Pusha T Reveals "Ni**as In Paris" Beat Was Offered To Him, Sophomore LP Title

Pusha T admits that sometimes he doesn't hear the potential in certain beats Kanye West sends him. The Clipse co-founder also begins mapping out the "My Name Is My Name" follow-up.

As one of the new additions to G.O.O.D. Music in 2011, Pusha T was privy to a firestorm of press, concert appearances and more, courtesy of his signing to Kanye West's high-profile label. In a new interview with AskMen.com, Pusha also revealed that 'Ye offered the Clipse co-founder one of his most famous beats as of late.

"[Kanye West] sent me some stuff that I don’t always feel. It happens. Then he’ll go out of his way to prove you wrong. And he does sometimes…'Ni**as in Paris,' said the Virginia Beach, Virginia native, of the song co-produced by Mike Dean, Hit-Boy and Anthony Kilhoffer. In turn the song ended up a triple-platinum single on the summer 2011 Jay-Z & Kanye West collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

In hindsight, Pusha admitted that he missed the beat's full potential. "You have to have that imagination sometime, and that’s something I’m learning. I’m so ready to rap and stuff that imagination don’t be kicking in."

In the same interview, Pusha T revealed that following his July 16 release of solo debut, My Name Is My Name, he will be wrapping his sophomore album, titled, King Push. The veteran added that at present, he plans no guest appearances on the follow-up.

Read the full Pusha T interview at AskMen.com.

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    it wouldnt have to be a hit if pusha made a song on it. just remember that. its also the artists who make it into a hit! not only the beat!

    • IMhO

      remember what happened to that boy!! that was birdmans and clipse.. idk what pusha would of done to it prob wouldnt have ben a big as NIP but if pusha had a verse on an already created NIP i th ink he coulda killed a verse

    • jerryc

      its funny cause I aint heard a song that pusha has received that I felt anyone could turn into a hit in quite some time. The clipse had hits when they were given a chance. Grindin, When the last time, Mr me Too

    • foreal

      agreed, i love push but you cant compare push rapping on a beat to jay z/kanye. the song would've been completely different, its about creativity and artist arent the same

  • Anonymous

    pusha passed on this beat i made it to a jam.

  • Money First

    This is a classic example of why real producers need to guide these artists even those who have been in the game for a minute....Their ears are not always up to par and although they are good lyracists they may lack true songwriting skills....THis is what will take you to the next level!!!!

  • pusha t

    pusha t always fucking talking about other people.

  • dentaldamboy

    I'm fingering my vagina to his sexy braids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BryanH

    Humility is dope Especially for a GOOD music rapper A beat is all the heart needs nothing else it's after music is fruit a part from seeds It comes from the realness in your heart you see

  • Anonymous

    ninjas in paris?

  • dentaldamboy

    he looking hella sexy make a nigga wanna go and get his hair did

  • Merce Maddux

    Keep up the good work Pusha. Dope! http://youtu.be/MNs87Myw394

  • Pusha T - My Name Is My Name

    1. Greatness feat. Pharrell (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 2. The Devil's Advocate feat. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Nottz) 3. What Money Sounds Like (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 4. Feel Alright feat. The-Dream (Produced by The-Dream) 5. How You Like Me Now (Produced by The-Dream) 6. Pain feat. Future (Produced by Kanye West) 7. Get Clapped (Produced by Just Blaze) 8. Let Me In (Produced by No I.D.) 9. Tear It Up feat. Swizz Beatz (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 10. Right to Say feat. No Malice (Produced by The Neptunes) 11. Special (Produced by The-Dream) 12. Numbers on the Boards (Produced by Don Cannon) 13. Eat You Alive feat. RICK RO$$ (Produced by No I.D.) 14. Diesel (Produced by Nottz) 15. Never Gonna Change (Produced by The-Dream) 16. I Am feat. Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West, co. Mike Dean) Deluxe Edition 17. Acres (Produced by The-Dream, co. Rico Beats) 18. Ride Out feat. 2 Chainz & Travi$ Scott (Produced by S1, co. Caleb)

    • ...?

      Can't fucking wait, hopefully that Swizz track isn't like Summer On Smash off Life Is Good and I wish Ye would produce more, he seems to be doing a Dre. Great to see Pharrell/Neptunes having involvement and The-Dream ain't a joke when it comes to making music, all his shit is critically acclaimed. That Kendrick track will be interesting, K.Dot has made a name of killing rappers on their own shit but Pusha can definitely handle himself. And getting producers like Just Blaze, No I.D. & Nottz to make up the rest is dope as fuck... 100% will be top 5 of the year.

    • Ja Rule Gang

      you know if you ignore he'll go away. (that's 3 fucks given with my response)

    • Anonymous

      Dude, tracklists are corny. Zero f@cks are given, and you spend way too much of your personal life time to post all of these tracklists. Give it up.

    • R Kelly

      drip drip drip

  • OneNaTrillion

    Yeah this is old. I read that he was offerred the beat on THIS site. Push said it was too playful or something like that and he was looking for darker stuff

  • Foot Johnson

    For all the latest and greatest 4374 Music, Videos, News , & More visit 4374Life.com today

  • Anonymous

    That beat was trash. Sounded like a corny, simplistic, southern style beat Dem Franchise Boys or some wack artist from atlanta would rap on. People only liked that corny shit based on the names of the artists who were on it. Same with that "otis" bullshit. If Pusha or any other lyrical artist got on that, people would complain, and it wouldn't have been a hit.

    • Anonymous

      lol wow. this nigga talking about no church where the fuck is your head brah

    • uilliteratesonofabitch

      hey...fuckwit this article is about NIP, not NCITW. kill yourself for that alone lol

    • Anonymous

      you and the dude under this post have no idea what a great beat sounds like then. NCITW is a sick ass beat. Look how many commercials and movie trailers it's been featured in. That is because the beat is fresh in the first 3 seconds. Also you said it sound like a "Dem franchise boys" track. Kill yourself for that alone.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree that beat was pretty wack. Anyone with any production skill could have done that beat in very little time. But it was simple and catchy, and they made a simple and catchy song out of it. That's why it worked [obviously lol]...

  • Rreal Talk

    missed opportunity shit

  • Anonymous

    rap could be so dope

  • why Pusha t skills are limited

    "Im so ready to rap and stuff that imagination dont be kicking in."

  • Anonymous

    bet he feels stupid now

    • Anonymous

      the beat didn't make the song. if he hadn't passed up the beat then his version of the song would have never blown up like Kanye and Jay's version did anyway.

  • IMhO

    pusha woulda of killed that beat

  • Huh...

    About NIP being offered to Pusha T before it was used for WTT, you guys reported that waaaaay back in the day. Way to recycle news HHDX to add volume to an article.

    • Mizzle

      waaaaaaaay back in the man waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day

    • Anonymous

      waaaaaaay back in the day? WTT came out less than two years ago and i'm sure that the story about him being offered the beat came out a while after that song blew up

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