Lauryn Hill Facing Eviction In New Jersey Residence

After four years of occupancy, Lauryn Hill reportedly defaulted on rent last month, causing her landlord to file an eviction lawsuit against the Fugees co-founder.

Founding Fugees member, emcee/singer Lauryn Hill is having a difficult week. The Newark, New Jersey native is preparing for a court sentencing date in regards to three years of non-filed taxes, where she could face felony prison-time. Reports emerged earlier in the week that the onetime Columbia Records superstar soloist cited threats on her and her family as a reason she not only evaded taxes, but went into a state of recluse from mainstream society.

Another case against Hill emerged in the last 24 hours. TMZ has learned that a South Orange, New Jersey residence of Lauryn's is currently in default. Reports indicate that while Hill has been a tenant since 2009, but failed to make rental payments beginning in March. Hill's landlord has filed a lawsuit seeking to evict the Sister Act 2 actress.

Lauryn Hill has yet to respond publicly to the reports. She is due in court for her sentencing on April 22.

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  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule discovered the Fugees

  • The ghost of ja rule.

    Kill me. Please. Kill. Me.

  • Anonymous


  • Hue Man

    I hope and pray things get better for you lauren there is alot of spiritual wickidness in the world your music reflected development and a good human understanding stay strong sista

  • Anonymous

    Boston bombing: How internet detectives got it very wrong-BBC News ^ interesting read You'll see the knuckleheads in here do the same thing

  • JC

    damm what happened to Lauren? in that pic she looks like a dude

  • HOPE U DIE :)

    yesssssssssm I was hoping for this. Stupid azz crack ho lauren is falling to pieces, LOL

  • W9D

    It's embarrassing how bad HiphopDX and blog sites of the like are about posting professional writing. Referring to Lauryn Hill as "Sister Act 2" actress is absolutely dumb and irrelevant, especially considering this story has nothing to do with her acting career. This kind of shit is why there are so few places to find actual news on hiphop.

  • m

    None of our damn business

  • MIO

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  • Art Brooks

    Keep your head up Lauryn.

  • Anonymous

    when this is all said and done i bet they'll be new music from her. She probably still has that passion

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Man if I was Lauryn, at this point, if that court case gets through, I'd just go move to South Africa or some shit

  • Anonymous

    That's what she gets for not putting out anymore music for me to enjoy. :*(

  • H1tters

  • Anonymous

    good i hate racist people

  • Anonymous

    Damn, baby! In '98, you was the lady, baby. What the fuck happened to you?

  • You all don't even know...

    Lauryn Hill ain't ever broke. all the shows she has performed will keep her children healthy and well if she has to go to jail. She is still beautiful to me with the best voice the world over. She never got pimped out and for that the industry is madd and with a vengeance trying to punish her. You can't go to jail if you didn't make any money, so go figure she was cashing in-, there are people who work under the table, but her voice and branding is too well known. The price of fame will get you every time. Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want...Even when she gets out of jail she can secure more revenue then half the hoes out here stripping for a contract that aint gone no where

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 1, you're a fucking idiot. Nicki Minaj is no way better than Lauryn. Lauryn is beautiful and Nicki is ugly with all of the plastic surgery she had.

    • Anonymous

      She hasn't been securing much of anything for years. Even if she manages to book a few shows, she's splitting that money.

    • Anonymous

      shut your irrelevent paragraph up broke ass ugly nigga. Nikki minaj is better than lauren hill will ever be because she isnt an ugly bitch like luaren and thats a fact

  • Anonymous

    Woah, Lauryn used to be cute back in the day. Father time kicked the fuck out of her ass lmao



  • Anonymous

    females have to look good to be sucessfull in music if your ugly your irrelevent

  • Anonymous

    fuck this irresponsible cunt-- any ya'll would have been in the slam YEARS ago and the tax $$$ she's not paying should have been spent on your parks, libraries, schools, etc.

    • Art Brooks

      Tax money spent on paying cops to oppress Black and Brown people in the poor neighborhoods. (And to make devil white people more fat off their shameless behavior).

  • Anonymous

    fuck she going to jail over tax evasion she got 6 fucking kids the gov't is ruthless. evicted after only 1 month late? fuck outta here they been wanted her ass gone. people grimy as fuck out here man Postedjust now

  • Picasso Micheaux

    Fkuc all that... Back to the music and culture... Blow one and enjoy... "Roger Sterling"

    • Anonymous

      fuck she going to jail over tax evasion she got 6 fucking kids the gov't is ruthless. evicted after only 1 month late? fuck outta here they been wanted her ass gone. people grimy as fuck out here man

  • Ja Rule

    She should call up Ja Rule, he can have this all cleared up

  • foreal

    you think she wants white people's money now?

  • Anonymous

    Get her wack ass husband's infamous family to pay off her debts.

  • Factcheck

    This is not her residence. She was leasing this house to use as her studio and to house musicians she worked with. She was denied a permit to use the house as a studio last year. They have her in code violation and have been trying to evict her.

  • anonymous

    lies.... why would threats against your family force you to not pay taxes?

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