will.i.am "#willpower" Full Album Stream

will.i.am offers up a preview of his upcoming "#willpower" album before its April 23 release date.

will.i.am’s #willpower album may not be available for purchase until it’s released approximately a week from today, but fans of The Black Eyed Peas’ musician can preview the project thanks to individual streams of the close to 20 tracks featured on the album.

Well over a year in the making, #willpower boasts a number of notable guest appearances. Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, and Juicy J are just a handful of artists who lend their talents on the album.

Prior to today’s stream of the album, the only glimpse of will.i.am's latest solo effort came with the release of several singles including the Britney Spears-assisted “Scream & Shout” and “Fall Down.”

#willpower will be made available in stores and online on April 23. Streams of the individual tracks on #willpower can be found below.

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  • desbest

    This album is crap and it will flop. What's the point of going electronic, if you cannot DANCE to it? I'd rather listen to David Guetta or LMFAO.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are buggin and simply hating! some of these songs are brilliant and a breath of fresh air for a genre on decline! "ghetto ghetto" is worth the price of admission alone! you fake so called hip hop heads didnt support common or the roots last album but u sit here and talk shit like prophets! kill urself!! i was more entertained by this than by indicud food & liquor2 ianahb2 long live trouble man dreams and nighmares ONIFC AND A WHOLE HOST OF bs that weve been force feed!!!

    • youknowmySteez

      lol what bubble you living in... turn off the radio and go find some real music, this is shithouse. William is fkn lame.

  • Trancehead

    will.i.am is a thief, taking Arty & Matt Zo's peaking trance anthem "Rebound" without any permission and using it as the basis for his track "Let's Go" on this album. Arty tweeted that it all happened without a heads up to either him or Anjuna Beats, the record label that solely owns the rights for "Rebound". will.i.am nor his agency/label never cleared rights through Anjunabeats, which is the only label that owns the rights for Rebound.

  • Nick Newman

    I actually like Will's stuff with the Black Eyed Peas and his other solo albums. I thought Songs About Girls was a fun, solid album. But this techno stuff is getting old. The production on these songs do not stand out at all and they sound too generic. I'd like to support this but I don't think that I can. Shame.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a bunch of throwaways from the last Black Eyed Peas' album.

  • Chris Etrata

    What's the point of buying the album then?



  • OUCH!

    wow, a week in advance stream is rare...

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