Skyzoo Comments On The Sale Of Notorious B.I.G.'s Childhood Apartment

Skyzoo suggests Notorious B.I.G.'s former Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment be turned into a museum or gallery.

With the recent sale of the late Notorious B.I.G.’s childhood apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (previously Bedford-Stuyvesant before rezoning), many including Brooklyn rapper Skyzoo were left wondering what would happen to the apartment, which was listed at a little under $800,000.

Speaking with Coalmine Records, both Skyzoo and Hip Hop journalist Rob Markman suggested that the apartment be made into a museum or gallery in honor of the late rapper.

“If possible, it should be turned into some sort of museum or gallery. Not the entire brownstone, just his actual apartment. The issue though, becomes who’s gonna pay the $1800 a month plus lights to keep it open,” said Skyzoo.

“As a fan I’d love to be able to tour the apartment and see how Biggie lived before his rise to becoming one of the greatest artists of our generation. A move like that would go a long way in showing that Hip-Hop music is genuine art-often times our music and culture is viewed as something less,” Markman added.

Skyzoo, who grew up not too far from the famed lyricist, also spoke on his brief encounters with the rapper as a teen.

“I met B.I.G. when I was 13. His road manager Hawk, who’s a good friend of mine, lived directly across the street from me, so B.I.G. would be there pretty often,” the rapper revealed. “One day he was out there and I went out there and said what’s up to him and he was real cool. But as a kid I saw B.I.G. all the time in passing, as well as Kim, Cease, etc. They were the older kids in the neighborhood before they were Biggie and Junior M.A.F.I.A., and my friends and I were the little bad kids playing basketball and running out of the corner store with pockets full of candy. Good times, man. Good times.”

As of now it’s unclear who the new owner of the apartment is and if any plans are in the works for Biggie’s former home. Pictures of the apartment can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    "He got kicked im assuming thats where the Broke part came in" Why would Big have sold drugs if he was living in a nice apartment and his mom was making good money?

  • Robert

    Jay-Z could've brought it, it would have been pennies to him to purchase that. Thought he loved Big, or maybe he just pretending in his music and just loves himself. Hmmm....

  • foreal

    1. who the hell is skyzoo? 2. if he really cared what happened to the apartment he should put the money up for it and do what he wants with it.

  • B

    I lived half a block from that apartment, probably 75 yards away. I lived there 15 years after Biggie passed and the neighborhood had been gentrified yet still had issues there. They sold crack on my block, there was a methadone clinic a block away, junkies always asking you for money every single day, homelessness and there was also the gentrified part mixed within the whole. The residents of that area told me the neighborhood used to be extremely bad. 15 years later it still had it's issues and when friends would come and visit me they would be shook so believe me, when B.I.G. lived there it was no joke.

  • p

    biggie is a liar.. he talked about being broke nd shit... my house when i grow up was 1/8 of that lol

    • Anonymous

      dumbass Brooklyn back then was a tough neighborhood and Biggie was kicked out his house. But probably you are 12 years old and listen drake and wanye. faggot get your facts right

  • p

    oh shit! thats a big house!! I though biggie was poor growing up



  • Anonymous

    Dear Skyzoo, get Jeter to up the rent money and you handle the museum. About 8 minutes left on your rap career anyway and that's no diss, just a harsh reality.

  • Dizni

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  • Anonymous

    Funny, the misconception is BIG had nothing.. not true..he lived in a pretty good neighbourhood in a nice spot and his mom gave him everything he wanted, on the other hand...the streets will change you. follow at noles506

  • Truth B Told

    1st let me start off by saying that I was a fan of Biggies music and his whole Junior Mafia/the Commission/Badboy movement. NOW HAVIN SAID THAT...I think its abso-fuckin-lutely ridiculous to even suggest that Biggies old apartment b turned n2 a museum. Im not acknowledging that his death was untimely and tragic and I feel sorry for his kids and his mother but come on now dude had 2 albums so excuse me if I dont think thats museum worthy...U have several other artists (ie.Scarface, NWA esp. ICE CUBE, Outkast, Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Nas and a few others im sure I missed that have done way more for the hip hop/musical landscape than Biggie did...where are there memorials or museums....U shouldnt have to die just to be honored and remembered...IJS..all u Biggie dick riders need to let that man rest n peace, learn wat u can from his life and move on.Nuff said!!!

    • not anutha Anonymous fag

      Dude Truth was speakin the real...and I'll leave it @ dat but on anutha note...why do peope go on these sites and get tuff all of a sudden...people say eat adick becuz they either have no argument or they r n the closet homos or both...needless to say which 1 u R

    • Anonymous

      dumbass Biggie change hiphop with rtd and lad. the albums had and still have a big influence on hiphop. you have classics and super classics and bigs albums are superclassics. so go eat a dick!!!!

    • Truth B Told

      @ Anonymous>>>>Youre rite...Ready to Die was a landmark...but so was Nas' Illmatic...Jay's Reasonable Doubt...Snoop's Doggystyle...Ghostface's Supreme Clientele...all im tryna say is theres other great artist and albums that go unnoticed becuz everyone wants to hold on to Biggie and Ready to Die, so to challenge your point ...theres several albums that can challenge R2D....and I almost 4got about Scarface's the Diary and Outtkast's Southernplayalisticcadillacmusic

    • Anonymous

      nah its not his longevity why people love the kid so much. "Ready to die" was a landmark in hip hop like many other classics in that era from 94/95, its still hair raising and can hardly be touched even today!

  • Anonymous

    nururious P I G aka piggy smalls aka mcdonalds master aka rick rosses daddy

  • Anon

    Ja Rule > biggie any day of the year. Ja rule isn't a fat fuck

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Biggie is such an iconic figure in popular culture it could be argued that it's in the state's interest to do it.

  • Anonymous

    if every ny emcee was to throw in $5 a month it could be done.

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