LL Cool J To Narrate Floyd Mayweather Documentary

The voice that "Ladies Love" will narrate the documentary called "Mayweather," a film that follows the life of champion the boxer of the same name.

After portraying a fighter in his famous 1991 "Mama Said Knock You Out" video, LL Cool J will help tell the story of a champ of the ring.

Mayweather, the Floyd Mayweather documentary airs on CBS April 27 at 8pm EST just one week before the May Day: Mayweather vs. Guerrero boxing match. Predictably, the documentary will give viewers a look into the life of boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather.

“Mayweather is an honest portrayal of the controversial and charismatic best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.” says producer Ross Greenburg. Mayweather’s latest opponent Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero will also be highlighted in the Mayweather doc.

Not only will Queens, New York veteran emcee-turned-actor LL Cool J be narrating the Mayweather documentary, he will be premiering one of his tracks off his upcoming album Authentic entitled “We’re The Greatest” in it. It will feature guitar sounds by the legendary Eddie Van Halen.

In regards to the new record LL told Radio.com, “It’s not necessarily about me and Eddie [Van Halen], per se. It’s about people that kinda get tossed aside, forgotten about, kicked down, and then they make a comeback in life and they regain that ground that they had lost, and then some.”

LL Cool J's Authentic will release on April 30.

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  • Mayweather vs Guerrero Stream

    Nobody attracts Pay Per View viewers like Floyd Mayweather does and I expect this fight to generate all kinds of earnings. I saw the 30 days in May documentary online and it seems like Showtime has their promotion properly put together for this fight.

  • Killem Dafoe

    I saw Floyd on ESPN talking to Stephen A Smith in a snippet talking bout he "The Best Ever" but I disagree. He ducked Pacquiao for years and fought mostly nobodies. 43-0 with 26KOs is great, but again, who'd he fight? Now if he can get to 50-0, we can admit him as one of the best ever. But he ain't never gonna be seen as the best ever. P.S. LL Cool J is the only one who calls himself the G.O.A.T. cause nobody else do. Last LL album I copped was Mama Said Knock You Out.

  • money

    easy work bitch mades.

  • Art Brooks

    Fucken Mayweather. Could've revitalized boxing when him and Pacquiao were both undefeated, with a fight between them. But no, his scary-ass made all kinds of bullshit terms for the fight as a way to avoid it.

    • Laron

      Pac was never undefeated since the very early parts of his career. He had already suffered a handful of losses by decision and been KO'd once not to mention a draw. You don't know shit about boxing.

    • west

      shut up you hating swine

  • Anonymous

    Floyd without Curtis, is like Easy Mac with no cheese.

  • Anonymous

    Big deal. Curtis is getting Robert Downey Jr. to narrate his new documentary, "Got Rich, Snitched, Then Stopped Trying".

  • Kevin

    He should of had Morgan Freeman to do it. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well

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