Azealia Banks Ends "Twitter Terror" With The Deletion Of All Her Tweets

Prior to her Tweets being deleted, Azealia Banks hinted at her Twitter profile being taken over by a publicist or label rep.

Harlem rapper Azealia Banks has found herself in the midst of many artist beefs thanks to comments made via her Twitter account, but it seems the twenty-one-year-old artist may no longer be able to use the social networking site to fuel her feuds.

As of today (April 24), all Tweets from Bank’s Twitter profile have been deleted. According to, the deletion of her Tweets comes just days after Banks’ Tweeted out this message: “My days of twitter terror are about to be over. I have to turn over my password.”

The message indicates that the rapstress’ Twitter account may possibly be taken over by a publicist or label rep.

Over the past year, Banks has feuded with numerous artists via Twitter including Baauer, Angel Haze, Iggy Azalea, and most recently, fellow Harlem emcee A$AP Rocky. Earlier this month, Banks lashed out at the rapper and even questioned his sexuality following remarks Rocky made about women of color in his interview with The Coveteur.

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  • Stephen

    I agree with Azar and some of the others. She had so much potential but her twitter presence ruined it all for her. I actually liked a lot of her music and I think she is incredibly talented but the fights, name calling, racist & nasty comments just turned me right off. She gave the impression she was better,smarter,more talented than most and she was nasty to anyone who dared disagree with her.I even saw her disrespecting someone simply because he said kids need to go to school. Judging by her reply I'm guessing she didn't go or at least didn't finish school because I don't know who else would argue against education. I wanted to like her, I really did but I never listened to anymore of her songs after the day I stumbled across her twitter. She won't change but at least now less people will be publicly verbally attacked.

  • Azar

    Too late for her. Damage is done. She will NEVER be as big as she was supposed to be, her true persona is out in public. A hatful person. Make no mistake, she is DONE.

  • NYC

    She is more know for her Twitter account than her music. Social networking is for fags anyway. Just put out good music and leave it at that.

  • Reas

    The stuff she tweets about isn't smart and her beefs get more notoriety than any of her songs. This is the best thing to happen to her

  • Anonymous

    Stop attackin that girl - she into what she into, man. She like defending herself then let her; she'll figure it out one day.


    What an ugly bitch, I wonder who would listen to her wack shit and knowing that an ugly mouth in an ugly face of un ugly bitch ass nigga that spits it! I wouldn't even let her in hell cuz of her ugly face !!!

  • Mr.NiceGuy

    This is good for her! She becoming famous for the petty fights she wages on twitter than for the music she puts out. I not a fan or anything like that but if I was her rep I would tell her to hand over twitter to me. It within the interest of her career! Even Kanye could push aside the bullshit of being a self-absorbed douche-bag to focus on what really matters, being a musician and creating GOOD music!

  • Anonymous

    All I see is twitter bullshit and news about this chick. Does she even actually make music lol. Never saw a single one of her songs on this site or any site WTF?

  • Anonymous

    I wish this bitch would jump off a bridge.......jk (NOT)

  • Nahjee


    • Damn

      That's true, they won't...Once you come out the gate with a personality people don't like, without showing any other side of you, the image sticks. Even Kanye didn't come out doing that shit...He waited and solidified a spot before showing people that he's an asshole. lol Banks killed her career before it started, which is a shame because she's very talented. She's just another Charles Hamilton...Wasted potential.

  • Drake ft. Drake

    She's too much of a dark skinned nigger to make her own decisions, tbqh. Nicki Minaj doesn't have this problem.

  • Anonymous

    this is the first headline im reading where she makes a good decision.

  • dentaldamboy

    She would look better red.

    • hollywood

      how u sound? she look better as a red bone??? sound like you founded the NAACP beefing with Marcus Garvey saying some Slave ship crap like.. You must be from Alabama or Mississippi or one of those states that say its OK when white people disrespect you

    • dentaldamboy

      No, I'm mean she'd look better if she was a redbone.

    • NIKKA


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