Jay-Z Facing Several Stiff Requirements Before Becoming NFLPA Certified

In order to become a certified agent, Jay-Z must first pass the NFLPA admission test and have his postgrad degree requirement waived.

According to a recent report from NBC Sports, Jay-Z’s latest business venture may be slightly more difficult than many may have initially perceived. Thanks to the rapper’s newly-launched sports management company, Roc Nation Sports, he’s expressed interest in receiving NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) certification.

Receiving certification from the NFLPA will allow Jay-Z to actively recruit NFL players, but in order to become a certified agent he must first successfully pass the NFLPA’s admission test.

On top of passing the admission test, the Hip Hop mogul would also have to work directly with the NFLPA to somehow have the postgraduate degree requirement waived. And with the possibility of that particular requirement being waived there then arises issues of favoritism and special treatment for the rapper.

As of now, it is unclear if any of these requirements will affect Jay-Z’s decision to become a certified agent.

Among those Jay-Z is currently working with at Roc Nation Sports is New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz.

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  • Anonymous

    "far from a Harvard student, just had the balls to do it" Not working for you now is it Jay

  • jozi

    no Rihanna,JT or Beyonce please. no Rihanna,JT or Beyonce please. no Rihanna,JT or Beyonce please. no Rihanna,JT or Beyonce please. keep it hip hop and if you cannot then shut down your company or change it the name to CRUNKDX. stay hiphop bitches....

  • jozi

    @ Hiphopdx from now on my personal mission is to expose you as one of the main reasons why hip hop is DEAD. pls report on hip hop,the whole week its been abt Gay z went to Cuba, well guess what? im in the toilet taking a crap right now pls report on that. please keep it hiphop like ur so called name says. no Rihanna,JT or Beyonce please.

  • jozi

    Lol! even if we give dumb ass Jayz 3 years he wouldnt pass, that nigga too dumb or maybe he will ace it without even opening a book since he claims he never wrote a rhyme his whole life. good luck Jigga, i put my millions on the fact that you will fail. lol!

  • Jay-Z

    after reading requirements.... "i think i will sit on my millions and pay someone to run my agency"

    • Rory c

      Damn, those were exactly my sentiments...Surely there are other dudes who could get the license and do the business for him. There is a way around everything

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    Okay he is a rapper but is this hiphop news? No! Do you fools at DX get paid to write everyday about Jay-Z? Whats next: Jay-Z let a fart while speaking to Beyonce?

  • Ja Rule

    And with the 1st pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is God!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jigga my ngga, calm down, your becoming too ambitios lately

  • Anonymous

    LOL jay-z the nigga that fronted on EVERY rapper he ever signed is gonna be a top sports agent this nigga loves himself he wants a-rod money to negotiate deals (have his white men negotiate where he'll take the credit and be the MAN in the eyes of the athletes) clearly saw what 50 was doing in boxing and followed suite.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is epitome of realness.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is da best, ya digg?

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule prefer non-verbal communication, that's when he nodding his head.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's disciples unite and let's get down!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rulism in this bitch!!!

  • Anonymous

    #NowPlaying Ja Rule - Livin' It Up, what a song i luh it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule owns that sports industry nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Should get Ja Rule to play one for one of his teams.

  • Art Brooks

    Difficult takes a day Impossible takes a week



    • CCLASS

      fool thats what he is doing thats why needs the license, jayz doesnt actually do nything , he just owns the business n hires agents..

  • ETK

    Jay z is facing a stiff cock in ass and mouth, courtesy of me.

  • bill6996

    its nice to see somebody using their money and ambition towards something possitive like basketball and football,yes this will make him more money,aslong as he lowers them ticket prices like Kid Rock said he should then i dont see a problem,if their was a problem its because in my oppinon (pay check to pay check)i feel as a fan offended when an rap artist get upset that people download their muscic,well sorry but being most rappers came from nothing and hard times you'd think they'd understand that sorry i cant go buy your cd with you rapping about your stacks and bentleys for 20$ when i need food and gas tommorow and checks not coming in for another week,sorry,these rappers would be more succesfull if they did free concerts everyonce and a while,people say sex sells but really,good entertainment for free sells in the long run,imagine Jay or anyone up their in names doing a free concert tour,millions would praise them and have a little more respect for them aswell as draw new fans who see the possitivity,ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC not the money

  • Get an Education

    Why would he let these minor requirements stop him? He's capable of learning the material and passing the so called post admission test. Black Community please lets stay in School.

  • fizzy

    Actually-you don't need a "post graduate degree" to become an agent. Not sure where they got that from. Also, it was never stated that Jay himself would be the agent. His company "Roc Nation" would provide agent services... This is terrible reporting.

  • Anonymous

    All those lies about selling all those bricks when you never seen one might come back to haunt ya.

    • Hollywood Hogan

      Ain't you commenting on another nigga commenting -____________________________-

    • hollywood

      all those comments you make on the Internet will haunt you on your FUneral HRE LIES A MAN WHO CONTRIBUTED NOTHING TO SOCIETY BUT COMMENTS ON HIP HOP DX SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING Now thats a buzzworthy article

  • nonms

    Drake would ask Jay-z if he could play Blue's party. Jay-z will slap Drake back to Degrassi

    • ^

      Funny cause that describes Birdman, not Jay Z. And Drake would kill to work with Jay-Z again.

    • dentaldamboy

      Why would Drake want to be associated with a pathologicl liar who has betrayed all of the people he came up with like Jay-Z?

  • dentaldamboy

    Any player who hires Jay as an agent is a disgrace. Jay is a Yankees and Giants fan. He will try to get all of his players to take less to play for those teams.

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      He will obviously not try to get his clients to take less to play for the Yankees. Considering there is no fucking salary cap in baseball a player can sign for any amount of money. Football is a different thing.

    • Anonymous

      And they should listen to an internet troll with no life like you?

  • dentaldamboy

    Super agent Scott Boras is more intelligent and richer than Jay-Z. Boras had drake perform at his kid's birthday last year for $650k.

  • Anonymous


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