Jay-Z Applies To Become Baseball Agent

The Major League Baseball Players Association has announced that Jay-Z has applied to be certified as an agent.

According to USA Today reports, Jay-Z has started the process of becoming a baseball agent. Roc Nation Sports has already partnered with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Sports in order to represent New York Yankees player Robinson Cano

It seems Jay-Z is also selling his share of the Brooklyn Nets because of issues that may arise if he were to become certified with the Major League Baseball Players Association. Yahoo! Sports reported this earlier in the month. 

Jay-Z also discussed this in his "Open Letter," a song he recently leaked. His verse denied that this was going on. 

"Would've brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free," he rhymes on the track. "Except I made millions off of you fucking dweebs. I still own the building. I'm still keeping my seats. Y'all buy that bullshit, y'all better keep y'all receipts."  

Jay-Z reportedly owns less than one percent of the Nets. However, he has been an important public figure for the team. 

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  • Anonymous

    "JAY-Z was 27 in 1996 when they started Roc-a-Fella. If he's so good why wasn't he poppin at a young age? Reasonable Doubt sold bec of the Biggie feature" Ask 50 the same question. Industry politics keep most young talent down. Regardless of why RD sold, it's a perceived classic now. That's all people remember. Jay just needed time to learn the business side of the rap game. Once he did he no longer needed Dash getting a healthy % off the product which was Jay's name.

  • Anonymous

    "Remember it was Dame Dash that got Jay the record deal and signed Kanye, AND Biggs was pulling the strings too" But Jay was the meal ticket. People didn't buy all those albums for Damon Dash. Plus what did DD expect, to have Jay by his side forever? No, Dash wasn't smart enough to branch off while he still could.

    • @what

      You're a real fool because you're talk about a man who have done a lot of real business and have sold art that a lot of who your fake favorite can't even your father can't tie his shoes guess that's why you're mad and you can't feed

    • What

      Meal Ticket? Jay wasn't poppin in THE STREETS at all until they pulled the right moves and fed sum real hood niggaz with sum money. JAY-Z was 27 in 1996 when they started Roc-a-Fella. If he's so good why wasn't he poppin at a young age? Reasonable Doubt sold bec of the Biggie feature, Fuck Jay-Z he's lame and mainstream like a muthafucka. Making wack ass songs with Justin homo timberlake.

  • Anonymous

    nigga said camel lips lmao

  • jamal

    Hmmm didnt 50 just get his boxing license and Jay applies to become a baseball agent??? i think he defo got this from fifty aka ferarri f50

    • Jay-Z

      50 is my hero. I always copy others because I have ZERO Originality. Just listen to my songs and you will know what I'm talking about, MONEY MONEY MONEY. Nobody has more money in the word than I do, remember that.

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  • Anonymous

    Camel lips is trash

  • Anonymous

    we need new jay z album!

  • Anonymous

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  • Truth

    Jay-z Fans E.N.V.Y his Money & Lifestyle That's why when you hit them with the truth they just say "You BROKE Hater". They think that WE envy Jay-z like THEY DO. In their world, Money is everything. Just totally blind sheeps. Just what makes Jay-z a "artists"?.. 90% of the time he talks about his money and what he got and what we dont got. So perfect example of why Jay-Z stans love Money and envy his lifestyle

    • rljr

      look at how emotional the dudes above me are getting, it's never that serious....just move on lol

    • Truth

      @Swords: "That's why his music is powerful - he a business man. That alone affects his artistry/" SOOOOO Bill Gates would be the best Rapper alive? He's a business man... MAN FUCK YOU and Jay-z, non talented homo that always brags about how rich he is. THAT NIGGA IS BROKE WHEN IT COMES TO RICH PEOPLE. BROKE!

    • LMAO

      @SWORDZ wtf you talkin bout, ambitions? GO READ A BOOK ON BUSINESS! RUssel simmosn has a book out on how to get rich. jay-z aint' gon teach you SHIT. you call Jay a 'business man'?.. Remember it was Dame Dash that got Jay the record deal and signed Kanye, AND Biggs was pulling the strings too. What did the "business man" do? HE BACKSTABBED THEM and created "Roc-a-Nation".... ALL of you are sum fake ass muthafuckaz

    • Swordz

      Okay bro, in the real world alot of us relate to try because we have same ambitions.. That's why his music is powerful - he a business man. That alone affects his artistry/ Never under the Jay-Z haters - I can't EMINMEN and what he raps about - but I don't go on EM articles to bitch and moan.... Lighten up "truth"

  • Anonymous

    hatin ass broke peoplee i love it

  • Anonymous

    Dude watched Moneyball one too many times



  • Anonymous

    A Rod and Jay Z will make a good partnership. All they care about is money.

  • Fuck Marcy

    MLB Rejects Jay-Z For Being A Bitch Nigga

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