Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" Certified Platinum

A 2011 song not even included on a retail album sells 1,000,000 for Pittsburgh's Mac Miller.

Today, the RIAA confirmed March certifications. Among them was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Mac Miller's breakout hit "Donald Trump." The Rostrum Records single appeared on Miller's March, 2011 mixtape Best Day Ever. Subsequently released digitally, the song—produced by Newark, Delaware's SAP—exceeded 1,000,000 in sales. The song was not included on Mac's 2011 debut, Blue Slide Park.

"Donald Trump" marks Mac's first platinum award. The song was certified gold in the closing days of 2011. Its namesake, investor and politician Donald Trump threatened, via Twitter, to sue the emcee/producer earlier this year, asking for many in lieu of the gold plaque. He also referred to the rapper as "Little Mac Miller" repeatedly. Miller responded via Twitter that he did not "want ti put any more negative energy into the world," and asked the Trump Towers founder to "be friends." Previously, in mid-2011, a supportive Trump branded Mac, "the next Eminem."

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  • Anonymous

    "he knew his business to not be taken by a "free" song and some fake ass homage and he was compensated for his knowledge" It happens all the time, moron. Finesse should be plenty caked up after all these years in the game. A young gun is enjoying some success, and you want a piece of his action because you're old and unable to generate a platinum single of your own. Slithering, greedy snake.


    MOST DOPE! At first I wasn't convinced and didn't take notice of this dude very much, but Mac Miller is a monster and can rap his ass off. Dude believes in himself so much and he always is just being himself. Good for him doing this independent! Most people that hate are really just jealous otherwise they wouldn't pay attention and waste time out of their lives. PEACE TO ALL! HA HA!

  • bitchmadeniggakilla

    Fuck this faggot. Jeezy's "trump" trumps his weak ass shit

  • yup yup i do this

    jay electronica - exhibit c - dealing

  • Anonymous

    Sure, he had one song go gold.. but what about his album? Not easy to get a gold song, but it's even harder to make a good album people will buy. This kid is here one day, and will be gone the next. follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    this shit must just be hitting the small towns and communities

  • Anonymous

    He sold a million copies of a "free", digital song. Lord Finesse looks like a champion right now, he was on top of his business.

    • Anonymous

      Lord Finesse looks like a champion right now, he knew his business to not be taken by a "free" song and some fake ass homage and he was compensated for his knowledge. Run along chump, you bore me.

    • Anonymous

      No. He looks like a greedy snake unable to craft a hit of his own.

  • Vin pooney

    Fuck a white rapper..they mocking us!!! all they do is take the credit for shit they dont do ..they robbin the culture as i type..

    • Our Steez

      I agree Vin. I have never understood and will never understand how we as black people let anyone and everyone else take the art form we created and say they are the best at it. Rap is one thing but hip hop is the culture. There are great white rappers. But when it comes to hip hop as a culture that is as black as it gets. Eminem is a great rapper. I have never purchased any of his albums because he is not talking about anything I can relate to coming from South Central Los Angeles.

    • TPFUnny

      Nigga shut yo dumb ass up. How is talkin about u get bread and havin fun rippin off of anyone. U niggas kill me talkin bout how racist white ppl is but look at ya selves damn I didn't racism worked both ways. Mac Curren$y & Hopsin eatin off dis independant shit doe.

    • Anonymous

      Anon2 is an idiot

    • Anonymous

      fuck off you bum. Eminem is white and is the best rapper. He has been named the best rapper alive and has sold the most records ever for a rapper. The fuck out of here with your racist shit.

    • Anonymous

      Blacks don't use or say "pooney" (one with big lips) so you took the bait from a white kid posing as Black, something they do all the time on the internet, on a rap forum. Now wipe the egg off of your face and keep it moving.

    • Combat 18 London

      Fuck off wog, hiphop is for all cultures not just blacks

  • Anonymous

    Immortal said it best, "So if your message ain't shit, fuck the records you sold/Cuz if you go platinum, it's got nothing to do with luck, It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck."

  • Anonymous

    now trump is really gonna want that check

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