Snoop Lion Remembers Final Interaction With Tupac, Talks Gun Buyback Program

Snoop Lion reveals the last conversation he had with Tupac wasn't a pleasant one.

Though Snoop Lion (then Snoop Dogg) and Tupac were known to be good friends, it turns out that Snoop's final time speaking to his friend was a less-than-friendly conversation.

"Last time I saw him, he was laying in the bed," recalled Snoop somberly in an interview with Sway Calloway. "Holding onto his last breath. I had seen him before that. We had just left New York. I had gotten off the radio station with Angie Martinez. That's when me and him clashed, because she asked me on the air, 'How do you feel about Puffy and Biggie?' And I said what I felt. 'They my homeboys. I love 'em.'"

After Tupac perceived that Snoop had betrayed him by siding with Puffy and the Notorious B.I.G., with whom Tupac was beefing, Snoop's interactions with Pac completely changed. "When I got back to the hotel, it was a whole 'nother atmosphere, like he sent his homeboy to get the bud from me as opposed to him coming to get it from me. ...So I felt funny... When I got on the plane to go to LA the next day, Suge didn't let none of my security ride with me. I had to ride on the plane with him, his homies, and Pac. And it was the most uncomfortable ride I had in my life, because my nigga didn't say nothin' to me the whole ride. That's a five-hour flight on a private plane."

At one point, Snoop actually feared for his life on the flight. "I walk up to him, maybe three hours into the flight, sit next to him like, 'Yo goin' to Vegas, cuz?' He turns [away from me], starts talkin' to somebody else. I'm like, alright, go in the back, put the blanket on my head, knife in my hand, fork in my hand, and just sleep the rest of the ride, because I feel like they finna try to do something."

"When we walk out...I'm like, 'Cuz, you goin' to Vegas?' He do me like [dismissive gesture]. He went his way, I went my way. Next time I get a call, niggas like, 'Turn on the news! Turn on the news!'"

Snoop's interview did have some positive moments, as the rapper discussed his gun buyback program, a partnership with MTV that focuses on purchasing guns to get them off of the street. "The movement is for us to buy guns off of the street so that we can rid these communities of all this gun violence. We feel like... it's just too much unnecessary violence going on. In Connecticut, it really touched my heart with those kids, man. It really touched me, man. I felt like I had to say something. I felt like, as a rapper, I've been given so much power and so much ability to control people's minds and control people's feelings. Why not put some positivity in they mind and walk away with that?"

Watch the interview below:

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  • sugarfreestl

    2pac was a true and real azz nigga. & only the real understand & fuck with other real niggas. So if you diss pac trick ass bitch. Go die mother fucker. And if I knew who you was I'll leave your pussy ass wet bitch ass nigga.

  • Anonymous


  • mitchodinero

    pacs been dead for 17 years and people still talk shit just cant face the fact that hes the greatest of all time oh what about big l or rakim or gay z or fuckin ll cool j or big pun ect.... what the fuck about them dont give me any of that shit you stupid fucks is not my fault your mother dropped you on your fuckin head

    • Killer1

      You an ignorant little bitch who don't know shit about HipHop.. You sound like one of those ignorant white boy's who name biggie and Tupac as the greatest rappers of all time cause that's all they know about HipHop. HipHop is way wider then that punk ass bitch Tupac.. I guess you ain't got a clue about the golden age of HipHop or Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, G Rap, KRS etc.. Those brother would lyrically skim Tupac alive period

    • Killer1

      You an ignorant little bitch who don't know shit about HipHop.. You sound like one of those ignorant white boy's who name biggie and Tupac as the greatest rappers of all time cause that's all they know about HipHop. HipHop is way wider then that punk ass birch Tupac.. I guess you ain't got a clue about the golden age of HipHop or Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, G Rap, KRS etc.. Those brother would lyrically skim Tupac alive period

  • Anonymous

    snoop sold pac out

  • Kizman

    I love and respect biggie and pac but they weren't given the chance to prove or disprove their legacy. If almost every other rapper has fallen off at some point, odds are they would've too. They died at their peaks. If Eminem had been killed after the eminem show, he would've been very possibly solidified his spot as one of if not THE greatest. On top of that, all his unreleased music would've then been put out which would've been incredible. I can only imagine what was recorded back in the day that was never released. And his skill is undeniable. He has great flows, metaphors, punch lines, wit, technical ability, pure balliness.

  • Big Syke

    Snoop fell off in 1996

  • ETK

    Pac is a bit overrated, all the sheep at school are all like OMG 2pac biggie, we only listen to real rap and then they listen to Drake and justin bieber. I can name 50 rappers who are better than Pac, he wasn't a lyricists, his songs just have good meaning but not all of them. He didn't use any devices like punchlines, his lyrics were just too straight forward and lacked creativity. The sheep just piss me off, they think they know everything about hip hop and they don't even know Rakim or Big L.

    • Killer1

      Word it's good to hear the views of a real HipHop head... Pac was way over ratted just as Jay Z is today..

    • muthafing G

      are we talking about the same pac

    • Anonymous

      Lyrics pac has a great flow and lyrics you can relate to what he was saying alot.

    • Anonymous

      Pac was a revolutionary Mc. He just went in straight at you! He was a deep rapper, but he wasn't the greatest of all time. Biggie on the other hand was very unique and original. Had great breath control, used metaphors and his punchlines were ill. Both rappers had their unique qualities. Big Pun, Big L, list goes on. If Pac and Big weren't killed, who knows what the outcome of hip hop would be today. I'm sure a lot of cats wouldn't have been signed and I'm sure a lot of new cats would have been signed. We'll never know

    • P

      Poser is the sheep.

    • Anonymous

      2 PAC was better than 100% of any rapper, just like Michael Jordan was the best. Mike wasn't the best 3 point shooter, rebounder, passer, dribbler nor fastest runner, however, he was the best at his position, just like PAC.

    • thefed

      u right about the lyrics, but lil nigga Pac had nothing that was overrated. Pac was more than a rapper. Pac was an icon, and the shit u see rappers doing today, Pac was doing back in 95-96, when the shit was more of a vision than a reality. Thats why niggaz say Pac was the greatest. Get ya shit together lil nigga- u obviously dont know what the fuck u talking about, just like those sheep u mention.

  • Top 10 Worst Rap Fans In History

    1 - Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 - Eminem stans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 - Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 - Kanye West fans (this nigga ain't no music genius) 5 - 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans) 6 - Ross fans ( he's a fraud) 7 - Biggie fans (he's overrated af, ONLY 2 ALBUMS!!) 8 - Hova fans (they only care bout his money) 9 - Drake fans (he's a soft ass RnB singer) 10 - Lupe fans (bunch of 15yr old hipsters) FYI i support ugk, scarface,2pac,outkast,game,cube,dmx and rakim!

    • Anonymous

      I like the dudes you like, but I disagree with the worst rappers list. Can't support you on those names.

    • Da GOD

      yo nigga u support game ???? and you spit on jay nas and biggie you probably the worst motherfuckin son of bitch ever dude got yourself a gun and i hope you ready to die cause right now you got 99 problems niggaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jerome

    Suburban whites who don't have the street IQ to know the difference between a C.O. and a policeman are still heartbroken that Ross doesnt know Pablo Escobar and that JayZ didn't lose 92 Bricks. The Streets and people who listen to music for entertainment don't concern themselves with weather or not Dr Dre was ever a "Gangsta" or if Pusha T ever sold kilograms or if Snoop ever lived off the earnings of a prostitute....we listen to rap-music for the sound of the instruments and the slickness of the poetry. Suburban whites listen to our music so they can live out a "Ghetto" fantasy through the lives of our rappers which is why they focus so much on what they perceive as real/fake or fabricated/authenticated...our music is their only means of getting a street education so they actually attempt to believe song lyrics are supposed to be biographical criminal confessions.

  • Anonymous

    snoop a real dude. pac was angry and paranoid

  • rm

    Get off Pac's nuts already...dude was average at best on the mic...if you think he was the best, them you must not know shit about hip hop......Guru, Nas, Cube, KRS, G Rap were all 10x better than Pac...and thats just naming a few off he top of my KRS said.....WHILE YOU RESPECTED TUPAC, TUPAC RESPECTED ME!...............sTARTS playing Mobb Deep- Drop a Gem on'em

  • foursix

    Snoop is a clown nowadays. Used to be good.

  • Anonymous

    "fat joe is a snake" Fat Joe gave Big Twinkie Pun his big break. Then gave all those lazy ass Terror Squad bitches their chance. They didn't want to put work in, so Joe said see ya! He could have been much bigger if he would have just focused on himself.

  • eastcoastfan

    Pac was the hardest back in the day - come on you cant deny the brother he had some crazy war songs -Death Row was releasing crazy music - its a shame you kids got to listen to all these shit rappers - and im talking Jayz too

    • Killer1

      Hardest on the mainstream pop level

    • disagreeyourstupid

      as far as your concerned.... not very far pac shot two off duty cops his aunt is on the fbi's most wanted list his stepfather is in jail his mom was a black panther they all fought back so not only was he hard his whole fuckin family was hard so go fuck yourself with your slick rick bullshit

    • disagree

      I disagree with pac being the hardest cat. Anybody can talk crazy in the booth. As far as I'm concern Slick Rick is one of hardest in the game. His cousin who also was his bodyguard tried to extort money from his, Slick Rick refused. Dude threaten to kill him and his mother. Slick Rick did not run to the studio and make a diss track. He handle his business according to the street code.

  • just some thoughts

    2pac was on some childish shit trying to impress his surrogate dad, Suge Knight. Hell, Snoop was getting off on a murder charge, that man wasn't trying to step into more drama. 2pac done more harm to hip hop than good. The most significant thing he did was make the word "thug" popular, which is ironic because he wasn't one. REAL THUGS DON'T MAKE DISS TRACKS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ALLEGEDLY TRIED TO KILL THEM. The streets would be a safer place if that was the case. .

    • Anonymous

      Pac was good for hip hop in terms of popularity and sales. His beef with Biggie also sold alot of magazines. I get your point though. If Pac had slowed down and stopped trying to impress Suger Suge, I think later on you wouldn't have seen half as many rappers beefin with each other. Other rappers saw Pac go at Biggie and thought it would be gangsta for them to do the same thing. Only problem was Pac wasn't the super thug he claimed to be. All he cared about was making some money which he blatently admitted on the video shoot for California Love.

    • just some thoughts

      What part is a lie. Explain don't complain

    • RM

      @ just some.....You are 100% correct! Shit i thought i was one of he few who thought this. Bishop ......uuuuh i mean pac was the hardest actor in rap...shit he even made you nggas beleive he was hard. And yup, he did do more harm than good to hip hop. Thats one of the reasons i dont like him or his music. yeah im from Los Angeles too bitches.

    • Rreal Talk

      ^talking out of your ass shit

    • I`m sayin` tho

      Real talk!

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is bullshit lies.

  • Anonymous

    snoop dogg aka snoop lion a hip hop legend nuff respect

  • M

    wow I am not a snoop fan any more. It's hard to listen to his older music now that he's become a nancy doing gun buybacks. keep it 100 snoop, and stay gangsta for your fans.

    • D Johnson

      People grow up. People mature. People change. I have much respect for him.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, continue to be a gangsta and support guns being put in the streets for our young black youth.....really M? Grow up man. You can still keep it real by avoiding violence you jackass

  • rick

    I can't believe this guy is encouraging people to sell their guns; what the hell are we going to do when the NWO is in full effect? The signs are written on the walls but niggas can't read it. dumb ass.

  • Anonymous

    snoop a og in the game real reconize real

  • IMhO

    reminds me of 50 and game beef. 50 wanted him to beef with everyone and game said fuck that im not here for that and 50 dismissed him all for a bunch of bullshit. 50 n pac got the same emotional gene makeup-bitch like

  • IMhO

    after all these years seems like snoops startin to get what life should be about

  • Foot Johnson

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  • Pixiles

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    People on this board are stupid. If a grown man says he doesn't have a problem with someone, then he doesn't have a problem. Pac & Big got caught up in their own bullshit that resulted in the biggest Nigga Moment in Hip Hop history.

  • Young Lou

    When I 1st heard this back in 97 or 98 I thought,"that nigga turned his back on PAC." PAC gave the westcoast and rap music in general so much and helped feed so many people that I still feel SNOOP was wrong for saying that ish. Them mofo's on the eastcoast was booing SNOOP, DRE & DEATHROW. When PAC got outta prison all that madness changed. How in the f*ck could he go on the radio and say that punk ish? Imagine if DAZ or KURUPT said,"yea, I hung out wit EAZY E and his boys last night" during the height of they rap beef? They would've been ex'd from the DOGG POUND asap. He shoulda just road that wave out til they feud was resolved.

    • D Johnson

      How is he wrong? Why do you have to have a problem with someone that hasn't done anything to you because they have a problem with one of your friends? Snoop is real.

  • Anonymous

    2pac was such a bitter bitch. He took shit so literally.

  • yayo

    2pas is wack & overrated

  • K J

    FUCK Snoopussy. Weak ass double face bony Bitch with some Nerve How the Fuck u say that shit on the radio with no hunch of annoying Pac, that was a bitch means to your end u One Hot album nigga. U knew Pac's people were Listening and u deliberately did that shit. Fuckin Snoopussy Like Dre went behind Pac's back How about if he put himself in Pac's shoes that Time. Fuck snoopussy for Life

  • triPAUD

    damn, i respect that snoop actually told the truth about that shit.



    • Lboy

      I think Snoop was highly offended when Pac did that to him, but to say he hired a hit on him after they had years of friendship based on that one airplane experience is a reach bruhh. I could get in a physical fight with my homeboy and I would still be far from putting a hit on him, being ignored isnt the worst thing that can happen to someone lol. Sometimes people just need there space when there feeling a certain way about you. In order for what your saying to be true there would have to be other elements in the situation we are unaware of. Maybe snoop was disrespected on that plane more then he would ever admit...maybe he was always secretly jealous of pac...shit like that, but just based of what snoop said in this interview I don't think he killed pac

    • Anonymous

      damn you speak the truth dawg. i never thought of it like that i mean snoop basically put himself as a prime suspect. he must of felt like shit when pac ignored him TWO times, i know i would of smacked him up if he did that to me. hell i would of hijacked the fuckin plane and crashed that bitch

  • Anonymous

    Snoop has his Crips murder 2Pac!

  • dentaldamboy

    If Pac was still around, he would have lynched the real Jay-Z, not an effigy of him, at Summer Jam.

  • snoop

    at least I told the truth, fuck ya'll haters

  • Anonymous

    seems to me that pac was a lil sensitive bitch

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ you're making up lies

    • suntzuu

      when thereis beef you stay with your team everybody from the hood knows that.When Snoop was in New York ,Biggie went on the radio and said he could'nt believe the the niggas from NY are allowing Pac and Dogg Pound to shoot a video in NY and after few mins shots were fired into Snoop's Trailler thats what also caused the beef between Biggie and Pac.lets also not forget the Guy who shot Pac in 95 confessed he was friends with Biggie, which we can conclude that Biggie knew who shot Pac and could'nt let him know.

    • lol

      he aint lyin'. pac was emotional its well known he let it get the best of him alot

    • Lboy

      Those are some strong words to attach to a man you never met in person. and its funny cus I know ALOT of niggas who would slap you in the mouth for saying some shit like that lol.

  • Anonymous

    pac was a fucking hypocrit. Snoop is right. Fuck the so called goat

  • Colione

    Ok, first off u need to see us before snoop or 2pac. we better than both uf um. jljljljl memmememememememem. im du best colione bitvh!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    no one should talk about tupac any more hes getting mixed in with 2 chains

  • Anonymous

    You can hear from Snoops words that Pac wanted the beef to make money, he was such a hypocrite, i mean i love his music but he was a bitch nigga when he didn't talked to snoop on the plane.

    • firehawk17

      ya'll are stupid...snoop just said the beef was real and why pac was mad.... if u need to go back and listen to the interview do so...its right there.. snoop said from where they come from pac had every right to be mad..but it was nothing biggie and them could do about it so it was a twisted situation.. ya'll call him a hypocrite but have nothing to back that claim up.. these fake thug ass rappers now are hypocrites. call them out..

    • Anonymous

      i think it was somewhere in the middle. I think pac believed what he believed, but i don't think it was all correct. I don't think biggie had him set up, but due to the connections its possible puffy might have known something. I think bottom line is puffy was in their circle on way or another. I think pac was mostly alone in this interpretation, and despite snoop being a friend, wasn't going to join sides on something he didn't believe in.

    • Anonymous

      he hatet them east coast niggaz to make money out of the beef you lil idiot. pac was a smart ass he even told biggie after the shooting he's diong all that beef shit to get some money

    • Anonymous

      What? How the fuck did you manage to pull that shit. He stopped talking to his homie cause he said he loved the dudes he was beefing with. BECAUSE IT WAS REAL. He really hated those dudes and to have a friend go on air and support them is a slap in the face. No wonder rap is the way it is, it has dumb ass fans like you.

  • Anonymous

    Hatin on Snoop is bullshit, Snoop told the truth right here, biggie was his homeboy and biggie had no hate against PAC

  • rudeboy

    fuck this shit p.diddi is ur homeboy this bitch aint got no music in his vein and sell artists like gums for money diddy is the worst bitch ever made

    • Anonymous

      Jayz is a snake fat joe is a snake nas is a snake birdman is a snake suge knight is a snake all these persons did wrong to there artists. But you are probably some lame ass 2pac fan who still thinks its 1996. wake up this is the music industry

  • hip hop

    lost respect for you biatch!

  • Anonymous

    Pac knew you'd become a bitch ass so he blanked you. How ya feel now patna ??????

  • tbcuz

    Do they ever stop hyping themselves??

  • Art Brooks

    Snoop a shot caller in this Hip Hop game.

  • Rainbow Coalition

    hey snoop help us run all the blacks out of rap!

  • Rainbow Coalition

    we support snoop

  • MiZi

    Yo at 25:05 is that Papa Doc from 8 mile haha


    Look at snoop 2013 Lickin the semen off Diddys Cock



  • 2 PAC (RIP)

    All I Gots To Say IZ FUCK snoop lion

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