for men, the more you have the more agressive and manly you are. The more this happens the rate of homosexuality grows. Please do your research. The more a woman is manly she will seek to play the role of man to a woman unless she wants a male bitch for a partner. Vice versa for men as well. People are conditioned to become who they are. You place a man in a environment with no male guidance or leadership and only women, he will think, possibly act or become a woman himself. You place a female in an all male environment, she will most likely do the same thing. Just look at the urban poverty driven areas in America. It's right in front of your face. I use to talk and blurt out just like you until I started doing my own research to fully understand and stand behind my points, without the use of attack, ignorance, or religion for any topic I would debate about. I don't believe because of your lifestyle you should be discriminated against or attacked, but your lifestyle should be examined for pros and cons when it is doing more negative then good. Before you speak again put time and proper effort in your argument. Hope that pseudo-intellectual bullshit was good enough Anon.

    • Anon

      That was the most pseudo-intellectual bullshit I ever heard. There are close to 1,500 different species that have homosexual tendencies. There are hundreds and thousands of gay black men and women. There are "homo thugs" there are "bears", "twinks" all walks of life. Accept people for who they are and move on. I don't go around telling people to change the color of their skin. How can you go around and tell people to change the way they were born?? There are plenty of homosexual males who have fathered children. Slept with women, same goes for homosexual women. Ya'll got no problem watchin lesbians get it on?? Alright. So admit it just grosses you out seeing two dudes kiss. Your a little pussy who doesn't know how to understand the world. Your insecure about your own sexuality. You're worried you might start liking dudes. I get it.

    • uhuhuh

      ur research?

    • Anonymous

      @uhuhuh Say that again please?

    • uhuhuh

      tell that Jason collins got links to your research?

    • Anonymous

      @Har-magedon, G.O.D. -Thanks! Understand most women can't comprehend this. We are on two different wavelengths!

    • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

      PEACE Well put. Had a conversation with a young lady on Kevinnothingham. com a while back and tried to explain this but she just could not get it. This emasculating of black males need to stop. We have enough issues to deal with illiteracy, drugs, education (family), instructions (schools), etc...we do not need to get sidetracked at this moment. PEACE

    • Anonymous

      @Emmanuel -Thank you for understanding. You can see I didn't use one reference to the bible or beliefs, and explained this in a appropriate manner. All we have to due is research and this world we are living will become much more clearer to us. Blacks are a different people, that's why they are quiet passionate against homosexuality. They did not come from this culture. Un normal for them. This is not saying all white people are for homosexuality but most of them are in the power positions pushing it. Not to mention how christianity was drilled into Blacks brains for hundreds of years. I can go on about this but thanks for reading.

    • Emmanuel

      Great insight.

  • Anonymous

    I hear where asap is coming from. chris rock touched a similar issue with the movie 'good hair'. some black women have low low, self esteems.....one more tip.....black blondes suck!

  • Kyle

    Am i the only New Yorker who hates the fact that he reps us?





  • ETK

    yes A$AP, we know you ain't got a problem with gay people. that's pretty well fuckin established by now lol.

  • Anonymous

    Rocky looks gay as fuck in this picture

  • mike s

    asap rockys closet af lol

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