Tyga Performs Harvard Concert Despite Protests

Over 2,000 protesters couldn't keep Tyga off of Hardvard's stage. Tyga performs and tweets image of the show.

Despite protests surrounding his appearance, Tyga has performed at Harvard University. The opposition came from protesters seeking to stop Tyga's performance because of his "violently misogynistic lyrics," according to Huffington Post

A petition with over 2,000 signatures was presented but the Harvard Concert Commission and College Events Board backed the star's performance. 

Tyga tweeted about his show and provided the image below on Twitter and Instagram. 

This isn't an isolated incident of protest in Hip Hop of late. Rick Ross faced protestors and was dropped by Reebok as a response to the protests. Tyga recently defender Rick Ross' controversial lyric as "freedom of speech." 

Tyga's new album, Hotel California, is out now. 

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  • Evanator

    When Tyga started out, he had potential. I was really feeling that "Cali Love" song. Once he got signed to a major, he COMPLETELY changed his lyrical content and flow. It's a shame, really. Sold out for quick cash. Oh well, it will be his undoing in a couple years...

  • Anonymous

    Tyga is the new Pac.

  • Anonymous

    tyga is the best rapper his flow is off the chain he goes hard

  • 10 softest rappers

    This was taken from GFK's 10 softest rappers: Tyga Swear this nigga got World Star videos pumpin thru his veins at all times b. This amphibian ass lookin muthafucka means the same thing to rap what ukuleles mean to basketballnot a damn thing. Only thing softer n more corny than a soft n corny ass nigga is a soft n corny ass nigga who dont recognize his own soft corniness n tries to portray hisself as a don or some shit. Meanwhile the nigga looks like a newborn rodent. I got jeans that weigh more than this muthafucka b. Get him the fuck outta here.

  • nigga creep

    LOL how does this weak ass nigga have any fans?! Niggas is so brainwashed today.

  • Jim

    I listened to Tyga on itunes. Pretty sad what passes for Rap these days. No talent here. It sounded like he just talked for 45 minutes and they cut it up into 3 minute segments and named them all. Didn't hear no messsage.

    • Anonymous

      doesn't have to have a msg. hip hop was created by teens trying to escape the brutality of the hood just to have a good time. He's prolly better than coke la rock was. not to take anything from the father, but it started more like trap than like what melle mel was doin later

  • Anonymous

    Tyga has violent lyrics?!?! He's a fucking pussy!

  • Anonymous

    fuck harvard. i got real ghetto university

  • amitiekassis

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  • Tyga Poacher

    Oh...they were protesting his misogynistic lyrics....that's all? When i saw the headline, I honestly thought they were protesting his show because he's the rap equivalent of a spiral pile of yogurty shit.

  • Ashley




  • Anonymous

    for 2,000 signatures against him, that crowd looks pretty packed


    Damn whats the world coming to for them to allow a garbage rapper to rap at the the most prestigous university

  • Anonymous

    I bet everyone in attendance now sees a drop in their GPA.

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit. YMCMB stans have the highest instances of welfare and foodstamp dependance. Jay-Z has intelligent fans who have better lives and are more educated than YMCMB stans. Jay's music make people more intelligen tand motivated.

    • dentaldamboy

      Jay-Z fans have the highest instances of welfare and foodstamp dependance. I guess listening to Jay's music really makes people less intelligent and less motivated.

  • dentaldamboy

    I told all of you fucking faggots that the radical liberals were going to force all rappers to change the content of their music. You stupid fuckers said it was all about Ross, but it's not. There is an active movement to destroy hip-hop and you are too stupid to figure it out. Keep celebrating Rick Ross getting dropped by Reebok you tools.

    • Anonymous

      I bet not a single person read that fucking essay. I know I didn't.

    • Anonymous

      Let me put it in laymen terms for you, being ignorant nowadays? Even in Hip Hop, especially in Hip Hop, is no longer as socially acceptable as you may think, especially now that the liberals have a conspiratorial agenda against Hip Hop like this dumb nigga wants you to think. You know like the Gay Agenda and the rest that conspire on fucken with dumb dudes.

    • Anonymous

      Why thank you. I'm glad you could minimize everything I wrote into a "wall of text". I know that many words can be overwhelming, but just know that it's more endearing than it is enduring. Let me know when that Swag tip your on gets you out of poverty.

    • braniacdumbdumbs

      Your wall of text is impressive.

    • Anonymous

      925 words wasted... there is no talking sense to these idiots.

    • Anonymous

      I cannot stand a lot of liberal mentality, I can respect a lot of it, some of it is ridiculous. But you know what, that comes with the territory. As hip hop grows and gains more influence, some people could try and co opt it, some may say it's not anybody's business but that's part of the culture. And there will be more accountability from it. There's something beautiful about having Hip Hop respected as a possible intellectual and entertaining facet to society. If you are so ignorant and stupid, and disgraced by that thought? Then you may really be a piece of shit and the scum of the earth. But that's how it goes. It's part of the culture, part of American society and if it can't be scrutinized and adapted then it's a weakness of the culture itself. Sorry. Soon, hopefully, faithfully, it may not be cool to be a dumbass and be in fear of rationalizing who you are in accordance to society. And that may be good, it may be healthy. It may be pretentious as hell too but it's part and parcel with the culture. If it can't be criticized and scrutinized then you aren't what you claim to be. If a man is going to lose his sponsorship for saying some shit about raping a girl cause obviously that money and all that spectacular shit that everybody likes, isn't getting him pussy, and his fans can't deal with it, can't bare the thought that the man can't be scrutinized and he might have to change up his context to be a respectable man of society then oh well. That's the burden every rational respectable man carries. You'll be scrutinized. Hopefully that will make him a better person and he'll start talking about some real shit. Not talking about having to rape a chick, cause not only is that ironic, but it's tasteless and only appeals to idiots that are in fear of being intelligent human beings within the realms of sensibility. You know. If Rick Ross were to die right now, there would people, who really treat this culture respectfully, that would be happy. Who wants to associate themselves to a culture that's full of pathetic ignorance. And by default be ostracized if you don't bump a dude who has all the money in the world and thinks it's some boss shit to date rape some chick. It's pathetic. And tasteless. The man could have all the money in the world but you can't buy dignity. You can't buy intelligence. You can try to have things that would represent it. But if you're a man in a suit and you're talking about raping a chick cause fuck it, you won't be looked like a man of class dignity and respect. You look like a clown that still doesn't have enough game to justify yourself. Nobody's trying to justify your swag your dignity. They're defying the ethics of your lyrical context. And everybody could argue whether or not it's good music and you'll always get into that circular argument that it's subjective, but you can always debate that raping a chick, after all the cash you got, all those fine bitches in your videos that you can't get, so you try and rape a b*tch cause all of that money aside? You still can't convince a hoe to fuck you. You know. That's weak and pathetic and luckily Reebok knows well enough that that's not a good look. But that comes with the territory of Hip Hop. If you claim to be undefeatable, that nobody can touch you, and you got murderers dying to kill a man who's talking about shit he's not living, and he can't take the criticism of saying some weak pathetic desperate shit to maintain relevancy in the game, you know, then god forbid Hip Hop be challenged by liberals. God forbid that be the worst that comes to and from Hip Hop. Cause when you got a bunch of these wack ass stans who are the Hip Hop yes men of society, hoping that a rapper says some pathetically wack shit cause they, you ain't living that life? You know. A lot of you guys are trolls and wouldn't last a day in jail. Hashtag that YMCMB shit but crumble behind bars and then couldn't even intellectualize the prison industry because that's too contrived, too nuanced. It's not fashionable to criticize being locked up but you shout out that YMCMB shit like you're the shit and slanging bricks but you're not. And there's dudes that want to kill Ross cause that's what he represents and a lot of his fans represent, that fake shit. So God forbid there be some intelligence that comes with the territory. Hip Hop is a byproduct of American culture and a lot of oppression and now it's time that it be addressed. You know. I have no spite no bitterness against a dude like Big K.R.I.T, because he doesn't say some stupid pathetic weak shit and he holds his own. You know. He is no disgrace to his to his home state and his home town. But Rick Ross wants to be praised by clowns and fools, idiots and stans. Sorry. But in this world you have to have some ideological backing and understanding of rape culture before you try and say some pathetically weak shit like he did. Do your homework. Cause being some pathetic idiot who doesn't like the thought of being challenged intellectually is pathetic weak trait.

    • davisma

      So you don't think the ability of the students (or anyone for that matter) to protest is them exercising their freedom of speech. How this has anything to do with liberal etc., insert predictable right wing victimhood here, is beyond me. Conservatives must be scouting if they send a troll to constantly type up this bullshit. Anyway they have a right to exercise their disagreement in public (chil-fil-a,etc)win or lose. It's more about a statement than disrupting his cash flow, which is what matters most to you instead of a sense of decency. Dollars make cents, not sense.

    • dentaldamboy

      Peopleplease7...you are intellectually deficient. You make no valid points, whatsoever. All you so is resort to ad homonym attacks. If you don't like Tyga's music, don't listen to it. I don't like Maroon 5, but I don't try to prevent them from performing.

    • PeoplePlease7

      How you escaped from your cage and got access to a keyboard is anyone's guess you porch coon ni***er. Not everyone hates women like you do and not everyone enjoys music celebrating the murder of Black people. Sorry your mother made poor choices in her selection of men, but don't take your frustration out on everyone else. Now go get back on the plantation ..

  • Necro

    this cunt has the ugliest looking head

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