Yelawolf Walks Off Stage At LSU Concert After Told He Could Not Curse

Reports indicate that Tyga did not have the only controversial college concert this past weekend. Yelawolf reportedly broke a contract at Louisiana State University.

The same weekend Tyga controversially performed at Harvard, Yelawolf was slated to perform at Louisiana State University for their annual Groovin' On The Grounds free spring concert on Saturday (April 13). However, the college's newspaper, The Daily Reveille, reports that Yela did not complete his set, and instead stormed off stage. The Ghet-O-Vision/Shady/Interscope Records sensation left the stage, after he was reportedly reprimanded for the language in his set.

LSU Student Government President Taylor Cox claims this was in Yelawolf's $17,500 contract to appear. "Apparently [Yelawolf's] management did not tell him about [the curse-free clause] until moments before his performance,” Cox believes, who also adds that Yela's contract is null-and-void due to his failure to meet the agreement.

Lupe Fiasco, Groovin' On The Grounds' headline, did perform, according to reports. A week ago, Lupe ended a concert after he was struck by a glow stick thrown by a fan.

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  • Anonymous

    So he is not allowed to cuss at a "public" university? What about the students that engage in binge drinking, smoking weed, pre-marital sex, orgys, hazing, and cursing like sailors?

  • donnis mac

    10AC: A TRUE ARTIST IS NEVER CENSORED! Censored art. That's and oxymoron for ya. ^ smh x loL meanwhile you listen to curse censored songs everyday on the radio. Don't think I haven't noticed how NONE of you have spoke on the PARENTAL ADVISORY STICKER that comes with all of the CDs, but I will let you kids talk, you know it all about everything.

  • KidOnTheCouch

    That must have been a heavy ass glow stick...I thought you were beaming Lu?

  • stupid

    FUCK the curse-free clause, thats lame

  • VykkDraygo

    I am glad he refused to do that weak ass shit. To many people sell there souls for these green rectangles. Fuck censorship. Anyone who would compromise there art for $ would probably compromise there asshole for gay porn money to.

  • Anonymous

    lmao what a diva

  • Anonymous

    I think it's rad Yela would turn down that kind of money, it shows his interest is in the music not the money

  • Guest

    Don't listen to Yela but I agree with what people say here. You can't censor art because it's not the right thing to do, morally speaking. With that said you got to hand it to the wonderful Louisiana state government to make fucked up rules in general.

  • Anonymous

    Why ask an artist like Yelawolf to perform at a concert that is supposed to be family friendly? You can't censor art. He's an artist, a very good, unique rapper that is rising to the top under eminem's wing. But he is also, like eminem, a rapper that swears a lot! A lot a lot. dont ask the artist if you wont let him perform his true art


    Anybody remember the speech Pac gave in 1993 at the Black Expo in Indiana? First thing he said "He told me to watch my language...FUCK THAT." Hip-hop should not be censored, especially live. If you wan't clean lyrics, listen to it on the radio, or don't go to the show. I've been to a Black Eyed Peas concert where they dropped "F" and "N" bombs. Just let the artist do their thing.

  • One

    For 17,500, I wouldn't have cussed. You know he was capable of "paraphrasing" certain songs in these lyrics. Didn't think Yelawolf was the one to neglect money but when you're a white rapper, I guess you can take any offer you want.

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck kind of ignorant shit is that? what a fuckin moron. Not yelawolf this dipshit that thinks every white rapper is Richie rich and grows up with mad money. bitch most rappers aren't rich otherwise they wouldn't be fuckin rapping they'd be signing checks.

  • 10AC

    People amaze me...ask an artist to perform yet censor his self. Irony. Pansies

  • Anonymous

    If you can't rap without cursing or know how to edit out your own curses while performing over a TV track then you shouldn't get paid or be expected to be considered a true artist. Plain and simple. I find it hard to believe that conversation didn't come up during sound check. But I'ma let you nerds talk like you know the deal.

    • Anonymous

      "Thrift Shop" has cursing on it, not stopping the song from topping the charts. Did you even notice it's curse censored for radio? Is the MESSAGE censored? NO. Y'all probably weren't around when artists were making clean and unedited versions of songs. Your points in this debate are lame when up against verifiable facts and experience and the FACTS are that cursing has been censored in songs for YEARS. And if Yelawolf can't remember his songs w/o curses or can't get a HYPEMAN to help out, he needs to work on his performance. These laws you kids are swearing by have been loopholed and worked around for decades.

    • gamestwin

      leave it to LSU to censor they OWN KIND lol what a bunch of lames down n the bayou

    • Adam Hussein

      Agree with 10AC. Music is art and expression, the 'cursing' included was how the song was meant to be, the intended expression. You can say some truly horrific and sickening things without ever uttering a 'curse' word so the idea that a small group of words are worse than their synonyms is quite simply retarded. The intent and sentiment behind a lyric or statement is what we should be concerned about, not what collection of letters was used to state it. "I find this interesting 'cause in the end they are just words, You give them power when you cower, man, it's so absurd."

    • 10AC

      A TRUE ARTIST IS NEVER CENSORED! Censored art. That's and oxymoron for ya.

  • EyeCon

    Man, yellow wolf hasn't been the same since he got dropped from Slaughterhouse after his debut album flopped. He let himself go. Beer belly, beard, and grillz. He's definitely on drugs. Nobody even cared about his last Trap Muzik mixtape, and it's sad because I used to be a fan. He used to be really good looking but now he looks like a hobo, and I refuse to support this white trash now. Besides, Big Krit was always bigger in Mississippi than yellow wolf. I hope they don't do a collab tape.

    • WestCoast17

      son are you blind, retarded and ignorant??? lol (xavier)

    • Xavier

      i'm pretty damn sure Yela was never in Slaughterhouse, they just happened to be signed to Shady Records at the same time. I also believe this to be true because before they signed to the same label, Yela was mos def not with Slaughterhouse (unless he never performed with them), as well as being a featured artist on any SH records. True fans support their artists regardless, so if you're no longer a fan, good riddance. Radioinactive was weak, but I still support Yela. . . PS: since when has Yela claimed to NOT be on drugs? that would be news to me.

    • WestCoast17

      haha yah ^ best troll ever

    • Anonymous

      hahaha i think it's hilarious. ^^^ get a sense of humour

  • Rashi225

    I live in Baton Rouge, LA and have attended these Grooving on the Ground concerts. They are curse-free because they are all age shows that occur on campus in a location where anyone could be passing by or in attendance. I agree that his management F*cked up if Yela was told only minutes before the concert...that's BS. As a former rapper, you need time to change lyrics especially if you curse a lot. It does make you question why they choose artists who are not all age friendly though...

  • llilnigga

    yelas a dope rapper , if you want them to sing clean raps go get barney or something, or at least tell the nigga at the time of contract that you cant cuss, if i were him i woulda left too

  • Anonymous

    why the fuck did they bother? Thats pointless shit



  • Jen

    Dear OUCH! Here are the actual lyrics. Trailer parks on fire Billy been cookin up somethin If you need a biscuit, come on then Billy has got it jumpin Get it from a pro Get it for the low Get you some blow Get it for the nose Get it for the show Get it for the hoes Four wheeler cranked up Gas tank on the ATV Is full of that crank but Billy got pills from A to Z So whaddya think bud Billy wont go below 50 22's are dangerous

  • Trill Bill

    I find that stupid. That is like hiring a Rock Band and saying "Except be sure to not use any drums." Not saying that every rapper has and does cuss, but Yelawolf, if you even remotely listen to him, knows that he cusses so why hire him and have him do a "cuss-free" show?

  • OUCH!

    Trailer park's on fire Billy been ****** up somethin', ******* or **** If you need a biscuit, come on then Billy has got it jumpin' Get it from a pro Get it for the low Get you some **** Get it for the nose Get it for the show Get it for the **** Four wheeler cranked up Gas tank on the ATV It's full of that crank but Billy got ***** from A to Z So what do you think bud Billy won't go below fifty Twenty-two's are dangerous i kinda see the problem now...

    • Jen

      You are censoring words that aren't curse words! You see a problem because you are creating a problem. You just put ****** in place of these words: "cooking" "blow" "ho's" "pills". None of which are curse words. Trust me, Yela has plenty of foul language in his lyrics. If you want to point out the profanity, choose lyrics that actually contain curse words. He shouldn't have broken his contract, I agree. But why was he asked not to curse? This performance was at a university- performed to adults. If they didn't want a profane rapper, why ask him to perform? Fans don't want to hear the Disney rendition; they want to hear the real thing.

  • Anonymous

    sucks but come on! Ever hear of the D.O.C No One can Do It Better?

  • ky

    although yela's management should have told him to prepare and yela shouldn't have "stormed off", smh that they would ask him to not swear in the first place. i mean... yela with clean lyrics?

  • TheBeast24

    You messed up with the Lupe Concert. I was at the concert with Lupe, he stopped the song...went off on the dude and kept performin for another hour.Stop tryin to make people look bad and chill out.

  • details

    if your not told its going to be curse free then you dont have time to prepare. You have to review and practice if you find out its curse free especially with Yela who is a fast rapper. It wasnt fair to him.

  • asher1985

    this dude is so immature. almost 35 years old and still cannot control what comes out of his mouth and for almost 20k no less, idiot!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ there's almost 20000 dollars involved dumb ass, so he shouldn't have stormed off. it would be possible to complete the show i bet

    • William

      Have you ever listened to Yelawolf's music? How the hell would he be able to perform if he wasn't told he couldn't curse. Yelawolf's music is QUITE laden with vulgarity. And what genius, knowing that the show would be cursing-free, decided to sign a contract with Yelawolf?

  • manski

    All these heathens attending LSU wana act prim and proper for a concert I mean come on whatever happened to freedom of speech. Bad management by yelawolfs teams. A contract is a contract

  • hjk

    Good hip hop without cursing is possible. Just look at Chamillionaire, who is personally for me, the best rapper alive. Lupe has also plenty of songs without explicit words and he is better than Yela and half of rappers out there.

    • hip hop head

      Chamillionaire is one of the few who is actually worth listening to. You wanna know the reason he isn't on the radio anymore? Cuz his label wanted him to make bubble gum bull shit rap, he didn't wanna sell out. So his label dropped him. Cham was completely cool with that, he prefers not being in the mainstream than being a sellout


      Chamillonaire is a shit example. Run-DMC never fucking cursed in a song and they are one of the best music groups ever, not just hip-hop

    • Daniel

      Yea, I see what your saying, but they are putting in a conscious effort not to curse. Cursing is apart of this guys (Yela's) persona. You just can't ask an artist to do something that totally goes against what they have been doing up until a point. Im glad he stormed off. It would have been an embarrassment for the school and Yela.

    • JRich

      Your grandma must be one bad motherfucker then

    • DAD


    • tjdmv

      JRich, you sound like my grandma.. chamillionair??? best rapper alive.... better than yela.... please take your keyboard and smash it into as many pieces as you can, and then never log back onto the internet.

    • JRich

      This argument is totally irrelevant to anything.

  • Anonymous

    its like the organizators never heard yela's songs before booking him. tards

  • Assassin221

    No cussing at a hip-hop concert, at a university no less? That shit is moronic, why even book it if that's the case. I'm not a fan of publicity stunts but I don't blame Yela on this, what would he even do? Side note, I dig this new scruffy, sunglasses version of Yela. His whole look and image was never a selling point before, for me anyway. This new dude looks more like someone I would want to bump.

  • nibs

    hahaha what a fucking moron. who signs a $17,000 contract without reading it?? and you can tell me it is long and has mad fine print, but I don't give a fuck, at $17,000 you read that shit regardless.

    • nibs

      that doesn't mean it is a smart move. I bet it is just knobs like yelawolf that don't read that shit and any musician with a brain keeps track of their own business. management should just be a second read.

    • Josh

      With all due respect, many celebrities (athletes, musicians, actors, etc.) are not in charge of reading the contracts. That is ultimately up to the agent/manager to make sure their client knows about all contractual details. If anything, Yelawolf should fire his management.

  • Anonymous


  • Samwise G

    gives me more respect for yelawolf, less respect for lsu

  • JRich

    This is stupid. Who the fuck scheduled Yelawolf for a concert that they can't cuss at? Would you get Tommy Chong to speak at a D.A.R.E. meeting?

  • Daniel

    Thats like telling a basketball player he can't dribble the ball in a game 15 mins before the game. Shit just ain't bout to happen.

  • StarFox64

    dude got hustled..

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