B-Real Recalls Ice Cube Beef, Says He Was Almost In "Friday"

B-Real says his beef with Ice Cube started when the rapper used the "Throw Your Set" chorus for a record of his own.

When Cypress Hill rapper B-Real missed out on a role in the cult classic Friday due to a scheduling conflict he likely had no idea that the missed opportunity would play a small role in his beef with Friday star and rapper Ice Cube.

During an interview with Vlad TV, B-Real revealed that he was unable to star in the film due to a mistake made by his manager at the time and to make up for the mishap he offered to give Ice Cube a record for the movie.

“I wasn’t able to play that so to make it up to Cube because I looked at Cube like one of my fuckin’ homies… I felt bad about it so I said, ‘Aye, I can’t be in the fuckin’ movie. My manager fucked up. I apologize, but you know we’ll give you some music for the movie if you want.’ He was like ‘Oh hell yeah.’ So we made this joint called ‘Roll Em Up, Light Em Up’ and when we had finished the song—we squeezed it in between working on our albums,” B-Real explained. “So we kinda just took time to record that song. When we were done with it we asked Cube to come down and listen to it to make sure that he liked it before we submitted it.”

B-Real went on to explain that Ice Cube approved of “Roll Em Up, Light Em Up,” the song Cypress Hill submitted for the movie. Following Ice Cube’s approval of the song the group went on to play a few songs from the album they were working on at the time including their single “Throw Your Set.”

Ice Cube then asked if he could have the song, but was told the group couldn’t give it away since their label had already expressed interest in “Throw Your Set” as a single. This is ultimately where the groups beef with Ice Cube would begin.

“We took off on tour a number of months later and our homies were calling us from home letting us know, asking us actually, if we had given that ‘Throw Your Set’ song to Ice Cube,” said B-Real. “And we’re like ‘Nah, we didn’t give him that song. What are you talking about?’…We were confused so when we got home I finally heard the song and it was not the same subject matter. He didn’t write about what we wrote about, he wrote about something completely different. But what the chorus was was a variation of what our chorus was…A couple things happened and then eventually it all just snowballed into the beef.”

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      haha! Yeah, dudes dont know about the WAR this beef almost set off here in L.A.!! Would have made that "west coast vs east coast" beef look like cilds play.This was going to turn into a Latino vs Blacks bloodbath! Shit, as it is now..i think some latino neighborhoods never received the memo that they called a truce cause they'r still killing blacks. Come to L.A. and more than half of the latinos here roll with Cypress / Psycho Realm.....SOUL ASSASSINS BITCH!

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  • j-star

    B-Real is dope MC. i do remember that beef too, but later years they reconciled. cube is one my favorite artists as well.can't wait to hear more awesome material from Cypess Hill.

  • pour1

    good shit, always wondered how that popped off, and for all the hater thug typist bitches...B-Real and Cube are foundation..nuff said

  • Art Books

    B-Real, U sure do like gossiping now a days...

    • foreal

      how do you know he wasnt asked a specific question in an interview that lead to this story? i doubt he called up a blogger and just started talking. b-real is OG and is not in it for headlines.

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    Come on B Real. That was many years ago. Best believe Cube ain't talking about this, so neither should you.

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