Lauryn Hill Facing Eviction In New Jersey Residence

After four years of occupancy, Lauryn Hill reportedly defaulted on rent last month, causing her landlord to file an eviction lawsuit against the Fugees co-founder.

Founding Fugees member, emcee/singer Lauryn Hill is having a difficult week. The Newark, New Jersey native is preparing for a court sentencing date in regards to three years of non-filed taxes, where she could face felony prison-time. Reports emerged earlier in the week that the onetime Columbia Records superstar soloist cited threats on her and her family as a reason she not only evaded taxes, but went into a state of recluse from mainstream society.

Another case against Hill emerged in the last 24 hours. TMZ has learned that a South Orange, New Jersey residence of Lauryn's is currently in default. Reports indicate that while Hill has been a tenant since 2009, but failed to make rental payments beginning in March. Hill's landlord has filed a lawsuit seeking to evict the Sister Act 2 actress.

Lauryn Hill has yet to respond publicly to the reports. She is due in court for her sentencing on April 22.

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