KRS-One's Son DJ Predator Prime At Work On "Chrono" EP

After touring the world and opening for his father KRS-One at Rock The Bells, DJ Predator Prime is hard at work on his debut release.

Boogie Down Productions may be the latest crew to receive a second wave. While members of Wu-Tang Clan and The Click have several children recording and producing, a press release reports that Bronx, New York legend KRS-One's son is currently recording a debut EP.

DJ Predator Prime, whose shares the same Kris Parker name as his father, has performed and toured extensively. At the 2010 Rock The Bells, Prime performed an opening deejay set for his acclaimed father. He has also been a part of a 26-city international tour, after first hitting the stage years ago at Los Angeles, California's Key Club.

While the Chrono EP is currently without a release date, this week DJ Predator Prime released the EP's intro, of the same name, to Soundcloud.

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