Lauryn Hill Claims Threats On Family Caused Her To Miss Tax Payments

Documents in Lauryn Hill's tax trial reportedly reveal that threats against her and her family caused the Fugees superstar to go further into recluse, and miss three years of filing income taxes.

Lauryn Hill is in trouble for not filing and in turn, paying three years worth of income taxes. First reported in June of last year, the Newark, New Jersey singer/emcee faces six-figures in fines, and possibly felony prison time for her tax negligence. TMZ now reports that the former founding member of The Fugees is citing onetime threats on her family for failing to miss 2005, 2006 and 2007's tax payments, but also to withdraw from society.

The site claims that in Miss Hill's legal documents, she "withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family."

The documents are not specific about who was threatening the Sister Act 2 actress-turned-star. Hill has not released an album since 2002's MTV Unplugged 2.0 release. She appeared on John Legend's Get Lifted and Method Man's 4:21...The Day After during the years in question.

Hill will be in court on April 22 before a ruling judge. She is reportedly seeking probation.

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  • Anonymous

    ...she is probably a little bit off, but many of these emcees are in different ways

  • Anonymous

    ya'll must not remember when she was on top. she was fuckin huuuge, like nicki and rihanna combined. but famous people probably get threatened all the time, especially the way shit was going for her.

  • Anony

    Lauryn Flip The Script Hill. YOU GOIN TO JAIL NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, why they wanna stick me for my paper? Damn, why they wanna stick me for my paper? Damn, why they wanna stick me for my paper? Damn, why they wanna stick me for my paper?

  • Mastadon

    Yea......NO. I bet shes used this excuse for everything and actually believes it now



  • greatest writer

    greatest lyricist in Hip Hip history ( except for Nas) ... although lboogie is a better poet... Nas is a more clever lyricist. Good luck Lauryn

  • SBMobile

    This is a weak & obvious excuse, but maybe she didn't pay because in reality there actually is NO law that exists that requires North American citizens to pay ANY INCOME TAX....PERIOD!!! She can't say this publicly, but she probably feels that way along with many other celebrities that have chosen to skip on their taxes too. #imjustsayin #irony #100YearAnniversaryOfTheExistenceOfTaxLaw #sad

  • Anonymous

    Rich narcissist cunt blames ** EVERYONE ** for her problems but herself. Didn't Wesley Snipes just get out of the can? Throw this excuse making has-been in there in Wesley's place, maybe she'll get her shit together, or at least STFU already.

    • huh

      You're an idiot. Narcissist cunt? You know nothing about hip-hop. White people, I fucking swear.

    • Tony Brown's Urinal

      Lauryn Hill 2012 (and for many years now) is a no talent excuse making fraud; if she wanted to make a TAX PROTEST she'd say so or go to fucking jail like many people who engage in civil disobedience before her have... Or, if she was protesting George Bush and Barack Obama's wars (same difference), she could withoold PART of her income in protest; again, as many others have. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... She keeps ** ALL ** her fucking money, so no $$$ for parks, education, libraries, museums etc etc Fuck this irresponsible dipshit three times for for screwing ALL of us over for her own cornball benefit.

    • Tapeworm

      Asshole on the internet talks shit! you ever thought she might think paying taxes to an immoral government that uses these taxes to finance imperialist oil wars that cost the lives of half a million people is wrong? go fuck yourself you wannabe patriot

  • justtherejames

    I am not understanding how being in fear of your life or being in hiding prevents you from filing your taxes, especially with this thing called the internet. You don't even need that, just a fax machine to get your papers in the hands of your accountant. I bet she was still cashing those royalty checks though!

  • Knowledge

    "actress-turned-star" ? Man,WTF is writing this sh!t?

  • Reality_Inc

    I have been following Lauryn closingly. Don't laugh her off. I think the threats she faced were very real. If you noticed her troubles started around the time she was forced back into working with the Fugees in 2005. She stated as much in a Essence magazine article. When she decided to walk away from that deal she changed drastically after that. Here is were it gets interesting. When she decided to do a few concerts on her own Wyclef and Pras made a coordinated effort to call her crazy in the media. They were obsessed. Also, it became known that Wyclef and Pras were facing financial problems dated back to this the same time period. I think they were banking on her. Wyclef had a house foreclosed on along with tax problems, and Pras was confronted by a news reporter about studio debt he owed all do***ented. Also, right before Jimmy Henchman was indicted Wyclef, Jimmy Henchman and Pras had put out press release stating that Lauryn would be performing in Haiti with the Fugees. Lauryn was pregnant and on tour and had not spoken to Wyclef and Pras in years. Lauryn's spokeperson finally released a statement saying this was not the case. It was very odd like they were trying to intimidate her. Also, during Wyclef's performance in Haiti in the dark of night the same night he claimed to have been shot, he called Lauryn out for not coming to Haiti (video on youtube). The next week Jimmy Henchman was indicted and Wyclef was named. As the case of James Jimmy Henchman Rosemond continues to heat up, yesterday (May 23) in Brooklyn Federal Court a new piece of evidence was introduced to his file. According to a Proffer Agreement from October of last year, Jimmy revealed to prosecutors he loaned Wyclef Jean 60,000 dollars in drug money. While the Haitian-American artist did not have any knowledge of the origin of the funds, Rosemond supported Jeans 2010 bid as Haitian president as well as helped organize a concert for President Michel Martelly last year. The Haitian government began keeping a close watch on the pair after several checks totaling to $80 thousand were sent to Rosemond from business properties of Jeans. So, do not blow Lauryn off as crazy. I very much believe she has faced some very real threats over the years. You only need to look at Wyclef for the answers. He is a dirty dog that started abusing this women when she was still a teen and has continued up until this day with his book. When the abused women end up dead everyone wants to ask why, and then add money in the equation. Disaster!

    • ohohohoh

      so she's still facing threats??

    • Anonymous

      20 minutes for taxes sounds like a 1040EZ and Lauryn ain't filling out one of those. And the Haitian connection (Jimmy and Haitian Jack) gives a lot of credibility to the OP and the actual story. One of those times where if you really don't know what's going on, well, you respond like the two above did.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Paying taxes take 20 minutes. I don't see why she couldn't do it for those three years.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is a bit exaggerated but for sure, Jimmy Henchman is pure bad but I don't see that could have effected LH that long and to that degree.

  • Anonymous

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