The Firm's Nature Signs New Deal, Prepares 4-Part EP "Seasons Changed"

Nature is back with a production team and label that he strongly compares to The Trackmasters, and plans to release an EP every season.

Queens, New York emcee Nature garnered fame as the least-known member of late 1990s super-group The Firm. Alongside Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown, late addition Nature (a label-insisted replacement for Cormega) received a #1 debut for The Album, an early release on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment.

Outside of The Firm, Nature released an assortment of mixtapes and a album while signed to Columbia/Trackmasters Records, For All Seasons, which debuted on the Top 200, along with its 2002 follow-up, Wild Gremlinz. The "seasons" theme continues, 13 years later, as Nature announced that he's preparing for Seasons Changed.

The four-part EP series, released seasonally, will reportedly boast production from Buckwild, 88-Keys, Marco Polo and Red Spyda. Additionally, Nature's newly-announced DCM Records label includes established in-house producers Sickness, DJ Concept, DJ SupaDave, Skammadix and Little Vic.

“DCM is like a young version of the Trackmasters,” Nature said, comparing his latest producer backers to Tone & Poke, whom he released his first two solo LPs with, along with Firm biz.

A release date for Seasons Changed has yet to be announced.

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  • Count Mecha

    Nature was ill on 'For All Seasons' , 'Black Showbiz', and his new EP's are dope! He also ghost writes for a lot of cats. Give the man some credit, he writes real lines, not the bullshit the skinny jeans crowd listen to...

  • Art Brooks

    I'm glad U decided to be your own man and believe in yourself, Nature.

  • LOL

    received a #1 debut for The FIRM*** Album, an early release on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Nature moved to marcy...

  • Deal Closer

    I love Nature but cant we be more original Atmosphere has been doing that for years

  • Menza

    I love when WACK RAPPERS hate that means we doing something right... I also love when boogie gets nutzzz... DCM the Brand WILD ERA the movement... by the WAY anybody want to hide their name and talk shit is a #VAGINA in my eyes so DO U... come to long island talk that shit and see whats up .... MEN shouldn't be Jealous thats a Female trait...

  • LEO

    The DCM team is Strong. Music is legit. Artist are talented. Perfect way to start off

  • Sensaye

    Cool. Nature has always been mad nice. He needs to check himself on always talkin' about fuckin' young girls though, that shit is gettin' suspect.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't this the Qb dude that was reppin Marcy in the Memphis Bleek video. HMMM.

  • Bulletproof Goose Pillows

    If you hatin' on Nature you're too young to understand what the defining era of hip hop meant to everyone who lived through it. That's cool. You don't know any better.

  • Concept

    And just cause Nature says DCM is like a young version of the Trackmasters, that shit has nothing to do with the sound. It has to do with the work ethic. AND, thats 4 covers, for 4 separate albums that come together to make a poster. Wouldn't expect some herb to fucking understand. Fuck outta here.

    • fuck nature

      Is that the best defense that you have? Hating? REALLY? I'm all for a good argument, sir, but please don't such a sorry counter argument. It only makes you look like an even bigger fool. I simply don't like the concept. PERIOD. And yes, I'm well aware that it's four separate album covers, but what you fail to realize is that there are four differnt pictures superimposed on his very first album cover, which has obviously been chopped up in quarters. I'm not blind. And do not tell me to reveal my real name when you yourself aren't doing the same, Mr Concept.

  • JackJoshit

    Damn Nature where he been at? He has some iLL bars tho. I'm sure he'll body these current bums tho.

  • Concept

    I find it funny that people who haven't heard any of the new music wanna comment on it. Im all for people having their own opinion about things, but blindly hating on shit is fuckin funny to me. And posting as Anonymous or Fuck Nature just really shows who you are: IRRELEVANT comment section gangsters who can't even put their real name. Once you put your real name and have a valid point, then maybe we can have a conversation.


    None of them would say it to my face fucking faggots

  • NatureAppreciator

    DOPE love the artowrk ... like all this new news proud of Nature... wildgremliz

  • QBFan

    NATURE is one of the best ever look forward to the Project.. Wack rappers stop hating that HHDX dosent fuck with your corny music #COCKSUCKA

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, Nate took his time coming back out. All the shit I've heard recently though is terrible


    The Firm doesnt excist anymore dumbass!!!! Why are you saying the firm????????? Nature is just another irrelevant mc from new york

  • Anonymous

    congrats only a looser would hate

  • fuck nature

    C'mon man, who checking for Nature's old irrelevant ass? This nigga's DONE. I admit that for all seasons was good, but after that, he started putting out flop after flop. And look, you can tell how recycled his career is now, from hiring producers whose sound is similar to the Trackmasters to rehashing his first album's cover art. Bullshit.

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