Bow Wow Speaks On Dropping His Flashy Lifestyle On "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

Bow Wow reveals his hopes for a life different from his own for his one-year-old daughter during an episode of "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

Rapper and “106 & Park” host Bow Wow will serve as the latest artist to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" when he’s featured on an episode that will air this Sunday, April 28.

During the episode, the newfound television host opens up about his one-year-old daughter who he hopes will be able to experience the small moments he was unable to.

“My life as a father is, is, is kind of new,” Bow Wow revealed. “My daughter's only one years old. She'll be two in April, April 27th. Shai lives in Los Angeles and I'm in New York full time, it's so hard. You know, I Skype with her, and I just wish that I can just reach in there and grab her little self and I can't…For her I just wanna make sure that you know she's able to do the things I wasn't able to do. I wasn't able to go to school dances. I wasn't able to you know try out for my basketball team 'cause I was on the road.”

Bow Wow also touched on his privileged youth and losing interest in the flashier things in life as he grew older.

“When I was younger I pretty much bought every car I wanted,” said the rapper. “We call it stunting you know that's when you're flashy and you got all the jewelry. But, like, I don't even wear all that stuff anymore, like, I'm so laid back and you know, just chill. I feel like now I'm at that point in my life where that stuff doesn’t - it doesn't identify who I am. I don't need it anymore. I remember a wise man always telling me you know you're still Bow Wow when you take all that stuff off right?”

Other notable celebrities to be featured on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" include Mike Tyson, Sinbad, and Marion Jones.

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  • flexman

    lol he aint living simple because he's tired of the high life... he just flat broke

  • Anonymous

    uop lil bow wowl ut are uml duegng my nmae esi nayquan lil bow wowl

  • shamel.washington

    Funny how people call Bow Wow broke. I guess he his on celebrity terms but the nigga still making 6 figures. I bet niggas in here working at Quiznos laughing about Bow Wow finances.

  • Trill

    I'm trying to figure out, how do you people know more about bow wows money than him, half of y'all don't know shit about what your saying. This niggas makes more money than what you broke ass critics siting behind your computer making. Lol I bet all of these comments are white people and lame ass no pussy getting black people. Smh


    Y'all dumb niggas on here sayin so uch shit cause you aint seein more bread than Most those rappers do..Yall gotta realise you trill niggas stil stuck in the projects.Bow done sold couple records yall talk is Dumb !

  • anoymous

    Just saw it, and Oprah, i don't know why you even wasting your time with that Lil Bow Wow. That dude just as broke as his fans... Why waste of time....

  • Anonymous

    "Since he is on prime time tv that means he is pulling at least 100k a year" He actually makes $200,000, but the gig is only for 6 months since BET only plans on keeping two hosts. $200,000 you say. Not bad, but then you factor in the $11,000 and change he owes every month for the daughter he skypes with, not to mention the taxes he owes. Whatever royalities he makes (if any) are probably very small checks, and I doubt he makes residuals off those movies he made. Just the fact you're sitting here defending him shows what a moron you are. You've read the same stories of his troubles yet defend him at the same time. Talk about a stan.

    • anoymous

      This dude don't pay child support... They said he's too broke to pay child support according to the courts... lol...

  • IROC

    The saying is A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL SOON PART ! And its very Obvious that Bow Wow is no different from any artist who fell vict to blowing money on cars jewlery clothes and hoes, we all know 106 & park is tight with the money, now a child to support, and you can bet Baby over at YMCMB is pimping every artist on the label look at how he ripped off the artist who help build that empire

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I don't think hes totally broke because of the crazy number of records he sold and royalties he still gets, but when you see your cash flow get small you take steps to control it. Now that he has 106 and Park money he is not going to mess up his money again.

    • Anonymous

      Umm... yes, he is. Because he's stupid and doesn't know how to manage his money. He ain't selling shit anymore and BET ain't paying him that much.

  • Anonymous

    Shoulda asked a generous ass nigga like Ja Rule for some money. Ja's got BILLIONS in his Swiss bank accounts.

  • Anonymous

    that nigga bow wow going broke

  • jermanie dupree

    bow wow net worth is only 10k he's gonna be dropped by cash money and sign to burger king records.. u kno dam well if he had money he'll still be trying to stunt..

  • Anonymous

    broke ass nigga buhahaha

  • jermaine dupri

    This nigga about to do a album with kris kross.

  • nigga creep

    You damn right cause the nigga aint got bread no mo lol? Weak ass industry/radio nigga

  • Anonymous

    Guess who's the porch monkey of the day?

  • Wu tang financial

    You should've diversified your investments bohng bohng! suuuu

  • Anonymous

    This is your current favorite wack rapper in 10 years. I bet some of ya'll were on sites like this telling people how he's richer than you and how his album sells more.

  • Using Babies As Excuses

    If I was a living a materialistic lifestyle that required me to waste money and flaunt pointless stupid shit yet I was a fuckin dumbshit when it came to simple money management, I would be forced to drop my flashy lifestyle, too.

  • These Losers Below

    If most of the rappers are broke, than y'all ni@@as are damn near Ethiopian children because most of you live with your mom, have no job that pays more than $20.00/hour,your car hardly works and when it does you don't have any gas and you can't take your girl out to eat because yo broke ass gotta pay them damn tickets. So, before you cast stones, go buy some damn bricks for your own house.

  • Anonymous

    yall lil kids on here commenting calling these rappers broke are beyond stupid. Understand that their type of broke is still rich compared to most of your life styles.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you say is bullshit lies.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Anonymous: Ok financial guru. Do explain how Bow Wow's life is rich. Yeah, people can be quick to judge, but has Lil Owww Wow done lately to make you believe he's still flossin? He's on BET. Ok, it's still a paying gig, but a long way from where he was not too long ago. Factor in a kid he admits he doesn't see, and it seems like just another case of someone who blew their good fortune. I'll explain it because it seems you are a little kid. Since he is on prime time tv that means he is pulling at least 100k a year. Add that with all his music royalties, deals, endorsements and oh yeah all the free clothes he wants because he is in the public eye and on tv. I would not be surprised if this dude made 200k-300k a year. Not a fan but just smarter than you

    • Diddy

      The way Yo Momma get around I might be Yo Daddy so watch Yo tongue boy

    • Anonymous

      Ok financial guru. Do explain how Bow Wow's life is rich. Yeah, people can be quick to judge, but has Lil Owww Wow done lately to make you believe he's still flossin? He's on BET. Ok, it's still a paying gig, but a long way from where he was not too long ago. Factor in a kid he admits he doesn't see, and it seems like just another case of someone who blew their good fortune.

    • Anonymous

      Good joke, bitch.

  • Anonymous

    The "flashy" lifestyle dropped his ass..get it right...

    • foreal

      foreal! what he said^^^. i read that he got a some cars repossessed about a year ago. atleast he is working on 106 and park now, but he is fronting on with those comments. these rappers feel that have to portray a flashy image. they buy $300k cars when they should be buying $60-$100k cars. Good luck with that $250k lambo especially after you drive it for a year, personalize the car with a corny interior and the resale value drops to $100k.

  • Coogi

    Dont go broke tryna look rich

  • Anonymous

    This little midget doesn't wear jewelry anymore cause he had to pawn it lol If you miss your daughter so much move her to New York.

    • anoymous

      That baby momma of his is nothing but a straight up hoe.... I don't know what the heck that lil dude was thinking smdh......... If he don't want to pay child support. He claims he got so much money, why can't he fight for full custody of his child. Live with him in New York I just don't understand it.

    • Anonymous

      a few months back his baby momma was saying he only seen his daughter 2 or 3 times since she was born and that he dont even pay child support LOL

  • knows

    Underrated coming soon!



  • hank hill

    the nigga broke, i bet he didnt get to decide wether to drop the flashy or not

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