Chris Brown Clarifies Plans For Possible Hip Hop Album

Chris Brown says he wants to "be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper" before releasing a full Hip Hop album and claims the world might not be ready "for Chris Brown, the rapper."

Chris Brown is hesitant to make an entire Hip Hop album. His latest project, X, is due later this year and Brown says it will feature some raps. However, he also claimed he doesn't know "if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper."

"For me, I think I would have to progress more as an emcee first," he acknowledged in an interview with Power 98. "It's just me having fun and showcasing who I am. So an album, I would really have to be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper. I like Rap. I love it. Music is my passion. Even on my album now, there's a couple songs that I rap on. But as far as a whole album, I don't know if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper." 

His love for music has also allowed him to keep his sights open to possible albums in various genres. 

“Music is for everyone,” he added. “When you put genres on music, you segregate it... I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older I might want to do a Country album. Next year, I might want to do an all Hip Hop album or Alternative album. Just making sure that anything that goes down, showing my audience or showing people that have a creative mind that you can do anything you want, it’s just about believing and loving what you’re doing in a positive way.”

Brown was recently criticized for his rapping skills by Drake. Speaking of a potential battle, Drake explained his hesitation. "I don't want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit." In his own interviews, Brown has acknowledged that he "can't be taken serious" in a battle and that he is "not a rapper." Below is an interview and freestyle from earlier this month, where Brown raps and takes shots at Drake.

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  • TrellCurti$

    chris brown is a legend

  • My Name

    I really hate this R&B chick. I would beat the shit out of him.

  • Anonymous

    This comment was removed for violating our opinion of Chris Brown being a total fag. The commenter was trying to say Brown would be a good rapper. HipHopDX will not stand for gay shit like this.


    So apparently, Chris Brown is intimidated by Drake, and wants to be the new Drake. I guarantee this has to be part of the reason Brown wants to do this. This dude is a fucking clown, and just for him trying to do this gives Drake the automatic WIN. Haha! Chris Brown's a clown!

  • Anonymous

    man fuck all that shit bout chris brown, yall need to pay attention to the music, browns versatile as fuck he would own drake on the mic

  • Brown Tape

    It's mind-boggling the heart wants it, the mind rejects it Fuck the past, let's put the present in perspective That's my lady, she would never back-stab or cross me Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart She was there from the beginning, but I tore 'em apart No more Delucas, straight Killa Bee on the swarm And when it's time to get big, she put her game face on

  • Anonymous

    shut up chris your a faggot, id love 10 mins with u alone in a room. id knock u stupid

  • dunk

    the hip hop world is fucking pathetic these days.. why would any one give 2 fucks about this shit..fuck drake as well, both fuckin shiieeeet kieents

  • Anonymous

    ja rule the blueprint fuck these new swag niggas

  • Anonymous

    rihanna pregnant with ja rule baby chris brown think he the father

  • Vinny

    Don't listen to those guys, Chris Etrata. I know for a fact that Symphonic Loves is a fake charity. I talked to one of the dancers who got a scholarship who was ordered then to give it back.

  • Anonymous

    lolol a country album

  • Master P

    I'll make this bitch ass nigga say uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh !!!

  • Chris Brown

    New EP "CB4": 1. You Can't Dance (Betta Than Me) 2. Scrappin' In My Lambo - feat. Rihanna 3. Bitch, Say Another Word - NOT feat. Rihanna anymore 4. Chairs Thru The Window 5. Friday Night Sissy Fights - feat. Drake and Frank Ocean 6. I've Changed (Sike Bitches)

  • Anonymous

    No real nigga listens to Chris Brown unless they fucking a bitch

  • Bobyahed2dis

    This is the shit hip hop needs, there aren't many out there that can pull a hybrid album of R&B and real hip hop like cb can, brown has proved time in and time out that he is capable of almost anything he touches so i expect nothing short of perfection on this one.. fuck all you broke ass haters sitting on your PC's mad you ain't fucking rihanna #Leggo

  • X Tracklist

    Here's an updated tracklist 1. X 2. Fine China 3. Forgiveness (feat. Officer Rape Ross) 4. Ruler and Prince (feat. Kevin Mccall) 5. Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 6. This Shit is Wack (feat. Tyga and Lil Wayne) 7. Erase your Memory (feat. Will I Am) 8. Tabloids (feat. Justin Bieber) 9. Im High (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 10. XXX (feat. Rihanna) 11. Forget my Past 12. Let The Sun Shine The Drizz Away 13. Beat Thivery (feat. Will I Am and Arty)

  • Anonymous

    2 words for Chris. Please don't.

  • Anonymous

    In other words, that'll never happen unless he steps up his rapping skills.

  • LarryHoover

    Whats the problem with chris brown rapping? He's got a nice flow and is somewhat lyrical.. I mean cmon, he's atleast better than all the underground lames from your city. and he's better than Gucci Mane, Wacka flocka, soulja boy, hell probably even lil wayne

  • Foot Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    Next week, headlines will say Chris Brown comes out of the closet.

  • Wifebeater

    Nigga i aint take you serious as a rapper or singer. Whats the title gonne be of your album: THE WIFEBEATER.

    • Robert

      Well, considering that over THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT of relationships in the United States eventually result in some form of domestic violence, you could call lots of people wife (or husband) beaters, including your neighbors, your friends, and probably people in your family! Its what we call a human condition, of which clearly many people experience. So perhaps a bit of research would be in order before you vilify such a large group of people. When we vilify people for doing things that are quite common, we force them into the shadows, afraid to get help for fear of feeling judged. Vilifying people actually makes the problem worse, because people don't get helped. Shame doesn't work! We need to help our people im our community, man, not tear them down!

    • Anonymous

      If you live in the past, you will never see the future...

  • Anonymous

    I can already see the tracklist now: Beat A Ho feat. Too Short Smack Down feat. Ike Turner Get Dat Bitch In A Headlock Molly Anthem feat. Rick Ross One Punch Two Punch Three Punch Floor! Frank Ocean Jumps Up To Get Beat Down Club Massacre feat. Shyne



    • ^

      Stop being a Drake stan because he don't care about you.

    • YESSIR


    • @YESSIR

      Nope. Drake does treat women like shit.

    • robert

      Sorry man, but someone wouldn't use a past relationship with a woman to anger or get back at another man if he treated women so well. Imagine how Rihanna feels to be put in the position of having to relive what is probably the worst night of her life when she has explicitly asked people to move on and she has moved on herself. Talk about abusive! What is amazing to me is that as people continue to vilify Chris Brown, no one bothers to think about how it feels to Rihanna to continue to have their domestic violence incident brought up nearly FOUR years later. Its unbelievable that people continue to have such a narrow view of another person. He's clearly talented in a whole bunch of ways, he has done a lot of good in the world as well as contributed to some not so good.......haven't we all? Perhaps you should do some research on how much time and money Chris gives to charity......many charities. Expand your perspective, man. Chris Brown is the premiere male artist of his generation. Its really not cool to be so petty as to endlessly berate another person.

    • YESSIR


    • Anonymous

      You don't know Drake at all nor would he care about you. Also, Drake treats women like shit.

  • dentaldamboy

    It's not that the world isn't ready. It's that we aren't interested in hearing his aweful lyricism.

  • Anonymous

    Big picture:It doesn't matter if an all rap album from CB is wack or not.. His fan base is large enough that it'll still sell, & he'll still make bank

  • John Blaze

    2 Weeks Ago It Was "I'm Not A Rapper, So It Would Be Stupid If He Diss Me Back On Record"....Now It's "I Wanna Be A Rapper" Well Since He A "Rapper" Now It's Open Season On This Nigga Then....But He Gonna Change His Mind Again. All I Ask Is Chris To Drop Dope Music Again, It's Quiet On This Other Shit....



  • X Tracklist

    1. X 2. Fine China 3. Forgiveness (feat. Officer Rape Ross) 4. Ruler and Prince (feat. Kevin Mccall) 5. Autumn Leaves (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 6. This Shit is Wack (feat. Tyga and Lil Wayne) 7. Erase your Memory (feat. Will I Am) 8. Tabloids (feat. Justin Bieber) 9. Im High (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 10. XXX (feat. Rihanna) 11. Forget my Past

  • jscot

    Why can't everyone just stay in their lane.

  • ....

    Chris Brown has plans for possible Hip Hop album???

  • Ja Rule - Renaissance Project

    1. In a Dream (Produced by Irv Gotti) 2. Story Master (Produced by Scott Storch) 3. Whole Lotta Thug (Produced by Cool & Dre) 4. All on Me (Produced by Irv Gotti) 5. Love Ya'll More (Produced by Irv Gotti) 6. American Nightmare (Produced by Bangladesh) 7. World's Most Dangerous feat. Lil Wayne (Produced Cool & Dre) 8. Without Rhyme or Reason feat. Styles P (Produced Irv Gotti) 9. I Swear feat. Erick Sermon (Produced by Erick Sermon) 10. War & Love feat. Azealia Banks (Produced Hit-Boy, co. Chase N. Cashe) 11. Salute feat. Pharrell (Produced Pharrell Williams) 12. Tunnel Vision (Produced by Irv Gotti) 13. Big Beat (Produced by Swizz Beatz) 14. Bully Rap feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Raekwon (Produced Irv Gotti) 15. Standing In the Shadows feat. The-Dream (Produced by Tricky Stewart, co. The-Dream) 16. Back on the Corner feat. Anthony Hamilton, Havoc & Jadakiss (Produced by Havoc) 17. I'm Ready feat. Swizz Beatz (Produced by Swizz Beatz)


    Chris Brown is proving himself to a bigger joke with every headline. Hip Hop will never accept this clown because even his pen game in RnB is weak.

  • Anonymous

    cris brown better diss drake

  • foreal

    he might have a decent flow, but his content would prolly be boring... he will fit right in to hip hop

  • Chris Etrata

    Im not perfect in any way but Chris Brown has not learned his lesson in beating Rihanna. He's been getting tattoos of beaten women, causing brawls in clubs, and pissing victims off. If he wants forgiveness like he proclaimed in half of his songs, he has to earn it.

    • ^

      Dude. Stop trolling and making up bullshit lies. You don't know Wayne and he don't care about you and wouldn't let you come to his house.

    • YESSIR


    • Anonymous

      1. He started his own charity called the Sypmohonic Love Foundation. It supports and creates arts programs for youth. 2. Hes partnered up with Best Buddies International. They help out with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 3. just two months ago he joined Adrian Petersons charity event for the All Day Foundation which helps at risk youth. He joined the Gridiron Celebrity Hoops XIV for charity last year. He contributed to the Stand Up to Cancer foundation as well as the Aid Still Required foundation which helps people left behind after natural disasters and other crises. He donated $25000 to the American Red Cross. AND less than a year after it happened, he went on the Chris Brown Mini Concert tour he donated some of the proceeds to domestic violence programs.

    • Chris Etrata

      What I mean is go into specific detail about the charaities he he has done.

    • Chris Etrata

      Allright then, tell me what positive things he has done since the incident.

    • Anonymous

      i never said anything about the media making up browns negativity. Not once did i say they made up up. I said the media will FOCUS on negaitivity. And im also not hating on you, im just speaking from another point of view. I never disrespected you in any way. And you JUST proved my point. The only thing youve heard about him was about rihanna and his music. You said he pissed the victims off? yes they got hit in the brawl but saying he pissed the victims off means hes done something else to them after the brawl took place. Now Who are the people you get your info from? The Media. and THE MEDIA like to focus on negative aspects of his life. They never once brought up his charity work with Adrian Peterson, Or him founding his own charity organization within the past 6months, or his contributions to other charities either. Those are all POSITIVE things but the MEDIA never broadcasts that so therefore you never knew about it right? im not insulting you, im just giving you another point of view

    • Chris Etrata

      The only positive things I heard was Rihanna being stupid and getting back with Chris Brown, plus his latest 2 albums topped charts here.

    • Chris Etrata

      The media did not make Chris Brown's negativity up. He did that by himself. By the way, those that got hit in the club brawl filed a lawsuit against them. Stop hating on me for what I think.

    • Anonymous

      youre letting your emotions speak for you. You said he was pissing victims off. I asked what victim he pissed off. you never answered that. YOU said to ask myself "have i heard any positive things from chris brown lately?" i not only answered but i could actually give you links as well to show that he has done positive things. Now youre going back to what he did over 3years ago. He did it yes and it was a terrible thing. But you are BLIND to think that the media wouldnt focus on the negativity. Just look at the news today. over 80% of whats broadcasted is NEGATIVE NEWS. And when it comes to celebrities it is FACT that the media publicizes negativity more often than positivity. Case in point you knew about his brawl with drake at a club in ny but you didnt know about the charity organization he started or the other charities hes contributed too

    • Chris Etrata

      If he wasn't doing the bad stuff, the media would not focus on it. It's his fault that he's called WIFEBEATER!

    • Anonymous

      ive seen plenty. just look in the past 6months alone. hes done plenty of charity work but that never gets discussed because people prefer to concentrate on the bad

    • Chris

      There were lawsuits filled against him and drake from the victims of the brawl between him and Drake. Forget the questions youve asked and consider one thing "Have you heard any positive things from Chris Brown lately?" I haven't.

    • Yanni

      1. That wasnt a beaten woman on his face. Its a MAC cosmetics design of a skull associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. 2. Some say he caused the brawl. Others say drake did. some say it was their entourages. Either way people find it easier to blame chris since hes the bad guy. 3. And what victim has he pissed off?

  • Anonymous

    Nigga's album will flop unless he does a song with Ja Rule.

  • Fresh 2 Def

    yup, i cant front. a Breezy rap album would be fresh. i agree that the world isnt ready for it yet though. he dids to conitinue his good boy state and slay soem smooth rANDb tunes. love me some wall 2 wall or some kiss kiss. but breezy merked both busta, wayne, big sean and ASAP on all those songs he rapped on. i think he has potentinal to be a rap legened like biggie, pac and atmoshphere. hey just my two sense. ya bish!

  • 614grind

    Chris can pretty much do whatever because he's not in a box. Now, he's not a good rapper by any means, but he pulls it off in certain spots. Look At Me Now is a good example of that. the boy is a basket case but he's a creative genius. I can't think of a better dancer since Michaela and he can sing ballads, club joints, and pop records. Shit, the nigga can even paint and got a nice hoop game. He a wierdo but by far the most talented male artists out.

    • 614grind

      ^^^ LOL! Niggas don't even know when to "pause". Y'all get a cute lil' word and can't wait to use it, then use it wrong. Michael Jackson's dancing was ill. James Brown was famous for his dancing. Breakdancing is one of the 5 cornerstones of Hip Hop. Graffiti, deejaying, emceeing, and knowledge are the others. Do your homework. As for the other cat that wanna bring up his DV case from 5 years ago, try to stay on topic.

    • Joe

      He's also really good at beating women.

    • Anonymous

      pause at you commenting on a man's dancing...

  • Come On

    He's right he's more than likley not ready to make a full album rapping but he's good enough to have atleast 4-5 songs per album won't be to ruff, and I actually don't think he's that bad he might be short crediting himself for one..again he had the best verse in his B.E.T Cypher 2011 out of his whole crew

  • ETK

    his album's gonna have more shots at Drake than the amount of features

  • Anonymous

    This man should get someone to do the speaking for him because he works against himself. He wants to do a hip hop album. But just a few weeks ago said "you cant take me seriously as a rapper". If YOU told me i shouldnt take you seriously as a rapper then why the fuck should i support your rap album?! I love this thing called hip hop and have for the past 20years since i was 5. And someone who openly says they shouldnt be taken seriously as a rapper, then wants to do an album where hes rapping is only disrespecting the culture

  • Art Brooks

    Take your ass to the South Bronx and battle niggas first, ya young fool

    • Anonymous

      can you point to anything in that statement thats false?

    • 614grind

      ^^^ Stop it.

    • Anonymous

      Shit drake had to work even harder to get recognized as an actual rapper. How many times has a former child star become a top selling rapper? ZERO. None. hes the first to do it. And its not like no one else has tried it. Nick Cannon tried. He sucked. That orlando kid from thats so raven tried. he sucked. And so on and so on. Id understand if it was something that happened a lot but its never been done before

    • 614grind

      Paying dues is frowned upon by these new school niggas. They worship the short cut and getting over. We have the corporate creation that is Drake to thank for that.

  • Chris Etrata

    Does any of you get tired of him appearing in every hip hop and pop album? I certainly am. Ever since he beats Rihanna up, he starts getting cosigns by YMCMB and MMG, plus numerous pop stars like Ciara and will i am. Is that a good moral to teach kids? Act tough towards a girl and you will get more fame? It's true Brown's career did suffer briefly after arrest but it wasn't permanent.

    • Anonymous

      Chris has contributed to several charities since the incident AND started up his own charity as well. Did you know that and just ignore it because thats not the type of charity you want him to do or did you not know hes done anything with charity at all? And i think you missed my point. I only brought up why chris hit rihanna to connect with how he took the media beating and that his career DID in fact suffer. reread what i wrote and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgement so you can comprehend what im saying

    • Chris Etrata

      Also, does it really matter why Chris Brown hit Rihanna? Unless it was self defense, which it wasn't, hitting a girl is wrong in EVERY OTHER WAY!!

    • Chris Etrata

      Has Chris Brown gone further than what he had to do to pay off community service? NO!! He just did the time because he had to. If he was truly serious about what he did, he would have gone to women's rights organizations and helped them out. Then, maybe, he would earn my sympathy. You know the film director, Brett Ratner? He made a gay joke and came under fire. He redeemed himself by supporting gay rights and won a glad award for understanding gay rights. Chris Brown has not done a DAMN thing similar to it. Don't hate on me for my opinion. Chris Brown is ok at singing but is wack, like YMCMB and MMG when it comes to rapping. Don't expect me to forgive him anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      also maybe one of the reasons rihanna forgave him and got back with him was because she knows not only was the full story never told, he let her throw him under the bus the entire first year after it happened, and probably she knows she did something equally as horrible to him. Im not condoning what he did. Not one bit. But dont you think its strange that NOT ONE SINGLE INTERVIEWER asked her "What made him snap and attack you like that?" She wasnt asked that not ONE TIME. And an attack that serious to where her face was swollen shut, you dont beat someone like that for no reason unless you are legit mentally unstable. And he was strong enough to let the media bash him and never once said what she did. Once again not condoning what he did but I think she had to do something equally terrible to him for him to do that to her. Its just not in human nature to do that to someone unprovoked

    • Anonymous

      before i respond, id like to point out he did NOT get a tattoo of a beaten woman. That was fan art for a group he supported. I actually have seen quite a bit of the artwork from those artists. Chris just made the mistake of going to a tattoo artist that wasnt all that great. I do think there have been more people that have been going to him for music but also keep in mind of the number of people that no longer deal with him too. There are music listeners and celebrities that will flat out NEVER forgive him no matter what he does. And youre also right other celebrities do go through things and dont make a big deal about it, but you and i both know there was no escaping his situation. Hell after it happened, EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW rihanna did, the brought it up. And what i thought was dumb was that they never asked the right questions or anything knew. They just seemed like they were out to make him look as evil as possible. Even to this day people still ask him about it. Fans and celebrities still heckle him about it. And yes i do think hes learned. He hasnt had any crazy outburst in a pretty long time. And hes had no twitter blow ups on anyone since hes given his twitter over to his assistant. Hes started taking som positive steps. an in response to the story about him evading community service, have you noticed how they brought that up one time and it hasnt been mentioned again since him and his lawyer said there are witnesses and proper paperwork to prove the accusations wrong?

    • Chris Etrata

      Also, Im surprised Rihanna is Brown's girlfriend again. It's one thing to forgive but most abuse victims hang out with the devil no more. No matter how nice the person be most of the time, most significant others stay away if they abuse them. If Chris Brown was doing some charity work and helping out the community beyond the requirements imposed in his hearing, it would be easier to forgive him. You might know the story of him evading community service.

    • Chris Etrata

      Do you honestly think he's learned his lesson? He's been throwing chairs out of studio windows, getting tattoos of beaten women, and cause brawls in clubs. Also, although his career did suffer BRIEFLY, I emphasize, artists that have not thought of working with Chris Brown before are now suddenly on his dick. If Chris Brown wants forgiveness, he has to be truly remorse, do charity work with antiabuse organizations, and do PSA's. Instead, he acts like a punk. All he sings up about is loving women (as if his incident did not go noticed) and wanting forgiveness. Yes, there are celeberities that go through trouble but they don't make a big deal out of it. They just get help and help out others.

    • Anonymous

      people act like he didnt go through hell to get back to where he is today. And im not defending his actions because he deserved all the hell he went through. Because of what he did he will always bear the name "woman beater". that will never go away. He'll never have as many endorsements as he could have had. He'll never be the super huge star that couldve been the next mj. And as an artist, to know that you were on your way to people actually putting you in the same category as mj but knowing YOU YOURSELF fucked it up has got to be on his mind everyday. and you want to know why it wasnt permanent, because people have also taught their children forgiveness as well. There are some people that like to get over emotionally involved in an issue when they cant even related to it. If Rihanna can forgive him and move past it then why the hell can people that werent even affected, never had any experience in the matter, or have even witnessed something similar still affected by it???

    • firehawk17

      based on your premise then most celebrities shouldn't be working... they all have made some mistake...some have even killed but yet their careers get to go on without problems but every time one of you people bring up Chris Brown ya'll mention his incident with rihanna...guess what get over it... She has , he has.. he hasn't made the mistake again.. everyone deserves to vindicate themselves and he has done that thus far... Also he gets all this work because the man is extremely talented...he can perform live, dance, sing, rap, draws, paints, a decent athlete... so on and so on.. stop hating dude..if u dont like him cool..but cant deny talent....unless ur perfect and never made a mistake i guess u can feel that way...but im sure u have made some mistake no matter if its big or small in principle its a mistake and you can correct it..

  • ELjay

    oh oh, we gonna have a name change again... here issss CHRIS PUPPY -_-'

  • Trina

    Christ can spit, but stay in he lane homie...y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too

  • your joking

    no, you're right noone is ready and never will be :)

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