Snoop Lion Says Some Gangsta Rap Today Is "Not Real"

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg says artists had to prove their backgrounds in the past and that Hip Hop has changed.

Snoop Lion was recently asked to speak about the differences between Gangsta Rap in the '90s and Hip Hop today. The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg explained that a rapper's credibility was more scrutinized in the past.

"It's not real," Snoop said of a lot of today's content. "Where I come from, we got put on a set. I had to walk down the line and fight three or four of my homies for two, three or four minutes and then go do something and then go do something again and now, I'm in the hood. Nowadays, you can just say this is where you from. You ain't got put on, you ain't got no resume, you ain't got no TRW. We ain't got no backtrackin' to even say who you are and what you were. Where I come from, you had to do things to create a name for yourself and visibly do things, even if it was negative. But you had to put in work. Nowadays, the only work you gotta put on is make a record. The record is your work."

"When we got in the game, they did all kinds of research to see: Is he really from this gang? Is he really this? Did he really do this? And if there was one mark against you being fake or false, you was out of the game," he continued.  

More from this interview with Sway in the Morning can be viewed below.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like Rozay doesn't pass that "real" test.



    • Lboy

      Mac miller is real. ab-soul is real. should I stop their or continue cus there's alot more real rappers in the game then the wack niggas whos dick your currently on.

  • jerry

    My ass just queefed on my boyfriends dick. Is this embarrassing? i assured him it won't smell but i don't like the way he looked at me. pls is this embarrassing? i need an answer.

  • Anonymous

    (coughs) Rick Ross (coughs) Lil Wayne (coughs)

  • Anonymous

    Course it's not real , but what is real is that you got miley fuckin cyrus on your album and all I know is that's a whole lot worst than anything in this entire world you fuckin sell out

    • Anonymous

      His background still checks out, Miley is grown now if he made a song with Hannah Montana 7 years ago then you may have a valid argument. She needs him not the other way.

    • Anonymous

      i was thinkin bout that same shit to tell the truth... whyd he have to go and put hanna montana on his album, the reggae album of all things

  • ughgbyhgbhb

    snoop is lieing ,,kicks snoop off his gin and juice bike

  • Fish

    FINALLY!!!! Maybe it takes someone as big as snoop to call out the pretenders so that people stop listening to them. I'm naming names - Wayne, Birdman, Plies and most importantly, Officer Ricky. If you listen to any of these wannabe's, YOU are just as much of a fuckin disgrace as them. Say what you like about people like Gucci Mane and Chief Keef, but at least they aren't studio gangsters.

    • John-Boy

      Pretty sure Keef has done more dirt than Rape Ross, Pliers, and Wayne combined. And yes I agree he is a pussy for crying over the thirty days. Most gangbangers are soft without their click though.

    • Anonymous

      Keef still cried over 30 days in juvie. he is def not a real nigga. he a baby gangsta

  • dentaldamboy

    Props to Snoop for taking more shots as Jay-Z. Earlier in the week he made it clear that Jay took advantage of the murders of Pac and Big and that there is no way Jay would have blown up if those two were around. Now he's saying that Jay is the biggest studio gangsta of them all. Snoop is welcome down here in New Orleans any time.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I am his accountant. And you're not an accountant for YMCMB or anyone.

    • dentaldamboy

      Why are you so sure that Jay-Z is a real gangsta? Are you his accountant? I'm an accountant for YMCMB.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is bullshit, dentaldambitch. He was taking shots at Wayne, Birdman, and Ross, not Jay-Z, who's a real gangster. He had nothing to do with Pac and Big's deaths, he still would've blown up if they were alive.

    • Anonymous

      He is also talking about Lil Wayne, Birdman and Rick Ross to name a few

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    PEACE Although I don't fully understand that new persona but I've always thought Snoop was one of the realest dude from the West and from that era period. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Now these clowns understand that Suge was a bitch, is a bitch and will always be a bitch, Monster Kody said it way back and real street dudes knew it.

  • ETK

    T.I. said the exact same thing. back in the day, you was held accountable for your actions. If you were proven to be bullshittin about stuff you say you do, that was a strike against you. today, everyone's walkin out there claiming to do twice the things they actually are about, niggas are frontin like they're about that life! stealing identities and shit. hip-hop took a serious left turn



  • ygtyuguygb

    neyo cant be green or yellow with neon, he hates indpent womans and one in a million,,ppl get stung by bees and pretty girls by boats,,

  • as

    From the guy who's latest reincarnation is pretending to be Bob Marley.

  • foreal

    you mean Rick Ross hasnt moved 100's of kilos of coke? Weezy doesnt have goons killing for him? You really mean that Tyga is a b*tch? noooo way snoop. you so cray'

    • ^

      He didn't move bricks, but Jay has comiited crimes and did post up to feed his family; he's not a studio gangster.

    • dentaldamboy

      You mean Jay-Z never moved bricks through Maryland? You mean he didn't post up to feed his mom and sister? You mean Jay never committed a crime? You mean Jay is a studio gangsta?

  • damn

    snoop grew the fuck

  • IMhO

    crazy interview..snoop basically admits tupac been trippin n can understand why ppl went at pac the way he did.. RIP PAC

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef is the realest out right now...He about that life...Str8 Gangsta

  • foekist

    Ricky Ross writes from his heart and what he knows???? YEAH RIGHT SNOOP! FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • Anonymous

    yeah rappers need to stop pretending to be gangsters if they're not, but theres nothing wrong w/ not being one

  • jon

    yeah, but I never care where they came from. All that matters is the art, you don't get to judge the artist. DMX is a real you get and he's terrible.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Most of these rappers ain't real. Word. Tyga grew up in the valley with rich parents driving luxury cars but he reps Compton. French Montana was made and sold hiphop dvds but thinks he was a big coke dealer. Rick Ross used to lock up criminals and search their butts for the cocaine he claims to have sold. If they was real they'd have criminal records. Like it or not Rick Ross is the new MC Gusto! BAWSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked Dr.Dre is a studio gangsta. Tupac repped westside even though he is from new york. Shit the only real one in NWA was eazy-e (R.I.P) smh.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    funny how he says 'when we got in the game' since Dr. Dre was one of the fakest gangsta rappers in the game at that time. straight studio gangsta who didn't even hold any weight at Death Row, always getting punked by Suge and them.

  • Anonymous

    Shit's never been serious.

  • Fresh

    Yeah and some Reggae today is "not real" either lol

  • Doc S.

    Point taken, if it was today, Bo$$ would be the baddest gangsta rapper ever!

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